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This article was originally published in "Omega Source" magazine.

Our true nature is energy. Our physical bodies are the container of this energy, animated by it. Until recently the main focus of healing had been the physical. Now the energy fields that infuse and surround our bodies are being treated with more than curiosity.

Just how important is this concept of energy to good health? When we are positive, enthusiastic, and feeling great, our energy fields are vital, intense, and extend up to thirty feet from our bodies. When we are down, depressed, or feeling ill, this field shrinks. When we die, it disappears completely.

Energy work is rapidly gaining in acceptance as one of the alternative (to traditional medicine) practices. It involves a healer channeling energy to a person in need, replenishing the depleted energy body to assist in the healing of the physical. In my own experience with this type of healing, I have found that the energy body can be felt about two inches above the physical body. When illness occurs, the area immediately above the problem feels cold. Energy is being used to fight the condition.

This cold feeling appears even before there are symptoms, showing that illness manifests in the physical form last. If problems can be detected in our energy bodies before they show up physically, then we have an early warning detector that can assist in the treatment.

There are flows or currents in our energy bodies just like there are in the ocean. Acupuncture serves to normalize or re-connect these vital flows, to restore good health. The free movement of energy in our bodies is as vital as the flow of blood.

Crystal healing is another means of replenishing our energy. Crystals accumulate, focus, and transmit energy. Each type is different, some ground us or multiply the energy, or stimulate blocked flows; others serve to awaken us. In all ways we experience a transformation, and a shift towards a balance within us.

If we are aware enough to eat right, get plenty of rest and exercise, and have a regular checkup for our physical selves, what should we be doing for our energy selves?

When we restore or maintain this vital state, we are in balance or in harmony; we feel confident and able to deal with life, we feel empowered, energized. More importantly, this is a crucial part of our overall immune system.

Meditation is one way we can eliminate the stress that depletes our energy. Seeking help from those who are qualified, to enhance or restore our energies is another.

Is taking care of our energy fields as important as taking care of our bodies? Based on what we are now learning, it is more important.

-- Alan Grey Wolf

This article is used to form the basis of spiritual insight taught in Alan Grey Wolf's classes and workshops.

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