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This article was originally published in "Wings" magazine.

We are all leaves on the Great Tree of life. Each leaf is unique, each has its special purpose. No leaf is higher or lower than any other; each has its own place. The twigs and branches connect us; we are all part of the whole.

In its travels through the day, the Sun brings light to each leaf in turn. No leaf gets more or less than it needs or takes light intended for another.

We each have our place in the sun. The light is transmitted through each leaf, and passed on by the countless leaves till every leaf is surrounded and bathed in light, each leaf reflecting light to those around it. The Light that comes to us activates our unique qualities and abilities.

In sharing through the connection, we each bring our special contribution of experience, insight, learning, and wisdom, to the whole.

When it is night, there is a closeness, a connection that is felt, if not seen. The rustling we hear is the sound and the vibration we feel tells us we are not alone.

What is there to fear when we all support each other? What comes to us we send out to all. What comes back to us is multiplied thousands of times over.

The roots of the Great Tree go deep into the Earth, the Mother. The stuff of life flows up the trunk, along the branches, and out to each leaf.

Everything is supplied by the Mother to each, according to need and want. The source is limitless. In fulfilling our needs, we do not take from or deny another. There is enough for all.

In our modern world, we have forgotten the Tree. To us the twigs and branches do not exist. We feel isolated, alone, cut off from one another.

We no longer perceive the source, the Earth Mother for our physical needs, and the Sun, the Universe, for our life force. We no longer feel the closeness and the love of others. Instead we see limitation; we experience lack.

We feel the need to compete with others for finite resources of money and companionship. We strive to get ahead, to get more and have more. We see life as a win/lose situation. Now sharing is losing and holding on is winning, but this stops the flow.

Ultimately we all lose. We now know and experience Fear, and look to others to supply what we need, bowing to their demands and conditions.

It is our view of life, our understanding of reality, that needs to change. We need to find our place in the natural world, where we are all part of the whole, each making our contribution and celebrating life with each other.

We need to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We need to reconnect to the source.

We need to remember the Tree.

-- Alan Grey Wolf

This story is used to form the basis of spiritual insight taught in Alan Grey Wolf's classes and workshops.

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