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Greetings, Peace, and Light.

This is the height of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), vacation time, being outdoors (in this heat?), logging off and not sitting in front of your computer.

Well, at least not until after you have received this issue.

It is also the time of our fifth step on our metaphoric journey around the Zodiac to explore the nature of change. The Sun enters Leo on the 23rd of July, and we are confronted by our egos.

Change is all about our relationship with the world around us. We are the centre of our world, and everything revolves around us. The symbol for the Sun is a Circle with a Dot at it's centre. The Dot is us. The Circle is the world.

The Sun is our ego self.

Before we continue our journey, let us take a look once more at the Solstice point (the beginning of Summer and the sign Cancer). It is the time, as we saw last month, of giving but of giving to ourselves first.

The Solstice represents the deepest point within us that shows us the path we walk according to both Astrology and the Sacred Circle (Medicine Wheel). It is also the time of greatest light.

The greatest light we know lies at the centre of our being.

Not out there, in some external force, but within us.

The Circle is the Universe, and we are the Dot. We are the Circle, and the Universe is the Dot. Simultaneously.

To see how the ego relates to change and accomplishment, let's look at the life of Princess Diana (a Cancer). Unquestionably she came from wealth and had a life filled with privilege, position, and opportunity.

In most people this feeds the ego, and the ego-driven actually believe that their position and possessions, their money, makes them better than everyone else. Royal blood, they claim, as if that meant anything.

The ego fixates on external validation. The Circle around the Dot.

Diana dedicated her life to making a difference. She genuinely loved people and did what she could to help. She showed the world what someone born to her circumstances could do, and how shallow and self-absorbed most wealthy people are.

She also showed us that it is not necessary to be poor and deprived to do spiritual work. In fact, not having resources severely limits what you can do.

She used her wealth and position to change the world, make it a better place. She changed what her life and upbringing told her was reality.

She changed what was within. This was the gift she gave to herself.

In exploring change we have encountered:

  • Illumination, seeing the new path,

  • Values, what is real to us,

  • Ideas, awareness of the new way, and

  • Foundation, what we base our life upon and have accepted.
These are the forces that have determined our understanding of the world and that have to alter if we are to experience change.

To continue our journey . . .

We now encounter ego. Our conscious awareness. It is validated by our possessions and the people in our lives (sometimes the same thing), and our position. Ego climbs to the top of a small hill and surveys all of its domain. And can go no further.

It is the Dot at the centre of the Circle.

Ego demands to know why it should change, why it should give up what it has, why others are not acknowledging it and all that it knows.

It is like a little dog yapping away. Lots of noise but little substance.

We have to get rid of our egos in order to effect change. Let go, and move on. Make room for the new.

Acknowledge how change happens . . . from within.

Shamanism teaches us we are both within creation and that creation is within us. We are both the circle and the centre. We are connected to everything, and everything lies within us.

Our world is a reflection of, not a validation of, who we are within.

For change to happen, it first manifests within. We have to change ourselves, not the world.

Think of your image in a mirror.

Does the image reflect who you are and what you have?

Or does it show your place in the scheme of things, doing your part to make the world a better place for all. One amongst equals. No better, not worse. No greater, no lesser. Equal.

We find this at the center of our being, in the Light. There we connect to all there is, can change all that needs to be, and upon emerging from the other side, can find our true selves.

And a very large mountain, not a small hill.

And the energy of Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, and the Age that we are now in.

Beware of those who claim much and do little, for no one has your answers but you . . . and the Truth, dear Mulder, lies in there, the center of your being.


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To illustrate how we are all connected and that each one of us can make a difference, let me share with you a vision I had several years ago.

This vision was in response to my questioning the impact of anything that I alone could do. It fits in with our theme this month, and our thoughts on the life of Princess Diana.

Vision: I was kneeling in the desert at night attempting to light a fire. It was very dark, with just the stars for light.

The kindling caught and a tiny red flame appeared. By the light of this red glow, I saw a circle of people standing around me. The circle was quite large, so they were perhaps 50 yards away.

I saw them in the light that my fire sent out to them, reflected back to me. As the fire grew brighter, I saw a second circle beyond the first. The light from my fire reflected off the first and second circles and back to me. But some of the light from the first circle also illuminated the second.

As the fire grew brighter still, more and more circles appeared until I knew that everyone in the world was present. Each circle was illuminated by my fire, and in turn illuminated other circles.

Your light, what you send out, can reach everyone.

Just like Diana's.

Two and a half Billion people drawn together by a shared feeling of grief.

Think what a force positive feelings can be.

Let us take a few minutes to think of those in need, especially ourselves.

Let us give to ourselves Healing and Abundance and Prosperity so that we might do so much more for others.

Let us think of those who need our help, and send to them also. All requests sent to me as well as to those lists to which I am subscribed are placed each month in the Circle. Your requests are heard.

Let us also send Healing to the Earth, our Mother, envisioning the return of a world free of pollution and harm as well as a return to health of all of the lifeforms that share this earth with us.

Thanks again to Karen Ryan for her article on Crystals in last month's Newsletter and thanks to all of you who wrote expressing appreciation. I know there are many more of you out there with knowledge worthy of sharing.

If you have something to say, tell us. I would like the opportunity of learning from you.

All submissions will be answered.

Without them, you will just have to listen to me. :-)

Honour yourselves, and give all that you could envision to yourselves, my friends, for you truly deserve it all. See yourselves from your own centre and especially in light of the difference that you (can) make in the world.

See that by giving to yourself you can give so much more to others.

Think about it.

Mitakuye Oyasin (for all my relations),

Alan Grey Wolf
Toronto, Canada
July, 1998

(416) 783-0394

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