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Greetings, Peace, and Light.

It has been several months since the previous issue. Since then, a century has passed, and a millennium has arrived.

I want to first of all thank all of you who wrote expressing how much you appreciated and missed the newsletters, hoping that nothing was wrong, and that they would continue.

Actually, if anything, I was suffering from Post Millennium Syndrome, a strange affliction that seems to be widespread at present.

This newsletter began in the Spring two years ago.

It started with about seventy-five readers.

There are now thousands of you.

I just wanted to honor that, and you all, and all that has happened in the past two years.

Many people are feeling confusion, stress and anxiety, and that they are somehow confronted by their deepest fears. They feel bored with their jobs, and most everything else in their lives. There is a profound feeling that life is empty and unfulfilled.

If you can identify with this, relax. It is just the changing times, and, you are not alone.

Personally, I felt a need to really look at what I have been doing, a need to move on, to do more.

I also felt all of the above.

These are the change times, after all, and no one is exempt.

Meaningful change can only happen on the inside.

Based on that, big things must indeed be happening.

On a lighter note, Spring has arrived with all of it's creative power. For a full discussion of Spring and what it means, you can refer to he very first issue of this newsletter. It can be found on my web site. In this issue, we will be doing an alignment to this energy.

It is the first Spring of the new millennium, the new age, and, as Spring represents beginnings, it is most important.

Karen Ryan is back with us with another of her articles on crystals and stones connected to the changing of the seasons. This one is of course on Spring.

Karen's previous articles on the crystals of the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Fall equinox can also be found in the archives on my web site.

Thanks again Karen for your contribution. Always much appreciated.

For those who are interested, please check my web site for my analysis and thoughts on the May 5, 2000 lineup of planets that has created so much speculation.


Also to be posted on the web site will be my article called "WHY MEDITATE?", which includes what meditation is, what it can do for you, and how to meditate.

It goes along with my guided meditation recordings which by the way can be used over and over with different results each time.

There are temporary MP3 files set up at:

which will enable those interested to hear excerpts from the programs. These and RealPlayer files will be located permanently soon.

There is the vision of an immense circle that is about to be completed, with just a tiny gap between to moving point and the beginning.

It is almost finished.

Many people are experiencing this feeling that we are going in a circle, that we are coming back to where we started long ago.

There is much to support this feeling appearing at this time.

Where have we come from?

Those who don't remember are doomed to repeat the mistakes.

Those who can't let go are doomed to relive it.

In order to know who we have become, and where we are going, we have to know where we have come from.

We have to know where we have come from because we have to know what is possible.

For we are coming back to the beginning.

It is the end of our journey.

All life is circular, and, as the eagles and the hawks show us, made up of spirals.

Growth is in spiralling upwards into the light.

Like a bubble rising through sunlit waters.

We have come so far that we are coming back to where we started.

We are coming back up into the Light.

We are becoming who we truly are.

The Signs are all there.

In last issue (back there in the Dark Ages of the last century). I likened Life to a bull-rider trying to stay on a bull.

There are two problems, as you will recall. One is staying on, the other is getting off.

I wrote that perhaps the confusion and turmoil in our lives is related to this. Trying to hang onto life, . . . or trying to get off.

Barbara Lee sent me some interesting personal insight into this via a visualization. She pictured herself on that wild bull. She asked herself why she was afraid that being thrown off would lead to injury (or hurt). Why, she asked, not let go gracefully.

She pictured herself letting go and sailing through the air in a summersault, and landing easily, facing the bull.

Then she asked, why assume the bull will attack?

In her vision, the bull faced her, acknowledged that their mutual struggle was over, and walked away.

She had done her part (trying to stay on) and the bull had done its' part (trying to toss her off).

Now everything was completed, and its was time to move on.

Remember this next time Fear hits. The shaking you are taking is in reality life trying to get you to let go.

It is not trying to harm you.

Waking up is so hard to do.

Thank you Barbara Lee.

Here is an Astrological interpretation of the vision of the huge circle.

There are more people than ever wondering what is going on.

This is followed by a concern for when it will over.

In order to make sense of the second question, you must begin by understanding the first.

We have been given many tools to help us understand life, its meaning and direction.

All of these have been dismissed variously as superstition, myth, stupidity, or the work of the devil.

In other words, we have been conditioned not to place any faith in them.

The oldest, most powerful and most profound of these tools is Astrology.

It is the oldest science, oldest body of wisdom, and is our legacy from countless ages ago.

What does it tell us?

Let's combine it with both Shamanism and Mythology in a search for Truth.

I will show you what I mean.

There is a technical phenomenon called "Precession", a certified, accepted scientific fact.

Due to an irregularity in the Earth's travel around the Sun, the point when the Sun is exactly over the equator (Spring Equinox, beginning of Aries, East direction) occurs slightly earlier each year.

This means that point where the Sun is projected onto the circle of constellations, (signs of the Zodiac), is a little different each year.

This point (represented by the Sun falling in a particular sign), is slowly moving backwards through the circle of twelve sign representing the Zodiac.

This motion is so slow that it takes 72 years for the point to move 1 degree (remember, there are 360 degrees in a circle).

It takes about 2200 years for this point to move through one sign. This period is called an Age.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, meaning that at the moment of Spring arriving, the Sun now appears to be in the constellation Aquarius.

It takes twenty-six THOUSAND years for this point to go completely through all signs. This is called the Great Year.

It is also a great circle.

How could this phenomenon be discovered by shepherds and goatherds sitting in the hills at night?

The answer is that it couldn't.

Modern computers can calculate and verify this.

So who discovered it?

And who knew it was so important that they made sure we would see it for ourselves.

And how was such complex knowledge passed down through tens of thousands of years?

Millennia ago it was discovered, or was given to us, that the heavens are a mirror.

They REFLECT what is happening here.

Their changing pattern replicates the changing energy field we inhabit.

They reflect in infinite detail your deepest inner selves and all that you are, and all that you experience.

They reflect the prevailing conditions here on Earth.

How we experience life is according to the characteristics of the Age we are in, the characteristics of the Sign that the Sun falls in at the moment of the arrival of Spring.

This is not New Age fuzzythink. This is a known and demonstrable fact. If you read history from this perspective and you will see for yourself.

Note: Characteristics of the past two thousand years include the formation of major religions that have worked to define our lives. Pisces is the sign of Faith. The two thousand years or so before that were the times of empires, military might and conquest. These are Aries concepts.

Now to our Legacy.

Thirteen thousand years ago, one half of a cycle, of a Great Year, at the end of the Age of Virgo, and the beginning of the Age of Leo, someone built the Sphinx.

One half Woman (Virgo), and one half Lion (Leo), the Sphinx faces due east and, in 11,000 BCE, at the beginning of Spring, could see itself (the constellation Leo) reflected in Heaven's Mirror, rising in the sky at dawn.

That was the Age of Leo.

Thirteen thousand years later, it sees its opposite sign, Aquarius rising.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

Back then, what is now Egypt was fertile and wet, and the Sphinx endured thousands of years of rain.

Now it is in desert and was buried for more thousands of years.

But it has endured.

In Cambodia, temple complexes (built c.1200 ACE) replicate the night sky of 11,000 BCE, and carvings show us the miracle of precession.

In Egypt, the pyramids (built around 2600 BCE) replicate the sky of 11000 BCE. The oldest temple paintings known show not only precession, but the same depiction of the Zodiac as we use today.

The inscriptions speak of the First Time, the Golden age of long ago.

They show us how we have progressed through a circle, symbolized by the circle of the Zodiac.

They show us how life is always moving and changing.

They show us that we are growing in a circular pattern, that once we were far more than we realize at present.

They show us that life was very different in a time long ago.

They show us that we are coming full circle and back to this time.

How was that knowledge passed down intact through thousands of years?

It must have been important enough to ensure that it did.

What we don't know is who gave it to us.

There must have been an incredible world-wide civilization about thirteen thousand years ago.

Atlantis, perhaps?

We have just left the Age of Pisces. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, and everything here is now being governed by the characteristics of Aquarius.

The few of the main attributes of Aquarius are independence, equality, social justice, individuality, and concern for the environment. Each person is valued and prized for their abilities and contribution.

The vibration of "2", which defines this millennium, is the number of balance, cooperation and harmony.

Could this be the essence of the Golden Age of long ago, and can we be coming full circle back to it?

I hope I have stimulated your curiosity enough so that you will look up the traits attributed to Pisces, and those of Aquarius, and see for yourself where we have been the past two thousand odd years, and where we are now.

The confusion, anxiety and disorientation is due to this abrupt change in the Earth's operating system.

We do not yet know what that means.

The Piscean Bull is trying to throw us off.

The Aquarian Age assures us we will land safely

My suggestion?

Let go gracefully.

Once again, here is Karen Ryan who has provided us with her insight and Crystal wisdom. Here is Part 4, Spring.

After Karen's insight and information on how to cleanse yourself and your home for Spring, we will look at an alignment to this energy.

by Karen Ryan

Spring is the celebration of new life and renewal. Our energies begin to open and flow with the increased sunlight. It is a time of transition from a very yin/feminine presence of Winter to the increasing yang/masculine experience of Summer.

Rains come to wash and nourish the earth while the sun heats the soil like an incubator, preparing the earth to receive and germinate new seeds.

So, with our thoughts, we are rejuvenating our course of action and taking on new activity. There are several crystals we can wear that can help support us during this beneficial time:

Carnelian - This crystal is orange and glows with warmth of the sun. It turns red with more exposure to sunlight. As Carnelian relates to the Root, Spleen and Solar Plexus chakras, it is ideal to wear during the spring time. Carnelian give confidence to proceed with new plans, offering protection and grounding of creative ideas.

Opal - These attractive crystals are very high in water content, and symbolize the aspect of joy and lightness of the Heart chakra. Opal radiants lightness, provides inspiration and encourages the pursuit of one's happiness.

Moldavite - This crystal comes from a meteorite and is transparent green. Moldavite invites expansion of consciousness, working with the Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. This powerful crystal motivates and moves you into a position of change. If it becomes too changeable, take the stone off for a few days !

Fluorite - As a Spring Tonic, Fluorite can be used to cleanse the winter's disorders. Hold a piece (green or purple fluorite) in your hand and cleanse your aura , sweeping the crystal about 2-4 inches away from your body.

Other crystals that reflect the refreshing energies of Spring include:

Aquamarine, Herkimer Diamond, Barite(Desert Rose), Amber, Coral, and Lapis Lazuli (for regeneration).

I usually offer something at each solstice to represent each of the Four Elements.

I burn incense or sage to represent Fire and Air. I offer Water, pouring it onto the ground.

Crystals represent the Earth element and so I will give-away a small crystal to others attending the celebration.

For the Spring Equinox, I recommend giving away a Herkimer Diamond as it represents renewal, new beginnings and new memories. Give your home a good spray of Crystal Water (see below) in each room to recharge your living areas.

Crystal Water:

Place a few crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz and/or amethyst in a clear jar and fill with spring water. Place the jar in the sun for 4 -7 hours or longer to create a gem essence.

The water will contain the properties of the crystals. Transfer the crystallized water to an atomizer and spray your entire house to refresh stale energies. Use the water up within a few hours as the potency decreases over time.

Copyright: Karen Ryan, 2000. For further information, Please contact Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist at or visit her web site at:

Thanks Karen!

That's what I call Spring cleaning.

Spring is the beginning. It is the point of Illumination, where Mind and Spirit meet. For a complete description, once again, see Grey Wolf Newsletter Vol. 1, #1 archived on my web site.

Visualization and Alignment:

Envision a circle of sixteen large rocks with you standing at the center. Four lines of stones forming a cross radiate from you to meet the circle. They follow each of the Four Directions, South, West, North, and East.

Where these lines meet circle, the four stones they lead to are larger than the rest.

Since we are honoring the East (Spring), we will begin with the South and work Sun-wise around the circle.

Facing South: Accept the blessings of the Spirit Keepers of the South, and ask them to join your circle. See a Wolf appear, and sit at your circle.

The Wolf is courage, loyalty and family. Open yourself to now accepting all change, all growth, and all expansion that has been denied you, or prevented from reaching you, throughout your life.

Allow healing and forgiveness to flow through every relationship and aspect of family in your life. Open yourself to positive changes in your relationships.

Give thanks to the South for all the blessings.

Facing West: Accept the Blessings of the Spirit Keepers of the West, and ask them to join your circle. See the Brown Bear appear, and sit at your circle.

The Bear is strength and gentleness. Open yourself to now accepting everything that you have earned, created, and worked for, that has been denied to you in any way.

It is your harvest time, time to reap the benefits and to get all that is due you. Open yourself to receive, for you deserve it all.

Give thanks to the West for all the blessings.

Facing North: Accept the blessings of the Spirit Keepers of the North and ask them to join your circle. A great White buffalo appears.

The Buffalo is everything that is sacred. Open your self to now accepting all of the wisdom and understanding from all you have experienced in your life, for this is made you what you have become.

Release from your life all that has happened, all that is finished, all that is no longer. Open yourself to being reborn , and accepting all that you have become.

Give thanks to the North for all the blessings.

Facing East: Accept the blessings of the Spirit Keepers of the East, and ask them to join your circle. An Eagle appears, the messenger of the Great Spirit.

Now that your life is balanced and complete, accept the illumination that shines on your new path, your new direction.

You are free of all limitations.

Honor yourself, and do not fear your Light.

Give thanks to the East for all the blessings.

Your life now begins.

The Path awaits.

Let us in our circle send healing to the Earth, our Mother, and to all those in need. Let the light part the Darkness, and peace and serenity grow.

Bless you all.

Mi Takuye Oyasin, for all my relations everywhere.

Alan Grey Wolf
March 2000

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