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Greetings, Peace, and Light.

I mentioned in the last issue that the weather appeared to be four to six weeks ahead of usual here in the Northeast. At the risk of sounding like the Farmer's Almanac, we had a second growth of raspberries this week in the garden, and others have reported seeing Spring flowers growing.

Fall arrives this week on September 23rd. It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Due to popular demand, Karen Ryan is back with another great and timely article on crystals. One of our newsletter readers, Ardonna, sent me a wonderful little story that probably should have waited until we got to Pisces, but it was so good I decided to include it in this issue.

Fall is one of the four turning points of the year. It is the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere, the West in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel (Sacred Circle), and the point at which the Sun enters the sign Libra.

Note: On our Journey, we began in the Spring/East, and passed through Summer/South. These can be found in the March and June issues.

In both Astrology and Shamanism, this is the time of Sundown, where the Sun moves below the western horizon. Like Spring, it is the point of equal day and night, Light and Dark. Hence the term "equinox" - equal night. Unlike the Spring where the Light is increasing, in the Fall it is the Darkness that is increasing.

It is the time of the Balance between Light and Dark.

The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd of September, and we encounter Balance on our metaphoric journey through Change. From the beginning, from the Spring, we have journeyed through Illumination (Aries), Values (Taurus), Ideas (Gemini), Foundations (Cancer), Ego (Leo), and Evaluation (Virgo).

It is interesting to note that each step deals with the difficulties of the previous one. And that we alternate between the abstract and the practical.

In Libra we face the outer world, especially how we relate to others, and confront the struggle that we have to find ourselves. Are relationships abstract, or practical? Can you quantify love? . . . or need? How does this relate to the process of making decisions?

In Virgo, the process is that of objectivity, analysis, and evaluating the fulfilment of our expectations. We look at all that we are consciously aware of, and expect to make the "right" decision. The weakness of this approach is that it embodies caution. Do you ever have enough information, or know enough, to decide with complete certainty what is the best course?

In life you come to a crossroads, a moment of decision. Can you walk down one road, and then the other before you choose?

You see, you will never have enough information . . .

which produces caution . . .

and finally stalls the process . . .

you doubt yourself . . .

you always need more to go on . . .

As we move on, the Sun enters Libra and we face the most daunting aspect of human existence: relating to others. Our entire life is worked out through our connections with the people who are part of our world. The decisions we make affect them directly. To many people this a major hurdle to making changes in their lives.

We come into this world totally self-absorbed literally screaming to get our simple yet basic needs met. We are totally dependant on others. We are taught at an early age to do what others say, conditioned to let others make decisions for us, and programmed to please others . . . if we are to get what we want.

What we learn is if we let others make decisions for us, they will make the choices that suit "them," not what we want.

What we learn is relationships can be a power struggle where we are always pushing to get our way. We fulfill our needs by pleasing others, doing what they want or expect; or by controlling them, making them do what we want.

No one ever tells us we are old enough to make our own decisions; that we don't have to let others make our choices for us . . . anymore; that we can find out what is right for us . . . ourselves.

Libra is the sign of the scales, always shifting back and forth. Where is the Balance that it seeks? It is the sign that symbolizes relationships. It embodies harmony and cooperation, understanding and respect.

These are the Ideals in any relationship, as are communication, growth, space, consideration, equality, support, loving unconditionally . . . wanting to make others happy . . .


Libra is the sign opposite that of the Self (Aries).

Its weakness is in wanting everything to be right for everyone.

In decisions, sometimes you have to do what is right for you first.

Then it becomes right for everyone else.

What is sought at this step of our journey is Balance, an innate Awareness of what is right. It is not enough to know what you want, because you can never have all the answers. It is not enough to feel what you want if you don't act on it.

Feeling what is right, and knowing what to do. The Balance, the two halves necessary to confidently act from your own power.

To this point, one half of the population has suppressed their feelings, the other half have suppressed their ability to act. So everyone seeks in another person what is missing in themselves, instead of looking within their own self.

Relationships bring Fulfillment, and Answers, don't they?

In Astrology, it is the dynamics between the Sun and the Moon. In Shamanism, it is the flow between the Middle Self and the High Self (via the Low Self). In the Tarot, it is the Two of Cups ... or the Lovers.

The state of your relationship is an externalization of what exists within yourself, between your Head and your Heart, your Feelings and your ability to Act, in Balance ...

You feel intuitively what is right for you, and you act on this without question.

All of our mythology about the Knight slaying the dragons and freeing the Maiden in the tower, or the Prince awakening the sleeping Princess relate to this, clearing the path between our intuition and our actions.

Making the decisions that are right for us.

Fall is one aspect of the West Direction in Shamanism, one of the paths in life symbolized by the Sacred Circle, the Medicine Wheel of Native traditions. This is the time to celebrate the completion of what was begun (in the Spring), and to harvest the rewards of our efforts.

West is also Sundown, and Maturity in the cycles that make up our lives. Here we have gained all we can in the outer world, have reaped our rewards, and now go within to learn from what we have experienced, to prepare ourselves for the next cycle.

Its' symbol is the Bear who through hibernation literally goes within. The qualities that the Bear brings to us are gentleness and strength. The Bear has no need to prove anything to anyone, but can respond appropriately if necessary.

Now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments, to enjoy your success, and to go within, deeper into the darkness so your next path will take you higher, and your future accomplishments and successes will be that much greater.

Give thanks to the Spirits and Spirit Keepers of the West for giving to you the power you needed to bring about all you have accomplished.

Welcome back to Karen Ryan with her article on Fall Crystals.

"Crystals for the Autumn Solstice"
By Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

The time of Harvest is in the sign of Virgo, the pregnancy of Autumn. The Fall is a time when Nature reaches fulfillment with the ripening of her fruits, and is symbolic of the fusion of opposites.

Crystals which have inclusions or blend more than one type of crystal are symbolic of this time. Some of these types of crystals are: Snowflake Obsidian, Ametrine (Amethyst and Citrine), Chrysocolla, Azurite/Malachite, banded Agates such as Lace Agate, and Rutilated Quartz among many others.

Select a double-terminated Quartz crystal, also symbolic of the fusion of opposites. Include a crystal with little baby crystals attached to the outside. Consider the four blended elements of Red Coral; a blend of its growth in Water, taking its nutrients from Earth, Fire (its colour) and a that it has to be taken from the water and exposed to Air to harden. What a perfect balance and fusion of opposites. Place the stones in a bowl for an offering on the Autumn Equinox.

Other Equinox offerings can include the usual offerings of the full harvest: fruits bearing seeds to germinate in the Spring, pine cones and other nuts with rich meats for the winter, gourds, herbs, various vegetables including the roots.

Arrange these in a large Earthenware bowl for the offering. Bless the food, and then consume it, or it can be given back to the Earth by throwing it into a wooded area where it will be eaten by small animals and insects.

Offer water taken from a still sun-soaked pond, teaming with the life energies of the Summer.

Burn Sweetgrass and make Tobacco offerings and prayers. Pour wine and enjoy the fruits of Summer, celebrating the abundance.

Enjoy the last rays of the Summer Sun and give Thanks for the gifts you have received from the Earth this year.

Karen Ryan

Thank you again, Karen. You can contact Karen at the following address for more information:

"Karen Ryan"

And thank you again Ardonna for the following story:

Once, there was a fish who lived in the great ocean, and because the water was transparent, and always conveniently out of the way of his nose when he moved along, he didn't know he was in the ocean.

Well, one day the fish did a very dangerous thing for a fish. He began to think: "Surely I am a most remarkable being, since I can move around like this in the middle of empty space."

Then the fish became confused because of thinking about moving and swimming, and he suddenly had an anxiety attack, and thought that he had forgotten how. At that moment he looked down and saw the yawning chasm of the ocean depths, and he was terrified that he would drop.

Then he thought: "If I could catch hold of my tail in my mouth, I could hold myself up." And so he curled himself up and snapped at his tail.

Unfortunately, his spine wasn't quite supple enough, so he missed.

As he went on trying to catch hold of his tail, the yawning black abyss below became ever more terrible, and he was brought to the edge of a total nervous breakdown.

The fish was about to give up, when the ocean, which had been watching with mixed feelings of pity and amusement, said, "What are you doing?"

"Oh," said the fish, "I'm terrified of falling into the deep dark abyss, and I'm trying to catch hold of my tail in my mouth to hold myself up."

So the ocean said, "Well, you've been trying that for a long time now, and you still haven't fallen down. How come?"

"Oh, of course, I haven't fallen down yet," said the fish, "Because, because -- I'm swimming!"

"Well," came the reply, "I am the Great Ocean, in which you live and move and are able to be a fish, and I have given all of myself to you in which to swim, and I support you all the time you swim.

But here you are, instead of exploring the length, breadth, depth, and height of my expanse wasting your time pursuing your own end."

From then on, the fish put his own end behind him (where it belonged) and set out to explore the Great Ocean.

I am sure that amongst all of our readers there are those with articles or stories that the rest of us would benefit from. Please send these to my attention and I will try to include them in future issues.


For our Healing Circle, visualize yourself in a ring of people, with all those in need in the center. I have placed in the center all those who have asked me for help (for themselves or others).

If you would place all those that you are aware of who need help also in the center, we will pray for their well being and healing, sending them the energy that they need.

Allow this to remain in place, and the healing will continue.

In lieu of recommending lists, sites or books this month, I am doing a commercial for my own work.

Feel free to skip over this section if you feel inclined.

I have up-dated my meditation tapes, and also produced some new versions.

I believe they are different in that they are pro-active, designed to help you make changes in your life. The test results have been wonderfully encouraging with people who have difficulties getting results in the past making incredible breakthroughs.

This is especially true of the past life regression tape where many people, for the first time, experienced past lives in full detail.

I have listed the titles and prices here, but full descriptions of the various tapes can be found on my web site at:

Or, if you would like an e-mail copy of the file, write me.

Tape 1 - ANSWERS

Takes you to a place of serenity and peace, with the sounds of the birds and insects, to help you find the insight and the answers you need to fulfil your life.


You are called to one place in particular, a life that holds the answers you need in your current life. Here you find the people and the situations that connect to now.


Here is the place you would most like to live, in the home of your dreams, the people are those who make you the happiest. The work that you do is completely fulfilling in every way.


You soar higher and higher into the golden pink dawn light and float high above the earth, seeing everything laid out below you.


You release your expectations, and allow all your dreams to be fulfilled.


By the end of your journey, all fears are confronted and released, and you are free of the past. You emerge into the light, reborn.


Letting go of the old, and welcoming the new, and accepting the constant change allows you the freedom to flow with life.


Your life is enhanced and empowered, and you find the answers to whatever you need to make your life work.


In this way, the old beliefs and limits are replaced by healing and love and joy.


US $12.00 or Cdn $15.00 per tape
S/H is $3.00 for the first tape, and $1.50 for each additional tape.

End of commercial.

This is a time of great changes. Let the flow of change pass through you without resistance. Let it take away all that is ended, and bring to you all that is new. Bless you all.

May you walk always in Beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin (for all my relations),

Alan Grey Wolf
Toronto, Canada
September, 1998

(416) 783-0394

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