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The knowledge and truth of traditional shamanism exists everywhere. It exists for everyone to see, if you understand the message and see past your own illusions. It is the essential understanding of life, the oldest knowledge we have: that of who we are, why we are here, and what is our life's purpose.

It soars beyond the primitive healer whether in the rainforest, in the desert chewing roots, or waving rattles over a patient, to encompass the breadth of life, of all things.

It exists in our history, mythology, fairy stories, culture, religion, and everyday life, for it is life itself. All the efforts of those in power, over thousands of years, to suppress it have not hidden it or destroyed it. For it is Truth, and it will indeed set you free.

To know your true nature, self, and purpose is having power, being powerful, and is creating your life the way you truly want it. Shamanism teaches that we are all equal, all powerful, all connected but seperate, that we are each unique and part of the infinite deiversity of the whole.

This knowledge lies in the understanding of all primal peoples, those who live close to the earth. It is in the knowledge of the Native American people, in the Huna wisdom of the Polynesian people, and in any place where knowledge has not been contaminated by long exposure to Western thinking. Look into these simple beliefs, for the truth is there, and within yourselves, for the truth indeed does lie there.


At the heart of Shamanism is the battlecry of the Aquarian age, the age dawning on this plane with the onset of the Millennium. We are all equal, we are all one, we are all connected.

No one is above or more privileged than any other. We all have our role, our place, our unique contribution that can benefit us all.

The death of Princess Diana united two-and-a-half billion people in a common feeling of grief and loss. Each one of us is capable of touching us all. We are all important, and all have meaning and purpose in our lives; that is the fulfillment of our personal destiny.

Honour Woman, for life comes through her. This is a radical concept vigorously suppressed for thousands of years. The earth itself is our Mother, feeding, clothing, nurturing and healing us. And how do we treat her?

Protect the Children, for they are the future. Throughout history and most of the world, children have been held in little esteem, mainly because they seem so easy to come by. They are the future not only of our race, but of us, for how else do you think we are going to get back here?

Flow With Life, the cycles and the heartbeat of the Mother, and all will be accomplished. In effect, the minimum of effort brings the most success, if you do not resist the current.

In our modern life we have insulated and isolated ourselves from the shifting energy patterns and cycles of life; we seek instead to impose our own agendas and will upon the very stars. Look to the results to see how successful that has been.


Shamanism suggests that the original fall came when one small group craved power over the rest of us. Their power was, and is, built upon greed and fear, and is doomed. True power is balance and needs no influence over others, and certainly it is nothing to fear. The true trinity is the sacred triangle of harmony and balance.


      Love      Wisdom

When one recognizes his or her true power, and balances it with love and wisdom, only good can result. Fear is a denial of ones' true power.

In this knowledge lies the understanding of life and the ability to connect with it all. Everything--the earth, the plants, the rocks, all living things that walk, swim or fly--is connected, and has its own special abilities.

It is this power that the Shaman taps into, that we can all tap into, for whatever we need in the moment. And no life except Man's, will withhold what is needed, but instead gives willingly and happily, for in giving you also receive what you need.

Life is a circle, four directions, four paths to completion. As the sun rises, so we are born and spring arrives. As the sun reaches its highest point, we grow to adulthood, and summer arrives. As the sun sets, we mature and harvest what we have accomplished just as autumn comes.

At midnight we feel the completion and the wisdom of our experiences, and just as winter comes, we are in our old age and prepare for our own return, our own spring, our own rebirth, for the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

All life is a circle, and we live in cycles. Only man sees life as a straight line.


Alan Grey Wolf: See "The Great Tree" under STORIES for more understanding, and see MODERN SHAMANISM for insight into our contemporary life.

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