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Greetings, and Peace and Light

I feel such a sense of awe as I view all that has happened in the past year. Spring is both the end and the beginning of the year as I see it. We have all come one full cycle since this all began with Vol 1, #1. Some of you have been with me since that time, and so many have joined the Journey along the way.

Our numbers are now in the thousands, and for that I am both grateful and humbled.

Bless you all.

This is the beginning.

I realize that now, this morning of March 23. Spring has arrived, It is the Equinox, the time when Light and Dark are equal, are balanced.

It is the time when Light is increasing, as it will until the Summer solstice, when Light is at it greatest.

It is time to come out of the Dark, and to let your Light show . . . and increase.

I began writing this issue of the newsletter last week, before the Sun changed sign, as I usually (try to) do. I hit a wall. The words would not flow. The insights and connections would not form.

Was it because I had finished the journey begun last Spring? Each stage of that odyssey had revealed such profound truths about our Path. How could I top that? Where could I possibly go now?

I was reminded that the end and the beginning are the same, that Life is a journey, not a destination. Sure, I knew that!

I was at the end of a cycle, reaching for the beginning of the next. It was not here yet. The Path had petered out and all I could see was mist. The moment of choice hung in the quiet air.

Do I plunge ahead and go around the Circle once again hoping for more insight, or revelation? Do I wait and trust that the new Path would be illuminated on the weekend as Spring arrived?

The lesson at the end of last cycle's journey with all of its growth and understanding *was* the lesson of the end of that journey. Faith and Trust. So simple, yet so profound (and difficult).

I had felt the anxiety, the frustration, the need to "push" things into happening. I had half of the newsletter written before I let go. Believe me I understand pressure and obligation. I "had" to write the newsletter. I had to get it done. My schedule said the newsletter had to be out by the sign change.

That was my schedule.

The lessons were all about letting go, of finding a new way, of allowing right action to flow through so that life could be enhanced.

So I let go.

This is the morning of March 23rd, and I see the Path. It is different from a year ago. So are we all.

I could have plunged ahead gone around the same route as last year as we have done so many times in the past. I could have convinced myself that I was accomplishing something by doing that.

Like I had so many times in the past.

I waited, and the Path is different.

Just like last year.

And I can't see beyond the first step, where it is going.

Just like last year.

I am moved to do things differently. Instead of giving you insights or possibilities, or posing questions that are thought provoking, I am going to let you participate, and to find your own answers.

Instead of telling you about my experience of the Spring celebration, I am going to take you through it, to share it with you as if you were there.

Because you were.

There were nine of us who gathered in a snow field far out in the country to celebrate the arrival of Spring. You were the tenth. All that happened during that time I carry with me. I was told to bring it all back, to give to you and to share with you, so that you are part of it.

The energy and experience is here now. You can go with it, use it to find and enhance your own Path, or you can simply enjoy the story. It is your own choice. It is your decision as to what to do, what to accept, what is right for you.


I do not tell you what to do. I cannot change your life.

Only you can do that.

I offer this to you unconditionally.

It is what I do.

I stand knee deep in wet snow. I am in a lane way, ancient cedar-rail fences on either side. Beyond them are fields of brown earth, plowed last Fall, with snow caught in all of the hollows and depressions. In the distance, trees stand solemnly in their winter dress quietly awaiting Spring.

In front of me the land is flat, sloping gently towards the horizon so far away. There are fields partially snow covered, the straw coloured winter grass standing our against the whiteness. Fences of dark weathered cedar march in silent rows around the edges of the fields.

The land slopes down towards the cold vastness of Lake Ontario. In the distance, the trees of the wood lots marking the far boundaries of the fields, seem to be almost below eye level. I feel taller somehow, seeming to look down on the Earth, surveying its vastness.

The trees are a marked contrast to the lightness of the fields. There are dark grey-browns, luminescent ochres, chocolates, with the dark greens and blacks of brooding evergreens showing here and there.

In front of me amidst the grass, and half buried in the snow, is the Circle. Fully fifty feet across, its ancient weathered stones seem so much a part of the land. They could have been here for a thousand thousand sunrises, instead of since last Summer.

The four major rocks marking the Four Directions, North, South, East and West, are each a couple of feet across and oval shaped. The rocks that complete the circle, three evenly spaced between each of the main ones, are a little smaller.

Twelve smaller rocks. One for each of the Moons, the Months of each season, the signs of the Zodiac. The Steps on the Path of Life.

From each of the main rocks, three stones lead inwards towards the center. At the center fo the Circle stands a large dark, flat-topped stone. It represents Creation and the Creator. It is surrounded by seven smaller stones, one each for the Four directions, the Moon, the Earth and the Sky (my terms as I will shortly explain).

Just outside of the circle, by each of the main rocks, cedar rails are planted in the Earth. They stand eight, nine feet high, all black and weathered, against the pearl coloured sky. Two for each stone. Gateways to the four Directions.

Off to the left amidst the snow, and beyond the skeletal branches of last year's sweat lodge, a fire blazes. The warm south wind blows steadily, sending smoke and sparks flying off to the north. Around the fire stand the eight members of the circle who have gathered to celebrate the arrival of Spring with me . . . and with you.

Earlier, I see snow being shoveled out of the fire pit, its own circle of rocks buried in white. The warm south wind has brought a thaw. The pit is filled with water. Many rocks are placed in it with a large flat rock on top to make a dry place for the fire. The wind whips the first small flames into a blaze that quickly sets the logs alight, and the fire is born.

We crowd around its warmth, wet boots beginning to steam in the heat. There is a sense of sharing, of connection, as the fire comforts us all, and we are all one.

Now I stand between the cedar posts of the East gate. In front of me is the stone Circle, and the large stone that marks the East. I raise may hands to eye level. I am holding a sprig of dried western sage leaves that I have lit in the fire. They are silvery grey against the distant brown trees. They smoulder as I have blown out the flames, and the wind blows the smoke horizontally away towards the North.

I am asking the Spirits to join the Circle, to energize and activate this Wheel. When I am done, I walk clockwise around the circle to the South gate, and repeat my invocation. When I have completed the smudging and activation of each of the gates in turn, and have come all the way around to the East once more, I enter the Circle.

I place the remnants of the sage on the center stone.

We are now all gathered in the Circle, standing around the center ring of seven stones. I have my back to the North, the North gate behind me, and I am facing south. This Circle was built under South energy at the time of the Summer Solstice. I honor that, as does the prevailing south wind.

It is activated under East energy at the time of the Spring Equinox, because it completes the cycle (south to west to north to east), and because I feel it is a Circle of Beginnings, for this cycle contains the onset of the millennium. This beginning, this New Year, for that is what Spring is, takes us into the new Millennium.

That is where we are all going. It is the time. It is the time of endings, and beginnings. Endings are what we let go of. Beginnings are what we let in. Before we can go on, there are still some things that we have to let go of. Issues that must be faced, and bridges that must be crossed.

I am speaking specifically of recent events in the world. The personal issues we will get to shortly.

Many of you have seen the "Declaration of War" issued by some Elders. They have vowed to use confrontation and all means possible to prevent outsiders from using their spiritual heritage, their knowledge, their traditions, their ways. This dissertation was answered so very eloquently by H. Storm and others.

I will let Grey Wolf speak, for he knew Sitting Bull and other great leaders of a great people, and he knew the Sacred Duty and Responsibility first hand.

"I am truly saddened by what has occurred. It is not what has happened to my people that makes me sad, for we knew it had to be. It is what they have become.

Have the Caretakers, the holders of the Sacred Trust, now become the Owners?. Did Black Elk not give you the understanding that there is room at the Circle for all. Are not the colours of the Four Directions of the Sacred Circle the colours of the races of Man?

Sitting Bull told you to let alone the things of the Whites, for they are not yours or your ways. You know that you do not own anything, but have been given the use of what you need why you are here.

Why not claim the Wind, and tell it to blow on certain people and not others?

Why not claim the Sun, and tell it to warm only those who own it?

The knowledge is not yours. It was passed down to you from those who went before. It was old when First Man walked upon the Earth.

Open your hearts before the anger destroys you."

I speak now for myself, although it is difficult to know where the Wolf ends and I begin. I do not use Native Spiritual Traditions and Heritage. What I am sharing with you is not stolen from anyone, as if that could be possible. It is our heritage, all of us.

I have not attended any ceremony, been taught by any Elders, read any books with the intention of simply regurgitating someone else's ways.

What I offer to you, and am here to share with all who seek, is mine to give as I see fit, and yours to use as you do. From a thousand lifetimes of standing in the misty forests at dawn and on the mountain tops at sunset, honoring the Earth and her ways, comes the understanding I pass on. Men have called me Druid, Witch, Medicine Man and Shaman, and many other things.

The Truth comes down to us through the traditions of all people. Those of North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Polynesia. All together they contain the Great Truth, and it is for all.

No one, not even I, own what I give to you.

This is not said in anger, It is the truth.

And no one is going to force me to stop giving, or attack me for doing it.

Not this time.

We gather in a large room in the Farm House of the owners of the land on which we have built the Circle. It is earlier, before the building of the fire and being outside. I see the members of the circle sitting on the couches and chairs placed around the walls of the room.

The words come.

Think abut your life as we review each step of the Journey, to see what went before and what lies ahead. At the end, you will have the opportunity to participate and partake of the energy and the awakening of the celebration.

Spring is the Beginning. Each year at this time, you have the opportunity and the choice to make your life into something greater.

You can spiral upwards like a Hawk on a Summer's day.

You can go on and simply repeat last year.

The Sun enters Aries. The beginning is Spring. The East. The Steps on the Path.

You recreate yourself, see yourself in the Illumination of new light, and find your new Path. You acknowledge that you are more than you were before.

With the Sun in Taurus, you see your possessions. What do you own? What owns you? What contributes to your life, what takes from it, or is finished? What is important, what has meaning to your new self? What does it mean when you say "I Have"?

What are your ideas? What do you know, and what do you think? The Gemini Sun shows you what has changed with your new Path. What you can let go of by sharing with others, and making room for new inspiration and understanding.

The sun enters Cancer. The Summer. The South.

You see the Foundation of your life, what it is built upon. Is this your reality, or beliefs that you have accepted? "I Feel" is your response to what has been given to you. "I Build" is your determining who you are in accordance with your new Path. You build upon your own Truth, and your life grows.

In Leo the Sun illuminates your conscious awareness and expression. Your ego. "I Will" tries to control your world. "I Create" releases it to allow right action to flow through you, and you to grow.

In Virgo the Sun analyzes, judges and has expectations. You see what your beliefs create, and determine that's what you deserve. Tolerance and letting go are the key.

The Sun enters Libra, and you deal with the outer world, and relating to others. This is the Autumn, The West.

Relating to others is co-existence not capitulation. In seeking to Balance, it is one against the other. If you see something new, something greater that the parts of a relationship, something called "We Are", you are free to grow and live in mutual trust and respect.

With the Sun in Scorpio comes that enormous abyss of darkness called need. "I Desire" engenders need and co-dependency. "We Have" is sharing and mutual support.

In Sagittarius, the Sun illuminates what you know of the world. Is it the "We Think" of conformity, or the "I See" of your own Truth?

The Sun enters Capricorn. It is Winter, and the North.

It is the time of understanding what you do in the world, the part that you play, and what more you can do, or be. "I Use" brings hopes of personal gain, but at what cost? "We Build" brings cooperative effort and achievement where everyone gains.

In Aquarius, the Sun shines on the Path as the Awakening of the new age. "I know" and "We Create" merge as you bring your unique talents, knowledge, abilities and wisdom to work with others creatively to make this world a better place for us all.

In Pisces, you complete the cycle. The battle is still with your beliefs, for they are what chain you to the old. Each cycle you have the opportunity to let go of more of them. "I Believe" becomes "I Have Faith", Faith in yourself, that you are truly more than what you believed.

Now is the time for you to participate, The Awakening:

Get a piece of paper, and write on one side what you are finished with, would like to let go of in your life.

On the other side, write down all that you would like to have or change in your life. Remember, there are no limitations, restrictions, or cause and effect here. This is your Christmas Wish List for yourself. The Universe knows no boundaries.

When you are finished, hold onto the list, and we will go on.

The Wheel, the Sacred Circle, is the physical embodiment of the Journey. It contains the power and the empowerment to enable you to fulfill your life and to make you whole.

I am back in the Circle, standing with the others around the ring of stones at its center. We all hold our lists containing our intentions and commitments. The wind blows steadily from the south, it is colder now, and looks like rain or snow coming.

There is one empty space in the circle of people. We are nine, the number of completion, and with you, ten the vibration of new beginnings.

We all turn and face the East. You can stand and do this (with us), or simply remain seated and visualize yourself with us.

I give thanks to the Spirits of the East, and the Spirit Keepers of the East, for coming and joining our Circle, and for bringing the energy of Illumination, Rebirth, and New Directions to us.

We turn to the South.

I give thanks to the Spirits and the Spirit Keepers of the South for coming and joining our Circle, and for bringing the energy of Growth, Change, and Fulfillment to us.

We turn to the West.

I give thanks to the Spirits and the Spirit Keepers of the West for coming and joining our Circle and for bringing the energy of Harvest, Achievement, and Rewards to us.

We turn to the North.

I give thanks to the Spirits and the Spirit Keepers of the North for coming to and joining our Circle and for bringing the energy of Completion, Wisdom, and Letting Go to us.

We turn once more to the East.

I give thanks to the Creator for the Insight and Opportunity our new Path offers us.

I stand at the very center of the Circle, the four arms leading to the Four Directions stretching out around me. The Earth is below me, supporting me. The Universe is above me pouring down its blessings. The four Directions surround me giving me what I need to fulfill every aspect of my life.

In that moment I see that I can transcend the Cycle. I can be all places on the Path, on the Journey. If I manifest Faith in myself, I am always at the Beginning and the End, continually creating the next moment of my life, letting go of everything that is not, and creating everything that is.

Someday . . .

Everyone takes a turn standing in the middle, and at various locations in the Circle, experiencing the energies that have been initiated and will now remain for all time within the Wheel.

We leave the Circle, and stand once more around the fire. There is a place for you in our circle.

I place my piece of paper in the fire. One by one the rest to the same until we have gone all the way around.

Now it is your turn to burn yours.

This is done to release your commitments and intentions to the Universe and allow it to manifest for the highest good of all.

The papers quickly blacken and the wind carries them flying off the north.

It is finished. We are done.

Bless you.

I would like to take a moment to thank Teresa, Cecelia, Rick, Sara, Maria, Rochelle, Gabrielle, and Barbara who were with me at this celebration, and who stood in for all of us in the circle.

We are planning major gatherings at this site in June (located near Toronto) for the Summer Solstice, and in September for the Autumn Celebration.

Contact me if you are interested in joining with us and would like details of these events.


Recently it has been my privilege to review books just published by members of this Circle. I appreciate both the opportunity and the copies of the books.

This month I am reviewing Candace Talmadge and Jana Simon's recently published book entitled "Hope Is In The Garden - Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love." (ISBN 1-55212-221-2)

This is an excellent book, a real labor of love and it shows. It is filled with personal experiences on a journey of healing and learning. There are many practical examples of what Candace and Jana term a systematic process for facilitating healing resolution at the deepest reaches of self.

I found it informative, well written and easy to read. There is even a section that describes a metaphysical interpretation of Einstein's E=Mc2.

For information, contact or access:


My apologies to Brother Char. In the last issue I reviewed his excellent newly published book "I Am I Am, and So Are You" (ISBN 0-9666785-0-8) and inadvertently misspelled the address and contact information. Here is the correct information:


Charbern Publishing
PO Box 24192
Tempe, Arizona 85285-4192

or the web site at:

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In our Healing Circle, let us pause as we do each time to send to those in need, and especially to the Earth, our Mother, all the healing light and love we can send and they can accept.

A special prayer goes out to Wendy to help in her healing. Wendy is a very special lady who has brought much joy to others and now needs our help.

In choosing to accept the empowerment undertaken on your behalf, and given freely to you, please do your part to not only pass it on, but to be all that you can be so that we can all benefit.

Remember, your part is to release everything that limits you, and have it release you, and to open yourself gratefully to receive all that is yours, and to release yourself to accept it.

May you always walk in Beauty.

Mi Takuye Oyasin - for all my relations

Alan Grey Wolf
March, 1999

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