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The Travis Walton Incident - Basis for the Movie "Fire in the Sky"

  • Alien Abduction
  • 5 November 75
  • 5:49 p.m. (local standard time)
  • White Mountains, Arizona

Astrology is primarily the study of cycles and focus points on an energy level. At any given moment the pattern of the earth's energy is symbolically represented by the positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets.

The prime directive is the law of synchronicity, which simply states that things occur when they are supposed to. On a more complex level, this law means that an event can occur if, and only if, the pattern of energy at that moment supports the event.

Your birth is an example of this principle. At the exact time and place of your arrival, a unique energy pattern existed. Now, are you the way you are because of the time you were born, or were you born at that time because of the way that you are? Synchronicity suggests that both are true and necessary.

Using the principle of synchronicity, we can draw up a chart (the pattern of energy) for the exact time and place of Travis Walton's experience. The results will not tell us that it did happen, but they will very definitely tell us if it did not happen. If the circumstances at that time and in that place do not allow such an event, then it could not have been.

They will, however, tell us if it could have happened.

A Brief Analysis of the Chart Event - Alien Abduction.


Ascendent or Rising Sign, which represents the self, in this case Travis Walton, is in Taurus. The Descendent, which represents the other (or others, in this case, being the potential abductors) is in the sign Scorpio.

Taurus Ascendent (Capricorn decanate) defines the person involved as being literally "of the Earth." Its ruler is Venus (in 5th house in the Taurus decanate of Virgo) and shows what Walton was doing at the time.

He was enjoying nature and experiencing the pleasures of the outdoors and was not planning on being abducted (Venus unaspected).

He was not a knowing or willing participant, and it was as if he was incidental to what happened (Venus disposed by Mercury in Libra) showing unconsciously being a part of a project, plan, or experiment.

The purpose of this plan was to gather data, heighten awareness, and become more knowledgeable for the benefit of others (Scorpio ruling 7th house). With Saturn in Leo (in 4th house ruling 9th house of belief), Walton was solidly anchored in the belief that Earth is home, and that mankind is all-powerful and the centre of existence.

Scorpio Descendent (Pisces decanate) shows the true nature of "others" as concealed for the purposes of scientific research or investigation whose purpose is to further knowledge and understanding for some larger group (Sun in Scorpio in 6th house).

This shows that they were the primary players or participants in this event. It was their show. Their mission was to provide a service, to secretly gather data, and learn that which would benefit their partners (Libra on the 6th house).

The strong possibility of a link exits between these beings and some inhabitants of the Earth (Libra on 6th ruled by Venus which rules the Ascendent; Mercury which disposes Venus in the 6th in Libra ruling the 5th with Venus in the 5th, and part of 1st and 2nd houses with Mars in Cancer).

Walton himself might be one of these. Some of them could be test cases or random samples, and there could be a subconscious agreement or demand that they take part.

The Purpose or Mission:

The goal was to examine the possibility of eventually establishing a partnership or relationship between those that the "others" represent and the people of the Earth (Moon in 7th house in Sagittarius). The ultimate goal is to benefit universally a cosmic alliance (Aquarius on 10th house, Uranus in 6th house), or all beings on a universal/spiritual basis (Sagittarius).

For the time being these goals and proceedings are being kept secret (Scorpio) and hidden via dreams, illusions, and misdirections (Neptune in 7th house) from us. Eventually there will be communication from the "others" with those of the Earth (Moon rules the 3rd house).

The Message:

These others are apparently part of a galactic community and are genuinely concerned with assisting us once we have made the effort ourselves to change, for they cannot directly interfere.

For this to happen, Mankind's values (Mars in 2nd house) have to shift to concern and caring for each other as one family (Cancer), accepting that which is different (Uranus in Scorpio) with tolerance, and away from the selfish and greedy need to possess all for the self (Jupiter in Aries) or the belief that we are the highest expression of life (Jupiter in Aries). This path will eventually be our undoing (Jupiter in 12th).

The people of the Earth will eventually benefit greatly, or be caused great sorrow or grief, as a result of this work. Those conducting these tests have broken down and transformed the very nature of relationships between beings and have learned to live harmoniously (Pluto in Libra). This is directly opposed to Man's belief that everything exists for the benefit of the self, which these beings counter (Pluto in Libra in 6th opposed to Jupiter in Aries in 12th). This will be our downfall.

The intention of this event was not to harm anyone of the Earth (Uranus trine Mars in Cancer), but to hold to a higher duty (Saturn in 4th in Leo), to their purpose which is to help Mankind evolve spiritually and universally (Moon in Sagittarius) and avoid the path of self-destruction (Jupiter in 12th).

In investigating this reported occurrence, I took an objective and non-partisan approach and interpreted the chart accordingly. The pattern of energy at the time of the event suggests not only that it could have taken place (the chart supports this), but also gives a far larger picture with strong implications for the time we live in now.

Change or die could be the message for those that can read it and could be why this event was witnessed and documented.

Overview of Walton's Chart:

View Walton's BIRTH CHART

This is the chart of one with a destiny and is almost the mirror image of the event chart having Scorpio rising and Taurus on the descendent. It shows a strange mixture of contradictions and upholds my view that if we have the opportunity for great accomplishment, we also have great struggles and difficulties to overcome.

He is not what he seems to be.

His purpose is to inform or educate mankind, to benefit others, to transform views.

He is antagonistic and overconfident.

He has great transformational appeal and is destined for fame.

He is to assist in bringing reality out of our illusions of self or ego, to awaken tolerance in people, and to bring awareness that we are individuals in a greater community.

He can influence the path of self-destruction our illusions have put us on and awaken us to the pleasures and joys of life.

He can help transform our views and values from self to others as being part of a whole.

He had a powerful visibility on the day of the event. The transits of that day activated his chart in a highly unique pattern. His chart fits the event chart like gears meshing.

History will tell whether Travis Walton succeeded or missed in his opportunity to fulfill his destiny on that day and whether his life since has achieved his aims. Was his experience to have had a greater impact, or has that passed to another one of us to bring the light of reason to the darkness of our world?

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