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Greetings, Peace, and Light

Welcome to 1999 . . . the year that promised to be significant, and so far has certainly lived up to that. When I was preparing my annual Astrological Forecast for 99, (posted on my web site with the bi-weekly forecasts), I felt that a year that begins under a Full Moon definitely has a destiny.

Where we live, since the beginning of the year, we have had over three feet of snow. This breaks records going back a century, and caused the shutdown of trains, subways, and ultimately the city. I know that this was just a spring day in some parts of the world, like Alaska, but here, even in the Great White North (Canada), that was a little much.

There are some records that should not be broken.

My feeling is that there are some unused snow credits left over for the 20th century, and Nature has to use them before the millennium.

Notice that I am not one of those who believes the millennium starts in the year 2001. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck, and if it has a "2" in front of it, it's the new millennium.

Welcome to all of those who joined our circle since the last issue, and thanks to all of you who wrote and expressed your opinions and enthusiasm. Much appreciated.

1999 *is* a most significant year. That is its promise, and it bears repeating. It has at least four levels of Change attached to it. It is the end of a decade, the end of a century, the end of a millennium, and the end of an Age.

That's a lot of change

1999 is a Universal 1 year (1+9+9+9 = 28 = 10 = 1). *One* years are beginnings. In the midst of all those endings there is a beginning.

2000 is the beginning of a decade, the beginning of a century, the beginning of a millennium, and the beginning of an Age.

It is a *two* year.

So then also are the coming decade, century, and millennium.

Two is the vibration of balance, harmony, cooperation, relationships, emotions, and the Female principle.

Aquarian principles include equality, cooperation, preservation, individuality, and balance.

Seems right to me.

With the onset of the new millennium, the Age of Aquarius can truly begin.

Something to think about:

Do we label things and that is what they become, or do we only identity something that already is?

In our system of marking years, which originated about 300 AD or so, this is the year 1999. We already know that it is in error based upon its starting point, the birth of Christ, but that's ok. We have designated it and that's what it is.

Our current millennium began in the year 1000 AD. The preceding millennium began in the year 1 AD (there being no zero year). The millennium before that began in the year 1000 BC.

By our reckoning, and according to how we identify things, the last three millennia have been under the vibration of "1". Three thousand years under primary aggressive competitive and self-interested male energy.

Boy will this next millennia be a change. :-)

Something to think about.

This being a *one* year, it is the time of new direction, new beginnings, and a letting go of the old, what is finished, completed, ended . . . what is dead. That is what a rebirth is, and what is supposed to happen in a *one* year.

It is all up to us. It is always our choice. We can remain where we are, or we can let go and open up to new life.

When I first thought of this year 1999, and the one coming 2000, I saw the Grand Canyon. One rim of the canyon was this year, and the other was next year. I imagined straddling the depths, one foot on one side, the other foot on the other . . . or stepping from one side to the other across that enormous void.

That is how significant these two years are, and how much change is possible.

In another vision, I saw a finger of land jutting out into the sea. Beaches ran along both sides and met at a crest in the middle. I saw two waves coming from opposite directions running up onto those beaches and stop, as waves do, just before they met at the middle.

At that point, just before the waters began to recede, I saw myself stepping from one pool of water to the other. The one I left drained away back into the past, and the one I stepped into drained away also, but carried me into the future.

The two didn't meet. They had nothing in common.

The end of one phase, the beginning of the next.

Never before so precise and total.

That is why this year is so significant.


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Alan Grey Wolf


The Sun enters the sign Aquarius on January 20th. It is the energy of the new age, and the time of preparation. With Aquarius, we encounter Transcendence on our journey through Change.

Aquarius embodies amongst its concepts equality, social justice, the understanding that we are all part of the whole, that we must preserve the Earth, and that it is our right to share equally in its abundance.

Modern Astrology deems Aquarius somewhat weak from a personal perspective because in opposite to the sign Leo, the sign in which the Sun burns so brightly.

The precepts of Leo are "I Will" and "I Create". The conscious application of the will to create and control one's life based perhaps on ego gratification and self-interest. (See a more complete discussion of this in Issues #5 and #6).

It is this way of thinking that has produced our modern world in which the few control everything.

Aquarius embodies the concepts of "I Know" and the deeper issue "We Create". Its essence is Transcendence, the ability to rise above the perceived limitations and restrictions placed upon and accepted by, the self.

It is truly the beginning of Knowing ourselves, our uniqueness and special qualities different from, and not compared to anyone else's.

Aquarius is anything but weak. Its power is that of the collective, of the whole. It carries the concepts of Community, of groups of equals each contributing according to their talents and abilities, and each sharing equally in and supporting the results of the group effort

The true power of Aquarius is in destroying what is worn out and finished. If we look at the revolutions in France and America in the late 1700's, and Russia in this century, we see its power. Uranus, the ruler and driving force behind Aquarius, was discovered (sort of the same way Columbus discovered America :-) in the mid 1700's. The last time it was in Aquarius was 1912 to 1917, WW I, and the Russian Revolution.

It is there now.

Aquarius is the energy of unity where the power lies with the many, not the few.

When a critical mass of people united to oppose those in power and revolted they overcame them. The problem was that those who led the revolution simply replaced those they deposed. The energy was wrong. It was still that of the old age, the one that is passing.

It was not the right time.

It was not the new millennium.

The Internet, which you use every day, is an example of Aquarian reality. It unites us all, and no one can control it. It could only come about in the energy of the new age.

So can all the other changes.

On our Journey, it is the eleventh step overall, and the fifth one that deals with our interaction with the outer world.

Eleven is a master number or vibration. It is a shift in conscious awareness, of thought and ideas, beyond the limits and what was. It is allowing yourself to see a bigger picture, and to see yourself as much more than you had previously thought

It is to Know who you truly are, to Know yourself, and to accept this.

It is to transcend, to raise our conscious awareness.

What do we transcend, . . . and how?

We transcend everything that we have accepted that denies who we truly are, and what we are here to do.

Now that is a huge undertaking, even to think about. We go about it one step at a time, one piece at a time. Remember the spiral? With each step in the circle we deal with some of the needed change, and as we go around again we deal with more of it, and pretty soon we have made real progress.

We alone choose either to change (our lives), or to remain the same.

Eleven is a master number. Its energy can be used at the higher level of 11, or at the mundane level of 2. As we pass through the cycle of numbers, we can go through 9 (completion and letting go), 10 (new beginnings), 11 (expanded life, overcoming limitations), and so on.

Or we can go 9 (inability to let go), 1 (same old cycle starting over), 2 (same old values and hang ups). We go around and around in a circle, doing the same things and getting the same results.

Rising to the challenge of eleven takes us spiraling upwards ever higher into working with who we are, Knowing more and more about who we are.

In one case we go around and around in circles. In the other we spiral upwards and transcend the limitations that deny us the fulfillment of our lives.

The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, even though its element is Air. It is Air that connects us all, and enables us to communicate. Water nourishes, gives life, makes possible the harvest, abundance and prosperity.

This same concept occurs in the Tarot as the card of Fortune. Here again is the image of Woman pouring forth water both onto the land, and into the waters. Here is the lesson learned of giving so as to receive, being part of the cycle. It represents truly giving of oneself out of empowerment, not out of denial.

It shows the rewards and blessings that come to all who transcend their limitations, and have faith in their own self.

Bear with me as I recap the Journey so far. It is important to understand the sequence and the significance of the Steps, for they support and make possible our progress.

In the beginning, in the Spring we encountered Illumination (Aries), and progressed through Values (Taurus), Ideas (Gemini), Foundations (Cancer), Ego (Leo), and Evaluation (Virgo). These six steps represented that part of our Journey where we dealt with our inner conflicts in facing Change in our lives.

In the next four steps we encountered our dealings and conflicts with the outer world. They were Balance (Libra), Need (Scorpio), Truth (Sagittarius), and Responsibility (Capricorn).

These latter Steps are dual in nature. They embody both inner and outer concepts. For growth and change to occur, both sides of these concepts have to be mastered. This is the nature of the Path of life. It is embodied in the Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Circle, and the Four directions, that represent the cycles that are Life.

We have seen Balance (I Balance/We Are), Need (I Desire/We Have), Truth (I See/We Think), and Responsibility (I Use/We Build).

Any inherent conflict in these principles lies in the imbalance within ourselves. This imbalance is disempowerment. To discover and walk in our own power is to resolve this imbalance. That is the Journey.

We have looked at our relationships, and have seen the compromises we make.

We have looked into our needs, and have seen our dependencies on others.

We have looked at our truth, and have seen how and where we think like everyone else, and not for ourselves.

We have looked at responsibility, and have seen how we do for others instead of and in spite of ourselves.

In examining, and letting go of everything we want, need, and accept from others, what do we have left. Ourselves. What do we know about this person? All of our lives we have been defined, validated, and controlled by others.

What do we really Know?

Welcome to the eleventh Step.

Know thyself. Getting to Know you. Scary isn't it? Each of us is unique. Each of us is as equal and important as everyone else, and as vital to the growth and progress of us all.

Why do we question our ability and our right to teach, to heal, to do and be what we feel deep inside? Why do we question if we know enough? Is it because we do not truly Know ourselves?

We have all been told what to do, what we need, what we are allowed to do, and what our place is all of our lives. Others validate us before we are allowed to do anything. We believe we need certification, accreditation, validation.

Who are these others that set themselves up to judge our abilities and worth?

Why do we need them. To give us the confidence that we are now worthy? To give those who come to us confidence? You decide.

After all, you do Know yourself, don't you?

Some years ago I noticed that the Astrological society in the city in which I live offered certification as a Master Astrologer. The exams were set and administered by the board. One member of the board was an ex-student of mine, who had learned most of his astrology from a computer program, and who constantly had to ask my advice on technical questions.

Who are they who would validate you, who allow you to be, who allow you to use what you know? And who validated them? And what is the outcome?

You have to have a degree and a license to practice medicine, don't you? I rest my case.

There are many wonderful caring and talented healers who don't have to "practice." They get it right the first time, and know what they are doing.

Coming to Know yourself gives you knowledge.

Using that knowledge gives you Wisdom.

Using that knowledge wisely comes from Love.

Using what you know with Love gives you Power, true Power.

Wisdom - Love - Power.

The Sacred Trinity of Shamanism, the old ways.

It all starts with Knowing yourself, by peeling away all of the holds that others and the outer world have on you, the holds that deny and limit you, the holds that keep you trapped in the role that they decided for you.

If all of us are equal, then the work that we do, the part that we have in the Great Scheme of things, is equally important to everyone else's, regardless of what it is.

Our present, soon to be passing, structure of society is in the form of a pyramid. Those at the top have all the wealth, power, and the control. As we get further and further down the pyramid, we find most of the people who are doing all of the work and jobs that make the company happen, are making very little comparatively, and have no say in anything.

In the energy of Aquarius, the pyramid collapses, and everyone, and their jobs, is equal regardless of responsibilities. Everyone does their part according to their ability and talents, everyone shares equally in the result, and everyone benefits.

If one person, for the sake of example, is a great photocopier, then that is what they do. If another person is a great president, then that is what they do. Everyone is paid the same regardless, and there is no stigma attached to job function. They are only doing what they do best to make it work for everyone. No one is any better or any worse than anyone else.

So how did we get to where we are?

Let's take a look.

In my Introductory Tarot classes, this is part of the story I tell when we are looking at the meaning and implications of the card of the Devil, which represents one of the two man-made concepts in modern religions.

In the beginning, mankind came together first in families, and later in communities, villages, towns and eventually cities. At first, each person did everything that was needed for personal survival. They gathered food, made clothes, made the tools they needed, and so on.

At some point it became apparent that each person excelled at one thing. So they began to do just the thing that they did well, and create enough for everyone. One person was a good hunter, another a good tailor, another a baker, a miller, a carpenter, a smith, and do on. So we had each person doing what they did best, and doing it so that everyone benefitted equally.

This essentially was the way of life of the indigenous people of North America before the Europeans came. Interestingly enough, it was the community way of life that the first Europeans set up in the thirteen colonies here. Didn't take them long to replicate thousands of years of history, and reproduce the ways they had left behind.

So how did we get from that model of society to our present state where most of the people work at what they have to, not at what they want to, for the benefit of the few?

It became obvious that if you could produce more, you could deal with an ever expanding market, and get more than just survival for your efforts.

Larger and larger groups doing the same things banded together to create more and distribute it ever wider until eventually we had worldwide commerce. Those who controlled it got all of the benefits.

The pyramid structure emerged.

So, true to our precept that life is comprised of cycles and spiral, going forward into the new age is returning to the beginning of it all.

The end and the beginning. The same place.

Look in the mirror and Know yourself, your capabilities. Do not question your right or your abilities.

It is your Responsibility to yourself, and to the others to do your part.

It is all about trusting and believing that you can do what you have to. It is about letting go of your personal ambitions and self-interest. It is about doing what you can so that ultimately you and everyone else will benefit.

It is about Faith, Belief, and Trust.

Could one of these be the next Step?

To Dan, who always wants to know what is coming next . . . perhaps.


Something different this month in the section dedicated to recommendations.

Several of our circle have recently had books published. I am honored to be asked to review them in the Newsletter.

Janeanne Narrin sent me a copy of her book "One Degree Beyond, a Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine." It is a wonderfully written guide to relaxation, openness and the celebration of life, written from very warm personal experience. I found it easy to read and follow, and most interesting as it takes you beyond traditional boundaries.

The methods and suggested exercises are well explained, simple and straight forward. I am sure many of you would benefit from having or reading this very timely book.

Both cover art and layout are exceptional, and the book is up for an award.

The focus is on energy work that helps you to both get in touch with, and get much more out of, your life.

That's what we are all about, and thanks to Janeanne for her contribution to the Journey.

"One Degree Beyond, a Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine" is available free upon request at local libraries, and online at

Visit her site at:

Brother Charbern sent me a message announcing the release of his book and tape. You can find information regarding his publishing company on his website.

Bill is sending me a copy of his book and I will be reviewing it in an upcoming issue.

Candace is sending me a copy of her just released book. Once again, look for it in an upcoming issue.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of you who have succeeded in getting your work published. We will all benefit from your efforts, and isn't that a wonderful example of what we have been talking about?

In our healing circle this month, please join with me in placing all those in need within the center, and send our prayers and blessings to them. Let us as always add the Earth, our Mother, and remember to give thanks for our lives this day, and place ourselves within the center for healing in our own lives.

I will be accepting applications from subscribers to advertise in the newsletters. Space will be limited and the service or product must be related to the newsletter topics. If you would like to rent space in future newsletters, write me.

Please remember to pass this Newsletter on to those you feel will benefit.

Blessings to you all for abundance and prosperity in this most interesting of years.

May you always walk in Beauty.

Mi Takuye Oyasin, for all my relations.

Alan Grey Wolf
January 1999

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