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Extracting the heart of Shamanism from the traditional views we have from Native Americans, the Polynesians, and other primal peoples, we have the essence of the Truth. We learn that we are all connected, all one, and all-powerful spirit beings having a physical experience.

We were all part of a single entity that split into individual components (each of us created in the image of God), and we are in fact connected to all life and all things.

It is essential to know that we have the power to create our own lives in the way we wish or believe, and that is the key to understanding.

Traditional Shamanic belief is that we are all equal and fundamentally entitled to an equal share in the abundance and prosperity available in life on the earth. The simple fact is that we have been conned into believing otherwise and into believing also that we cannot do anything about it.

The path to creation (of a reality) starts with knowledge. When we can use something we know and effectively make it our own, we have wisdom, and wisdom is one side of the sacred triangle of wisdom-love-power, which leads us to right-living here on earth. It all starts with knowledge, and the path is:


Fundamentally, your life is the creation of what you believe it to be, based on the knowledge that you have been given and that you accept.

If the knowledge is controlled or suppressed, then you will accept the reality that is based upon what knowledge you are given, and your reality will be basically what those who control the knowledge want it to be. And it won't be for your benefit.

Everything you have been told about the world, God, religion, history, yourself, your options, your freedom, your power, is a lie.

In fact, assume that everything you "know," except the things you have proven for yourself, is a lie.

We are told what others want us to believe so that we will accept things the way that they want us to accept them. Who killed Kennedy? What happened at Roswell? Who built the pyramids? Who are we? Why are we here? What is our path?

BUT, people who know the truth cannot be controlled. For over a millennia, our whole basis of life has been control-driven by the unholy triangle of money-greed-power.

It is true that about two percent of the population has controlled all of the wealth, has had all the power, and enjoyed all of the perks of life for uncounted tens of thousands of years, at the expense of the rest of us.

The truth tells us of the falseness of this situation, but to get to that we first must know the truth, must have the knowledge upon which to create a different reality.

When enough people reject the reality of the few, when a critical mass of non-believers happens, then change takes place. This has happened many times, for example, in France in the 1750's, in America in the 1770's, in Russia in 1917; yet because a different form of control replaced the first, nothing really changed.

In this the Age of Aquarius, the revolution will be one of quiet empowerment. More and more people will begin to feel the kinship, the sense of injustice, the wrongness of the ravaging of the earth, and feel and accept a new reality based upon the Aquarian principles, which happen to parallel the tenets of Shamanism.

In the Age of Aries, 2000-4000 years ago, the force of armed might and iron gave control to those in power, for example the Roman Empire. In the Age of Pisces that followed, the use of religion and the doctrine of fear gave power and control to the Roman Catholic Church. It simply changed form, but the result was the same.

In the Age of Aquarius, the driving force is equality, justice, and preservation.

It will be difficult to find a way of exerting control over others under that prevailing energy. Therefore, there is great hope and reason for change as we move into this millennium, the first change in energy in 3000 years.

(Note: The millennium operates under the energy that defines its beginning. The last three millennia have begun under "1" energy, that of will, force and power. This one begins under a "2" energy, balance, cooperation and harmony).

Ask yourself if few having all of the power, wealth, privileges, and control in life while the rest of us have none sounds like an acceptable way of life.

If you "know" this to be true, then perhaps you need to examine your knowledge, see who it came from, and who it benefits, for this scenario is not true in accordance with the way life should be and the way life will be.

The truth is indeed in here, inside of you, and will set you free.

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