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This story was originally published in "Omega Source" magazine.

Physician heal thyself! This ancient admonishment to all who heal others that they first heal themselves is still true today. It could be added that those seeking to be healed must first take responsibility for their own health by restoring and maintaining the natural order, the normal balance within their body. When we need healing it is often too late, the imbalance has already manifested in the physical, and we require medical attention. Can we heal ourselves to restore and maintain the proper balance within our bodies? Yes we can do a great deal . . . and a great deal better.

In this stress-filled world the right balance of proper food, exercise, and rest is good advice, but it centers mainly on the physical. We must also heal within our selves.

In Native American traditions the Medicine Wheel symbolizes life's Path of Balance and Harmony. It is an equal armed cross within a circle, with the circle representing the wholeness of life, the cross is the crucial balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. The four sections must be equal, active, and in balance for Harmony to be attained in life.

In a truly balanced life, we stand at the intersection of the cross, in the center of the circle. Notice that this state of self lies within us, within the circle. Thus it is within that we must go to achieve the balances that maintain harmony and well being.

Stress is the great destroyer of stability and we are subject to external stress from every aspect of our lives. Proper nutrition, rest, relaxation, and exercise can help to offset some of the effects but within our minds lie all the negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves; within our subconscious lies all of our experiences, emotions, and traumas. Every time a situation triggers a negative emotional response or a thought conflicts with our beliefs, it creates stress.

By externalizing and separating ourselves from the Universal Source, we render ourselves powerless, feeling helpless, without hope, and increasing our stress. Under stress the Medicine Wheel's four aspects are no longer equal and in balance; the arms of the cross have shrunk, unable to sustain the physical, and illness manifests.

We need to replenish our inner selves to maintain the physical. Through meditation we can enhance self confidence, energy, decisiveness, and a positive attitude. We can then go further and clear our minds of negative thoughts, our emotions of the past, find the divine within, and thus restore the balance of mind, emotions, body, and spirit, and walk the Earth in Beauty and Harmony. And that could be the greatest healing of all for ourselves, and for the Earth and Mankind.

-- Alan Grey Wolf

This article is used to form the basis of spiritual insight taught in Alan Grey Wolf's classes and workshops.

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