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Greetings, and Peace and Light.

Another beautiful sunny Fall day here in the Northeast. The cold, cloudy and rainy days of late have given way to dry sunny ones as the Sun entered Sagittarius.

A word of caution to those interested in avoiding frustration. From November 21 to December 11 we are in a Mercury-retrograde period.

That means that from our perspective the planet Mercury, which rules communication and connections, appears to be moving backwards. There is a tendency at this time for schedules, timetables, meetings, plans, and communications of all kinds to be disrupted or delayed, and agreements to be misunderstood.

Double check all planned situations, and allow for screw-ups.

Perhaps that is why this newsletter is late. All previous issues came out *before* the sun changed sign. :)

As always a word of welcome to all the new subscribers who joined our circle since the previous issue.

The Sun entered Sagittarius on November 22, a little after noon, Greenwich Mean Time, and a little after 7:00 am here in Toronto. Once again we face another step in our metaphorical journey through Change.

What is the Journey? It is Life.

What is Change? It is Growth.

What is the destination?

There is none.

The end of one stage is the beginning of the next. The end and the beginning are the same place.

There is only the Journey.

We are always going somewhere.

Progress is determined by Growth. The Journey has no end.

With the onset of Sagittarius, we encounter Truth on our journey. This is the ninth step overall, and the third one that deals with our interaction with the outer world.

Is there an ultimate or Universal Truth? Perhaps.

In our understanding of the Journey, which is in reality the empowerment of the self, we look at two versions of truth, two versions of reality.

Empowerment is awakening. The two realities can be defined as the NORMAL world, and the NATURAL world.

In the NORMAL world, truth is what you have accepted about yourself and your life because others, society, culture, family and teachers of all kinds told you what was your reality.

In the NATURAL world, as Shamanism sees it, you are an individual with your own Truth, that is who you are, what you can do, what is real for you, and what your path or role in life is. You determine this, as you do your connection to all things including the creative force of the universe. You create your life according to your own beliefs, and from taking responsibility for all that you do and all that happens.

Nine is the number of completion, the end of a phase or cycle. It is both the end, and the beginning, a time to see and understand all that you have accomplished, what is finished, and what is your new direction.

But there are three more steps to reach the end of this cycle of Change, and the beginning of the next phase of your life.

Twelve altogether.

Twelve, the mystical number. Twelve disciples. Twelve signs. Twelve witches in a coven. Twelve days of Christmas (sorry, it's the season! :).

Twelve is the vibration three (1 + 2 = 3). Three is the vibration of your personal creative power. It is the last phase of the cycle. When you reach it, you are at the beginning again.

You have to empower yourself before you can empower your life.

So Truth is not the destination, the end of the Journey.

It makes the Journey possible.

Beginning in the Spring, we encountered Illumination (Aries), Values (Taurus), Ideas (Gemini), Foundations (Cancer), Ego (Leo), and Evaluation (Virgo). These six steps represented that part of our journey where we dealt with our inner conflicts with regards to creating Change in our lives.

In our next three steps, we have Balance (Libra), Need (Scorpio), and Truth (Sagittarius).

Our first step into the outer world brought us to Balance (Libra), and relationship issues. Here the "I" concept became the "We", and we had to acknowledge that there are others sharing our lives and this planet.

In our second step into the outer world, we faced Need (Scorpio), and from the overwhelming response I received from so many of you, the most difficult step of all so far.

We were lost in our needs. We gave up and gave in. The "I Have" balanced by both "I Desire" and "We Have," welling up from our deepest emotions as Need. Scorpio energy. The most intense, overpowering force we experience.

It's legacy is Fear.

It's manifestation is Control . . . or Dependency.

For so many of you, seeing it, overcoming it, and escaping from it, was the hardest and most courageous thing you have done.

In our search for our Truth, let us first look at the journey. Shamanism teaches us that life is not linear, as our conscious awareness sees it. Life is comprised of cycles, and circles . . . and spirals.

The Medicine Wheel, in it elemental form, consists of twelve stones set in a circle. Each stone representing one step in the cycle of Life, the cycle of Change.

If you resist change, the path remains flat, two dimensional, and you basically experience the same things over and over, year after year.

When you embrace Change, the path is a spiral upwards, higher and higher (into the Light). When you pass through the twelve steps, you reach Step One (Aries) again, and you are directly above where you started in the previous cycle.

Visualize a stone tower, with stairs spiralling upwards around the interior, and leading to the top.

In mythology and legend, the Wizard/Magician/Sorcerer lived in such a tower, working his magic in a room at the top. Within his tower is the spiral staircase leading upwards. Twelve steps bring you once around the tower, and you keep on going till you reach the top.

Here is the place of enlightenment and personal power.

Did you notice that the Wizard/Magician/Sorcerer we were told about was always evil, working dark spells to enslave mankind?

So personal initiative (power) is evil, and has to be destroyed, discouraged, or feared?

Wonder where all the White Magicians went?

Dragons must have eaten them.

Through our myths and legends the Truth is kept alive and it is how we are shown the path to personal empowerment.

For hundreds of years Astrology has been banned and labelled the work of the devil.

Seek your own Truth. Question what you are told to believe, and find what is real for you.

Then you will be free.

So we now take this step into the outer world on our path called Change. Here we seek our own Truth, what is real for us individually. Here our Ideas, the "I Think" of Gemini manifest in the outer world as the "I See" of Sagittarius.

But we also encounter its other side, the "We Think," the collective truth that consists of everything that is determined for us.

It denies our individual thought and understanding.

It manifests for example in the four hundred million people who accept the Catholic truth, and all of the other masses who accept a common ideology.

A common vision that denies what our birthright is, our individuality and our obligation to determine what is real for each of us.

Shamanism teaches this.

That is why it was suppressed.

The obligation comes from the understanding that each of us is an equal partner in the whole, and that we have a duty to bring our individual wisdom, experience, and gifts to the whole.

Not to hide in a crowd all doing the same thing.

What is the purpose of that?

It denies growth, change, . . . and empowerment.

So there is truth (what we have accepted), Truth (what we are finding), and perhaps a Universal Truth that would be the collective Truth, the sum of all our parts.

Here is where we find our personal beliefs and philosophy of life, our individual connection to Spirit, to the Creator. What works for us. What is right for us. It is the energy of justice, right, and individual freedom.

Your Truth, your beliefs, your understanding of life, your place in the Great Plan, your acknowledgement of, and relationship to, however you see God, is your Truth.

It recognizes you as an individual, and your right to be.

The Creator made enough ways that we could each have our own.

In the energy of "We Think," the collective belief, lies the manifestation of all cults, religion, nationalism, racism, society and culture. All of the other ways in which we are told what is the truth. Where we hide our individuality. Where we are convinced by others we need to belong. Where we hide in the crowd, and lose our true selves.

The past has not been kind to individuals who shone their Light amidst the darkness of the masses. Our weakness was our needs . . . to belong, to be accepted, to be loved. To be an outsider was death.

Fear was its instrument of control, need was its hook.

The Truth shall set you free.

The Truth (sorry Mulder) is within.

This is the time to question and disregard the truth, find your own Truth, and to free yourself to follow your Path.

Exodus as written in the Bible is a metaphor for freeing the self from assumed authority, slavery to the system, and finding the new reality, wandering in the wilderness of unknown and uncharted experience until you find your rightful path, the promised land.

Contrary to the Biblical creation myth, the Angel with the flaming sword did not drive Adam and Eve from the Garden. Knowledge of the truth of life led them into experience, and the loss of innocence and lightness. Their choices led them deeper into the darkness, and they had to accept the responsibility for that.

We are still trying to find our way back to that original enlightened state of being, and the Angel (higher powers) still stands with the flaming (spiritual power) sword (truth and action) to light our way.

The energy of this step is nine, completion. It is no longer necessary or desirable to think as others do, or as you are told to. Find your own Truth, and you will find your path, your individuality, your freedom, and your bliss.

In my vision, it is completely dark, and we are all huddled in a vast mass, but each one in a separate hole in the ground, alone and cut off from each other. Our Light completely hidden. As we find the courage to be ourselves, we stick our heads up a little bit, and peer over the edge of our holes. A little of our Light begins to glow in the darkness.

Now it looks like the night sky far from the city lights. Myriads of tiny points of light glowing in the darkness, each one of us a small flame in the darkness. It is all we show of our Light.

Dare we stand up and let our full Light shine forth, and bring such an outpouring of Light into this Darkness that we might banish it from this plane?

All together now . . .

Under the category of Spirit answering questions:

Last issue I posed a question about trust, having to do with scratch-and-win lottery tickets. The ones that tell you, "one out of every four tickets is a winner." An abridged version of the article from a newspaper:

"The editor of a local newspaper admitted stealing $10,000 from the paper's Christmas fund to support his lottery ticket habit. He "invested" the money in instant win tickets. He was found guilty and sentenced for this theft."

His winnings? A total of $7.00.

I think he should sue :)

Next month is the Winter Solstice (December 21), one of the power points in the yearly cycle. It is a time of empowerment, and celebration. It is the Direction of North in the Sacred Circle.

Open yourself to finding those gathering at this time, and experience the power of spiritual purification and cleansing, and the clarity to find your path. Connect to this time of the empowerment of the self as to the part that you play in the world, and where you can do for others.

More on this next issue.

In our healing circle this month, let us place all of those in need, the Earth our Mother, and ourselves so that we might see our own Truth.

Please pass this newsletter on to all those you feel might benefit from it.

Become your own Light, and your path will be revealed.

From Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech (1994):

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

I wish you all the best, and bless you all.

May you always walk in beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin (for all my relations),

Alan Grey Wolf
Toronto, Canada
November, 1998

(416) 783-0394

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