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Greetings, and Peace and light:

One more step on the journey, and we have reached Issue Number 3. We are still in the Spring in the northern hemisphere, still in the time of beginnings.

The cycle of the Zodiac is a metaphor for the steps of change. We began with Illumination (Aries) and then confronted Values (Taurus). Our next step is the conscious awareness of change, where the mind, the thoughts, and the ideas accept what is new.

The Sun enters Gemini (21st), and we perceive possibilities and differences, which lead to more fundamental changes.

Following the path of the Zodiac, as we are, connects us to the Sacred Circle, the path of life, for they are the same. What is of interest is that the beginning and the end are the same place (as they are in a circle). Twelve steps forward, or one step back, bring us to the end point.

Illumination merged with belief, the alpha and the omega, Aries and Pisces.

Makes change a little easier.

One day we will get it right.

Your mind, thoughts, ideas, perceptions are highlighted with the Sun in Gemini. It is the intellect and conscious awareness that now has to change.

The most fundamental aspect to life is how you see yourself. Do you consider yourself to be a physical being with perhaps a soul or spiritual connection? Or do you see yourself as a being of pure spirit having a physical experience?

It makes a tremendous difference to how you live your life.

There are two roads, two worlds, two realities. In one the world as you know it sets the limits. In the other you are limitless.

Which road are you on?

The world becomes a scarier place as we are taken back into the cold war mentality of the 50's with nuclear technology in the hands of developing countries.

Many of us saw the transition time creating a polarization, with those determinedly holding on to the old ways of power and fear contrasting with those moving into a newer more enlightened age.

Still, those of us who lived through this before, would rather pass on going through it again this time. Somehow it was less threatening when those with the bombs were controlled by basically financial issues.

Where we have differences of religion and nationality, both man-made concepts, we have a problem. Shamanism celebrates the individual, modern society the collective.

The Creator made enough ways that we could each have our own, and positively support each other's .

The empowerment of the self, the honoring of the self, the belief in the self, all demand individual action. They also demand trust and respect for each other.

All differences are man-made, for we are not born knowing them.

In our journey through life, we are not learning anything or doing anything.

We are unlearning and undoing.

The issues of self-actualization and self-empowerment are not new. The concepts are ages old. In the Bible, the parable of the shepherd and the lost sheep is such a metaphor.

Going out into the dark and the storm to bring all of the sheep to safety relates the act of going within to heal all of the inner children and become whole.

Our search is to honour and know ourselves. Some years ago, I contacted several (Tibetan Buddhist) Lamas during a quest for answers. I believed at that time that the Buddhists and the Hopi were the most spiritually enlightened on the planet.

At the home of one of them, I encountered a high Lama, of whom the Lama was in total awe. He listened to my questions and concerns, and I awaited his answers. All he said was for me to see the bigger picture.

Years later I came to understand what he was telling me. We are conditioned to focus on the problem, and it fills our world. If we allow ourselves to see what is really happening, everything changes.

Case in point: Is the glass half full, or half empty? This is supposed to show how you approach life. In the bigger picture, we see that the glass may one day be broken.

We also see that the issue is not in how you see half a glass, but that there is *only* half a glass, and that you have accepted this.

In your reality, your glass is filled to overflowing all of the time.

Do not accept other's limits as your own. Find a bigger glass.

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Isnala, wolf-kin, wolf brother, Silverwolf, sent me this piece of a work in progress. I'm a sucker for wolf stories. :)

The lobo was 55 in human terms when he appeared on the edge of the pack, head down and shoulders slumped in resignation of his aloneness. He entered slowly. Not cautious out of fear...he was beyond that.

What did he have left to fear? When She first saw him she saw the miles and the scars. She was a little afraid of the dust on his pads. Where had he been? What had he caused, and what had he endured?

And why was there such sadness in the eyes that had seen forever before and ahead?

She saw more and, in time, gave her heart to him. She did not seek to change him...but she did change him profoundly. She took him into the pack. He issued no challenge. He would leave the pack if they did not accept him.

Her love raised his head in pride. The scarred head of the lobo lifted in dignity...he would not beg the acceptance of the pack...he would not submit to indignity. Better to remain on the outside.

He was almost surprised to find a place prepared for him before the fire. His mate lay beside him and together they stared into the fire and together they saw Forever in the flames and the glowing coals.

It was time.

And in time she would give him another name:

SilverWolf, Calls To Thunderer.

Healing circle:

We are all connected, and through association, connected to everyone alive. Let us use that power in a moment of reflection bringing healing and light to all.

I would put in the circle James and Ted, Wendy, and Jim (for Hazel).

All those in need in Julia White's circle.

For Joy Robinson: GLW, P, J, C, YB, L, S and L, and especially for Jim Robinson.

And Niyija, dear one.

Well, that is Issue Number 3. Thanks to all who joined since the last issue, and to all of you who wrote with your appreciation and enthusiasm. Keep sending site information and the names of those in need.

May you always walk in beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin, for all my relations.

Alan Grey Wolf.
May, 1998.

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