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Guided Inner Growth Series

These inner journeys are active meditations that are designed to assist you to get answers, overcome obstacles, and change your life. Stress reduction is a by-product, not the aim of the series.

The process of inner growth and development lies entirely within your own control. These recordings can help you, and provide the means to change. The Path is yours.

Each recording can be used as often as you wish, each time with a different result.

The experience is a proven meditative process, and keeps you entirely within your own self at all times.

All new techniques and experiences require practice and active participation to be effective.

What Makes Grey Wolf's Guided Meditations
Different From Other Recordings?

Based on user feedback, these recordings are unique because:

  • They are pro-active. YOU achieve results.
  • They are simple to follow yet powerful.
  • They are non-intrusive, non-controlling, and allow you to use your own creative vision. YOU are not told what to see, but only what to expect.
  • The voice and the music are very easy to listen, very soothing, and enhance your experience.
  • And finally, THEY WORK!!

Answers 10K

You are guided through a wonderful magical garden filled with sights and sounds, colours and feelings. Pathways lead to mystical places filled with fountains and statues. Here you will find those who can answer your most pressing problems. In the garden you will find old friends and those important to you. In your garden you will find peace and happiness, and release from the burdens of your life.
In your garden you will find yourself.


Using the relaxation that begins each of the meditations, you are able to pre-focus on your own personal goal or quest, and then be free to explore it for yourself, unlimited by direction.
Use this to release stress and aid in sleeping.
Use this to create your own inner searches.
Use this to just let go and be.
It is your choice.

Free Flight 7K
Inner Child 9K

There is a wonderful garden, a place of peace and beauty, of serenity and calm. Here you are safe, protected, and can seek answers and solutions to those problems that are so limiting your life.
In your garden you will meet yourself, and your inner child.
Here in your garden you can find peace and happiness, healing, release, and closure.
In your garden you will finally find yourself.


You are guided on a journey into the past . . . your past.
The only way to change your life is to release yourself from the past. In taking this journey, you can find greater understanding of your current life. You can see, in a new light, the relationships you have had. You can find talents and abilities learned in other lives.
You can find the key to unlocking the bonds limiting you in this life.

Past Lives 8K
Progression 9K

You are guided into the unformed future to create your ideal life there. Here you realize your fondest dreams of the home in which you would ideally live. Where is the place you would most like to live? Who are the people who would enhance your life?
What would you do that would fulfill you completely? There is nothing between you and your ideal life except your beliefs. Changing them changes your life.
It all lies within.


You are guided to one of the most powerful and mystical symbols
of life: the Medicine Wheel or the Sacred Circle.
Here you will connect to the Spirits and the Spirit Keepers of these elemental forces, finding the power and means
needed to change your life.
You are guided to find new directions, growth and expansion, abundance and prosperity, and wisdom based on both your new path,
and the paths in your previous lives.
You will find completion.

Sacred Circle 10K




Red Ball
Red Ball


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