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Greetings, Peace, and Light.

Fall has arrived unmistakably here in the Northeast. Almost overnight the temperature has dropped, and most of the trees have turned. Seems Nature was in a hurry to get back in step after the seemingly endless summer.

I cannot remember a time when the leaves here have been so bright and vibrant with colour. We have vivid reds, oranges and yellows, where in the past the colours were muddy and quickly turned to brown. I can only imagine what it must be like in New England. Oh to be in New Hampshire now that Fall is here!

Welcome to all of the new subscribers who asked to join our circle since the last issue.

Thanks to all of you who ordered my meditation tapes. We are sending them out as fast as we can. And a special thank you to Debbie who suggested they should be called "empowerment tapes". Good point, and humbly appreciated.

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, and once again we face another step on our metaphorical journey through Change. A point to consider, as we are at a crossroads now. Let us look at our basic premise once again. The Sun itself in its' journey throughout the year, beginning in the Spring, illustrates the steps necessary for us to grow and change our lives.

Must be important.

With the onset of Scorpio on October 23rd, we encounter Need on our journey. This is the eighth step, and the second one that deals with our interaction with the outer world.

We are in a time of extraordinary change, and so perhaps we must approach Change differently from what we have done in the past. The energy of the new millennium is cooperation and sharing. We need to understand that we share this world with not only other people (a radical concept for many), but with all life forms.

For thousands of years we have viewed life from the perspective of the self, either selfish or self-denial. "I", or "i", depending whether you were a wolf, or were pretending to be a sheep.

Cooperation and sharing is the understanding of "We".

From the Spring we have encountered Illumination (Aries), Values (Taurus), Ideas (Gemini), Foundations (Cancer), Ego (Leo) and Evaluation (Virgo). These comprised the part of the journey where we dealt with our inner conflict with regards to changing our lives.

When we moved on to Libra (Balance) last month, we encountered the outer world, and our relationships with others. The "I Am" of the Self (Aries) was countered by the "I Balance" of the relationship self.

We now have to consider the "We Are" of the expanded self.

Notice the two concepts. From our personal view, we see the "I Balance" force at work in our relationship(s). This is from our self centre, and is all of the things that we do, the compromises that we make in our dealings with another.

The second concept, the "We Are", is an expanded understanding of life, one in which we recognize we share this journey with others. Our ego-needs are transformed into the expanded awareness that we exist as part of the whole, a pairing of equals in a relationship.

Enlightenment, Growth . . . and Change. The very nature of change is transforming . . . before we even got it right.

The "I" want/need becomes "We" want/need.

Instead of giving up on our pursuit of personal fulfilment, we need to understand the apparent paradox that this view produces. In not placing our needs above everyone else's, we then come to the realization that to do what is best for them, we have to do what is right for us.

The belief was that in order to fulfil our selves, others must suffer.

We were told that this was selfish, irresponsible . . . and wrong.

Now we see that trying to do for others at the expense of ourselves does not work.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock.

The needs of the many ARE the needs of the few - Aquarian reality.

The understanding that we are all connected allows us to do for ourselves first so that we can be more and then do more for the others in our lives.

What is right for us has to be right for those who share our life and this part of the journey.

The paradox is resolved, and Change has brought us to a new and higher understanding of our part in the whole and our connections with others.

We do not change to hurt others, to benefit at their expense. We change so that we might do more for them. This is not a license to do whatever we want. It is the awareness of a higher responsibility.

We let go of Control.

Our second step in the outer world of Change balances the "I Have" of Taurus with the "I Desire" of Scorpio. On our metaphorical journey, this step is Need. In Scorpio, we encounter all of the influences and needs of others, their values . . . what they need from us, and what we need from them.

Here we find everything that we share, that we have in common, that we get from others, that we need from them, and where we give away control of our lives in order to try to secure our own needs.

This is a most difficult path to walk. The "I Have" encounters the energy of "We Have" and countered with the self centred energy called "I Desire", or "I Need". It is now a question of how well do you share, and how much does personal desire shift the balance.

And what do you have to let go of in order to Change?

We know that in this time of change we have to shift from the focus of "I have, I want, I need" to "We have". We can no longer look at what others bring to us as the opportunity to grab what we want for ourselves.

We can no longer use others for our gain.

This step to Change can be akin to wading through a flood of desire, passion, sexual energy, possessiveness, control issues, transformation, (co-)dependency, need, belief in ourselves, struggle with guilt, concepts of death and rebirth, and all of ourselves that we give away.

Its' legacy is Fear. The fear of trusting and believing in yourself.

It is a measure of how much we let others influence our lives, and how much we believe we know what is best for us, and are able to act on this.

The energy of this step is that of the number eight - great struggle brings great success. The path of Change brings us face to face with how much we rely on, and need, others to validate our needs, make our decisions, and tell us what is right (for us) and what to do.

And how much we need to let them.

On a personal note, I first consciously encountered these ideas in the sixties or early seventies as part of the New Age philosophy that was so popular then. The theory was that you had to surrender control of your life to the Universe, and become a co-creator in your life.

At the time, this sounded to me like I had to become a junior partner at best, and let someone, or something, tell me what to do.

I now know that what the bigger picture shows, the part that the Universe has for me in the scheme of things, is far more fulfilling that I could ever have imagined. Much more than what I could have accomplished by myself, and definitely far more than I would have believed I deserved.

See how much the Universe has changed in thirty years? :)

Earlier I mentioned that we have now reached a crossroads. Actually, it is more like a branch in the road, one side going to the left, the other, to the right. It looks like the letter "Y".

In our circle of growth, we have twelve steps. The fourth step is Cancer (Foundations). When we work to change the basis of our life, what we believe in and base our life on, we face many new directions and ideas.

If the fourth step (Cancer)is the trunk of the tree, and the eighth (Scorpio) is one branch of the "Y", then the twelfth step (Pisces) is the other.

The right branch is all of the needs we have to face in order to make changes. The other people in our lives play out our own neediness, and their influence on us and demands of us fulfill our dependencies.

Where we don't believe in or value ourselves, and our decisions.

The eighth step *is* Transformation, and Change. In order to realize change for ourselves we *must* change our perceptions as to either our values are right, or their values are. We must see the shared values, and understand the "We Have".

The left branch leads to old habitual self-destructive patterns. The things that created the situations we are working to change.

This is our opportunity to implement the changes and make our own choices.

Instead of doing the same old things.

Thoughts on Trust - #1: There has been a lot in the press recently about satellite-tracked implants, locating devices. In this area they are seriously considering passing a law requiring pets to have chips implanted. This has been available for some time for those worried about their pet getting lost, or perhaps stolen.

This has also been proposed for children. It seems on the surface to be a great idea, and who could dispute the benefits and the peace of mind of knowing you can immediately have your child located. No more children being lost, being able to deal effectively with kidnapping.

In two generations everyone alive would have these implants. Those with the satellites would know where you were at all times, what you were doing, who you were with.

The dilemma? The obvious danger of misuse in the future vs. the benefits under which it is being proposed now.

Thoughts on Trust #2: Does anyone really know how many of those instant win lottery tickets are actually winners?

Not of earth-shattering importance. Just another way in which we blindly believe and accept what we are told.

An item in the newspaper this week in regard to the body found some time ago frozen in a glacier in Europe. The person died about 5000 years ago. They have known for some time what illnesses the person had suffered from. What they first though to be tatoos turned out to be acupuncture points on various parts of the body.

Evidently these acupuncture points not only corresponded to those necessary to treat the problems, but they indicated a very advanced knowledge, in fact a master's level of treatment.

There were no reports of prescriptions issued by local doctors being found on the body.

Quoted from today's (national circulation) newspaper:

"The gap between the richest and the poorest (in Canada) is growing at an alarming rate, undermining the once stable middle class, a new report says."

"In 1973 the richest 10 percent of families with children made 21 times more than the poorest 10 percent."

"By 1996, the richest 10 percent made 314 times more than the poorest . . . "

"The current dynamic in which we try to live and build our lives is both unsustainable and immoral."

"We are living in a society of two different Canadas where some get to decide how the others live."

"Such changes threaten the (existence) of the middle class."

The middle class is a recent (19th century) phenomenon. In the traditional pyramid of power, there was no middle class.

This is happening in many countries around the world.

Why should this be a big surprise?

The more things change . . .

In our healing circle this month, let us place all of those in need, the Earth our Mother, for healing, and let us not forget ourselves, and our own needs.

I would like to remind all of you to send me anything that you would like to share with the rest of us, for this is the time of sharing.

Articles, web sites, stories, anything that we can benefit from, will be considered for future issues.

Please send this newsletter on to those you feel would appreciate it.

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This is a time of great challenges, not the least being what it is you want to do with your life, and how to achieve that. This is part of the Path, and the growing into light.

I wish you all the best, and bless you all.

May you always walk in beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin (for all my relations),

Alan Grey Wolf
Toronto, Canada
October, 1998

(416) 783-0394

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