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First of all, let me welcome all of those who have just joined us and are new to the newsletter. We now have almost 400 subscribers.

We celebrate Summer's in the northern hemisphere as well as the fourth step on our journey together around the Zodiac. In our living metaphor for change, we have encountered Illumination, Values, and Ideas.

Now we confront the very Foundation of our lives, what we believe to be true about ourselves.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, and we feel all that we have accepted about ourselves, what is, and is not, our truth. This is the day the Sun reaches its most northern point.

It is the longest day, the time of greatest Light and our greatest awareness of the world. For each of us, it is the connection to all of the changes Spring promised, the changes which have now been brought to fruition.

The Earth is in full bloom and growth. So too are all of the things we put in motion.

In the Sacred Circle, it is the South Direction.

Like the other turning points of the year (West-Fall-Libra, North-Winter-Capricorn, and East-Spring-Aries), its importance is lost on modern society. It can only be seen and appreciated in the huge monuments, like Stonehenge, that our ancestors erected to determine these points.

South is your time.

Time to celebrate the growth and changes you have manifested in your life. Time to feel the success, both in your accomplishments and in relationships.

The colour is Red, for life; the spirit (in my opinion) is the Wolf, the embodiment of loyalty, courage, and family.

It is the time to give to yourself, to open up to receive all that you can conceive of, that you could desire or imagine in your life.

If the greatest human failing is our inability to let go of the past, perhaps the hardest change lies in giving to ourselves. We are so ready, so conditioned to do for and give to others. And to deny ourselves.

Think of what you would most like to have for yourself.

Hold that thought.

Do you hear the arguments and denials?

Judgement, Deserving, and Guilt. The foundation of most lives. That's what this time is about: Foundations and Acceptance. We are taught to give to others, but not to ourselves, and not to receive. This we need to unlearn.

These issues surface when we look deeply into what we believe we deserve . . . love . . . money . . . acceptance . . . success. The darker side . . . abuse . . . lack . . . failure . . . rejection.

All of you, each and every one of you, deserve the very best out of life. All the happiness, love, success, health and joy you can imagine.

Most people who come to me express the lack in their lives as their "Karma," if indeed they are able to give it a name.

They are confusing a Spiritual Law, Cause and Effect, with a concept, Karma. They are also denying the Law of Grace (forgiveness). What you do and send out does come back to you, but only so that you can learn. It is not, and should never be, a judgement or a condemnation of the self.

Perhaps if we can see Karma in a different light, as an opportunity, and not as divine penance, we can be freed from our beliefs about ourselves.

Karma is the re-creation of a situation so that we can learn to make more appropriate choices. It is learning, pure and simple. It is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad; it is only experience.

The people and the circumstances recur so that we can do it differently. No guilt, no judgement, no harm, no loss, no foul.

Now, about those things you wanted for yourself . . . !

An aside to the above. The biblical references to loving your enemies? Not only does it confuse them, but in reality these people are those who do the most for you, for they are helping you to learn the toughest lessons.

Article in today's paper: Two 21-year-olds, university students of very limited resources, pooled their leftover lunch money to buy an instant-win lottery ticket. They won $1 million.

They sat for an hour staring at the ticket, saying, "We don't deserve this."

No comment necessary.

According to scientists (?), 99.9% of all life forms that have existed on the Earth are now extinct. It seems that extinction is the norm. Can we avoid this end? Do we have a special dispensation because we believe ourselves to be aware and sentient? Seems we must think so.

Interestingly enough, recent developments in the Complexity (Chaos) Theory suggest that we have to exist always on the very edge of change in order to survive.

The scientists' thinking is that we exist in the interface between rigidity and chaos, where the old is always in conflict with the new and change is a constant factor. When we stray too far from this zone of conflict, and we perish.

Shamanism from the beginning of time has taught that we live in the moment. Right now, the moment, is where the not-yet-realized future collides with the past.

The future relates to chaos, since everything is yet unformed and can be changed. The past to rigidity since nothing can be altered. The moment we live in, where those two collide, is the moment of change and of life. We have always known this.

So why do we need the Complexity Theory to tell us this?

Also interestingly enough, these same theorists seem to think that we do not fit the definition of sentient and aware. They see us as resisting change, herding together, repeating what we are told, fighting over beliefs. This defines our behavior.

Who made us that way by forcing us to accept beliefs that are not ours?

Now they are putting us down for being what they made us.

Strange world.

by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

For a priest, priestess, shaman or lay person, crystals are a wonderful addition to the Solstice celebrations. During the Summer Solstice, when the natural radioactivity is strongest, crystals amplify the effects of the transition to a full yang (male) energy.

To harmonize and create balance within yourself and for the Earth, crystals can be used during the ceremony for welcoming in the sun's active energy. I offer some suggestions for your own ritual, for without a Solstice ritual, would the Summer ever come?

Put every crystal you have in a circle around you and stand in the middle to conduct your solstice celebration.

If you do not have many crystals to make a circle, select four and place them at each of the Four Corners and stand in the middle of your Medicine Wheel.

It does not matter how you place each crystal, as the energies will be completely harmonized within the Wheel.

Some stones that can be used at the Summer Solstice for their special connection at this time with the Universe are Jasper, Agate (multi-coloured), alcite (Golden or White), Granite, Lepidolite, "Red Rocks" (e.g., from Sedona or other red clay formations), Labradorite, Pyrite, Tiger Eye, a Clear Quartz Crystal ball, and Sunstone.

These stones resonate with the Sun's energies and help guide White Light to the ritual area to open up the energies of the people participating in the ceremony.

Use Moss Agate or Moonstone for an evening solstice.

If you have some clear quartz crystals (any size), you can create another type of circle by sticking them directly into the ground, with the tips up.

This will draw the Earth's yin energies up into the circle and blend with the Sun's yang energies. You will feel very good!

I usually offer something at each solstice to represent each of the four elements. I burn incense to represent the Earth and Fire. I offer Water, pouring it onto the ground.

Crystals represent the Earth element, and so I will give away a small crystal to others attending the celebration. For the Summer Solstice, I recommend giving away a Golden Tiger's Eye, representing the Sun and Earth being brought together.

Enjoy the Summer!

Karen Ryan


Julia White has a Talking Feather internet list for those interested in discussion of ever-changing topics. Contact her at:


A site for kids of all ages put together by three wonderful people.

Check it out at:


At this time, in honor of the solstice, let's be totally self-aware, and focus just for now on ourselves, our needs, what we would most want in our lives.

NOW let's send out to all those in need.

To Niyija, and all those mentioned on the Prosperity Circle.

I am pleased and humbled by the accounts of information from this newsletter being circulated and discussed throughout many lists. That is of course the purpose this publication.

All I ask is that my name and e-mail address be included so that others may subscribe to the newsletter.

Last item. What did you want for yourself?

I ask for the opportunity and resources to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world. It is the best thing I can imagine for me. Not out of guilt, but because I believe I deserve the opportunity to do this. And just because . . . I believe the world IS a better place.

This newsletter is part of it.

Mitakuye oyasin--for all my relations

Alan Grey Wolf
June, 1998

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