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Greetings, Peace, and Light.

It has been a while since I last wrote those words.

I would like to thank all of you who wrote to me sending encouragement and telling me how much the newsletter meant to you. It was wonderful to hear from you and much appreciated.

Much has happened since the Spring. The changes in the weather, the happenings and events in the world all pale in the light of the inner personal changes we are all experiencing.

Most of you will remember that last year we looked at the Path of Change, the various stages we all go through in order to bring about new directions in our lives.

It is important to realize that changes do not just happen, we make them happen.

It is therefore in your hands to shape your life and your world in the way in which you choose.

Choose wisely.

The changes this year, and especially the eclipses of July 28 and August 11, have allowed us to face and see our limitations. We have the opportunity to deal with those issues that have denied our true selves, and so restricted now only our lives, but our success and accomplishments as well.

The time to grow and move forward is now at hand. We have been given the tools that we need, and all the help that is possible.

It is now up to us.

Several issues ago I wrote

"The Greatest Human Failing Is The Inability To Let Go Of The Past."

It is interesting how such insights develop and unfold as we progress.

Lets add a second line to the above thought.

"It is not what you have done, but what you have become, that counts."

To most people, the past is alive, and well, and living on their backs.

The great chain of anger, remorse and guilt weighing them down consists of things like:

"How could I have done that?",

"How could they have done that to me?" or,

"How could that have happened to me?"

From a Spiritual perspective, all of this unimportant. It is what you learned and how much you grew that matters. The rest is the means you used to learn those lessons.

Kind of like focusing on the pen and paper used to write the message, not on what is written.

It is all experience and growth. It is all unimportant in the present moment.

Who you are right now is all that matters, not how you got here.

"It is not what you have done, but what you have become."

Let go of the weight that burdens you.

Celebrate who you are.

Be all that you can be.

This is the key to understanding and maximizing the times that we are in.

Last spring I wrote that I would report on and describe the experience of doing a Sweat lodge. This weekend, September 18 to be exact, I will be doing one as part of the Fall Equinox celebration.

Since the others that I have done this year have faded back into the past, I will wait and give you all the details on this one.

Therefore this newsletter will be short and in two parts. This is Part a.

Part b is coming.

Besides, I feel that this is a vital time, and the energy shifts that occur in a Sweat are extremely important.

This should be a powerful weekend.

I will let you know.

As you might remember, the Fall is one of the Four Directions, the sacred Circle of the Medicine Wheel. It is the Direction "West", and the time of Harvest, and of accepting all that is yours and all that is coming to you.

Fall actually arrives on September 23rd. This is the time of the alignment and opening to the energy of this Path in life, and to do so is to get all that is coming to you.

You earned it.

It is yours.

Remember to open your heart to receive, and to believe in yourself, that you deserve all that is there for you.

For untold ages, the struggle has been between Light and Dark, which are only Concepts, and part of the Universal. It is this struggle that we are experiencing as confusion and confrontation with major issues right now.

Confusion is the term I hear the most from people nowadays.

Everyone wants clarity.

But Clarity is here.

That's what the eclipses were all about.

(Note: the eclipses of July 28 and August 11 manifested the end of the world as we knew it, and the shift into the coming time. The changes show up here in the physical material world last.)

Why are you confused?

You invest so much of your energy in reality that is false, and so your expectations cannot manifest.

What is Clarity?

Seeing a reality in which your expectations can happen.

Part of us, on other levels and deep in the subconscious, knows that everything has changed.

Our conscious awareness maintains the hold on the old reality, and sees the world as more or less the same.

We consciously continue to try to work with the old "cause and effect" paradigm we have always accepted.

And it is not working.

Thus the confusion.

Part of us feels a new connection to the world, part of us sees in the old way.

And we are . . . confused.

Try this:

Old way: When I have the money, I will do this.

New way: I will do this and the money will be there.

We are in a very turbulent time, half in the new age, part in the old.

The passage into the new millennium will alleviate much of this.

Look at how many people no longer see themselves having a job to just to earn money.

They are looking at working at what they really love, and what fulfills them.

Money is a tool, not an end.

See a reality in which the purpose is personal accomplishment, not in how much you earn.

You might begin to see that clarity.

Back to the eclipses and the subsequent aftershocks.

The eclipses occurred in conjunction with very rare and very powerful alignments called Cosmic Crosses which were made up of the majority of the planets.

Cosmic Crosses occur when planets line up at right angles to each other forming the corners of a square. On July 28 and August 11, a number of the planets were in the middle degrees of the signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus, forming exact squares.


You can review vol.1, Nos. 2, 5, 8, and 11 (on my web site) to see what these represent in real terms.

In brief, Taurus (I Have) is your material world, Scorpio (I Desire is what others have and you want, Leo (I Will) is what are and Aquarius (I Know) is what the world is.

In the world as we knew it, these all represented the conflicts and struggles we had in the world to get our expectations met.

These signs then represent the physical world.

They are the signs where changes to the physical world occur.

These alignments combined with the fact that the Sun and the Moon formed eclipses, made these possibly the most important events in human history (as we know it).

The Cosmic crosses occurred in the energies that represent reality and the material world as we believe it to be. They acted to break up and disintegrate the patterns, the forms, the structure of this "reality".

That is why the world ended.

As we approached July 28, I saw the first eclipse as a swirling cloudy mass like a black hole hanging vertically in front of us.

The eclipse of August 11 appeared as a second identical swirling cloud. They were joined by a looping tunnel much like the wormholes on Deep Space 9.

It came to me that when we entered through the first black hole, we left the world as we have always known it (or it ended).

When we came out through the second hole, we were somewhere else.

The world had changed.

We are still seeing with the old vision and expectations, so it looks the same.

Thus the confusion.

Look deeper for the signs that things are changed, that it is all different.

You will see them.

We keep experiencing aftershock every 2 to 4 weeks since the time of the eclipses. These are causing us to grow, to face the limitations we have always believed in.

So we have changed . . . also.

Interesting reading:

THE HIRAM KEY - Knight and Lomas. Arrow Books.

THE SECOND MESSIAH - Knight and Lomas. Century Books.

ANCIENT TRACES - Michael Baigent. Viking Press.

I will be doing Sweats (Sweat Lodges) this Fall for anyone who would like to participate and is close enough to get here. Here being about 2 hours from Toronto.


A major new undertaking:

I will also for the first time be doing a week long retreat in the beautiful western highlands of Cuba from November 20 to 26 this year.

We are planning a week of workshops, celebrations, ceremony and fun. Shamanism is the theme, and preparation for the millennium is the purpose. Contact me for complete details of the schedule of events if you are interested in participating.

Contact: Belvedere Carlson Travel at or 416 241-1171 for details of accommodation and travel arrangements.


This Fall the second series of Beyond Meditation recordings will be finished. The six new ones will go with the existing six, and assist and promote growth, empowerment and overcoming of blocks and limitations.

There are full details on my web site, or contact me for details.

In our healing circle, let us place first the Earth, our Mother, to release the energy that is causing the great storms and weather changes.

Let us place each of us as representatives fo the whole of Mankind.

Let us place those in need of healing on all levels.

Blessing and abundance to all of you, and may you find your Path illuminated in the Spring and throughout the year.

May you always walk in Beauty.

Mi Takuye Oyasin - for all my relations

Alan Grey Wolf
September, 1999

345 Whitmore Avenue
Toronto M6E 2N5
Ontario, Canada


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