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Greetings, and Peace and Light.

This is the twelfth issue of the newsletter. It all began a year ago. We are now completing the circle, coming to the last Step, preparing to begin again. We may be approaching the beginning, but there is one fundamental difference . . . we have all grown, and our lives have changed.

I know mine has. This last year has brought great changes, made big differences, and opened up opportunities. All of it Change. A year ago, with the launch of vol. 1, #1, we had less than a hundred members in our circle. Now we have ten times that world wide.

I look at that first issue, think about where I was, what I was doing, and see where it all is now. I have grown in ways I could not have imagined back then a year (almost) ago. From your many responses, I know you have too.

By being there you gave me the opportunity to come out into the Light. Your encouragement, enthusiasm, and participation enhanced the process. You made it possible, and for that I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. If my work made your journey, your life a better place to live also . . . you're welcome.

We are at the alpha and the omega point, the end and the beginning, the beginning and the end. Next month we begin a new journey of Change. We get to do it all over again, differently, with more challenge, more results, more excitement.

Are you ready?

We have one exciting change in this issue. There is a new section devoted to making available information on the products and services offered by other subscribers to this newsletter. This section can be found at the end of the newsletter and is labeled "advertising".

This is not commercializing, or selling out in any way. It provides you with the opportunity to find the answers, products, or services you may be looking for, and get them from those who share your ideas and vision.

Take the time to check out the information for yourself, and make your own decisions. Please respond to those placing the ads, and give them feedback.

One of the most striking planetary close encounters of this century is now occurring in the night sky. The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, are closing for a tight conjunction on the evening of Tuesday, February 23rd.

This encounter will not be repeated until 2040.

On Tuesday evening they will appear as a stunningly beautiful double star.

I am told that on the evening of June 17, 2 BC they came so close as to actually merge into a single brilliant beacon. If you missed that one, be sure to be outside on Tuesday evening.

On the metaphysical level, this reflects the focus of the energies of Venus (the abstraction of love and fulfillment) and Jupiter (opportunity and fortune) in Aries (the self), the sign of new beginnings. Enjoy.

Next month the Journey begins again, or anew. Spring arrives on March 20th at 8:46 pm EST. This is the true New Year, the beginning of the cycle.

Each year there are more gatherings being held to celebrate the turning points of the year, the Four Directions (East-Spring, South-Summer, West-Fall, and North-Winter). These are the Equinox points (equal day and night), and the Solstice points (longest day and longest night).

They represent very powerful infusions of energy into this plane that we all need to be attuned to (more on this next month). In this so very critical time and year, I urge you to seek out and join in a celebration in your area. It can make a world of difference in your life.

I also urge you to think about and start to plan to be present at such a gathering on New Year's Eve this year. Spirit is already strongly advising this. All over the world, groups will be gathering around 11:00 pm and be bringing in this New Year in a powerful spiritual alignment.

Perhaps we should all be there.

After all, how many times do you get to initiate a millennium?

The Sun went into Pisces on February 19th, and we encountered Faith on our Journey through Change.

Pisces is the embodiment of Faith and Belief, connection to the inner self, subconscious, and intuition. It is ever-changing and adapting, formless, without foundation. It is the realm where Emotion fuses with Spirit . . . or nightmare becomes reality.

It is the highest expression of creativity and creation, using one's power to its fullest. Or the deepest depths of fear, doubt, obsession and addiction, and all that leads to self-undoing.

It allows us to soar ever higher into the Sun, or to bury ourselves, imprisoned by the lack of faith in our own power, feeling helpless and alone.

Endlessly repeating the actions that cause us harm, and deny us our life.

We are all somewhere in between these extremes.

That is why we want to Change.

That is why this is the last step on our Journey . . . and the first step on the next. There is no destination. There is only the Journey.

Pisces is opposite the sign Virgo, the last step on the inner part of our Journey into Change.

Virgo represents the concept "I Analyze," in which the conscious, rational mind interprets the outer world. Thus reality is determined, and this leads to acceptance, and the concept of "I Believe."

You believe what is real because you can see and touch it, and therefore you know it. All of this comes to you from the outside, from others.

From this you tailor your expectations of life, and learn tolerance of yourself and others if they do not measure up. You learn to accept what is available to you based on reality as you perceive it.

Believing is the problem.

It comes from outside.

It has limits.

Pisces embodies not only Belief, but also its higher component Faith.

You Believe, . . . but you HAVE Faith.

Faith comes from inside, from within you. It is active, and a part of you. It is not the result of what you have been given.

It is yours.

The last Step on the inner part of the Journey took us to Virgo, "I Analyze", and "I Believe". The Belief is based on what you see and what you know.

That is our reality.

The last Step on the outer part of the Journey takes us back inside once again.

The concepts of Pisces are "I Believe," and its collective counterpart, "We Believe." So we are in harmony and balance, and agreement then?

Only if we believe and accept what is determined for us.

It is all about belief.

And so is Change.

The Journey of Change so far has been all about Belief.

What we believe about our Selves, our values, our Ideas, . . .

What we believe about our Foundation, our Potential, our Responsibilities, . . .

What we believe about our Relationships, our Needs, our Truth, . . .

What we believe about our Work, and our Participation in the Big Picture.

It all comes down to, and hinges on, what we believe is possible.

Our reality and possibilities come from cause and effect, practical analysis, common sense, learning and experience. We react to what happens, and then believe it to be true.

So, if enough people, or most people believe something, it must be true?

What about our Truth?

Consider how we learn and come to believe. We act, and observe the results. Cause and effect, right?

What about things that happen without our actions? Do our beliefs also come from the experiences of life, from the prevailing or collective reality?

What would happen if some group created the reality they wanted, and we all bought into it?

What if that happened untold thousands of years ago, and we are still buying into it? What if they convinced us it was acceptable for them to have all the power, control, resources, and good life, . . . and that the rest of us would have relatively nothing, and work for them.

Now that would be really frightening, wouldn't it?

Belief is a powerful tool, . . . or weapon.

Faith, unlike Belief, comes from within. It is the belief in your own power, own rights, own ability to create the life you want. Belief is an mental concept, and responds to what is (seen). Faith is an emotional connection to your inner self, and responds to what is unseen.

It is the creative power of the Universe.

It requires you to do your part, to release yourself from all preconceived cause and effect conditions, and let your creative self loose. From this comes all things. It is an act of unlearning, and overcoming the limiting beliefs and obstacles held in your subconscious, part of the realm of Pisces.

Faith is the twelfth Step, using your personal creative potential to create your life. It overrides such concepts as "Who am I to do that?", and "I'm afraid to do that", and "Who gave me permission to do that", and "I don't have what it takes to do that".

It eliminates the need for others to validate you, or for you to be concerned about what they might think.

It is you walking in your own power, believing in yourself, having faith in your vision, willing to do your part to make this world a better place.

It is all of us coming out of the darkness and into the light.

Faith is empowerment, but we have to do our part.

Our part is not to load our creative beliefs with so many conditions and expectations, that we deny the process.

Faith is like a rainbow-coloured bubble floating free on the wind. It is burst by the merest touch of sharp-edged rational thought.

If you desire a house, and demand that it be in a certain location, you miss the house the Universe has for you just over the next hill.

Create your life, where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing, the home, the people, everything, free of the restrictions and agendas you believe to be necessary.

Let them float freely on the wind.

True Story:

This event actually happened and was recounted to me at a workshop I did on Angels, Guides and Totems by a person who knows those involved.

It seems there was a Nun who worked actively in healing and counseling people, and who desired to do more. She felt restricted by the limitations of her order, and wanted to leave to open a retreat and healing centre.

She had the faith and the belief that this was right for her, and was also willing to do her part. She was convinced that winning a lottery was the only way she could achieve her goal.

She prayed for the money to come, and bought tickets regularly (did you think I was going to say religiously?).

One day some property came up for sale near her. It was just what she envisioned, the buildings, the land, the location, everything was perfect.

Now she really prayed hard and long, expecting the winning ticket to be hers.

Time passed, and a sold sign went up on the property.

She was not discouraged. She knew the right property would come, and perhaps that piece wasn't it.

The day after the sold sign came down, a woman can to see her. This was one of the people she had helped and counseled over the years.

The woman said to her, "We have just bought this property, and we want to open a retreat centre, and we want you to run it for us."

We have now gone through the complete cycle, the twelve Steps to Change as envisioned in the circle of Astrological Signs.

The first Step, Illumination. The twelfth, Faith. The power of creation, and the power of personal creative energy. Vision and Manifestation. The Beginning and the End. The same place.

Twelve Steps forward . . . or one Step back! Illumination and Procreation. Mind and Spirit merged.

The Journey is about Beliefs. The Path of Change is working with those beliefs, and unlearning what is not yours.

The framework of your beliefs is your Emotions, and relates to the Water Sign, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These are Steps 4, 8 and 12 respectively.

They form a "Y" (see Step 8 in Vol. 1, No. 8). Step 4, the bottom of the "Y" is what you base your life upon. Step 8, the right branch of the "Y", is what you Need from others, where you value them over yourself, and what you give up to have them in your life.

Step 12 is the left branch of the "Y", and is the power of your unconditional belief in yourself . It leads directly to the conscious Self, and is your personal power.

Pro-actively it becomes Faith.

Have faith in your Self, your Values, your Ideas, your Worth, your Fulfillment, your Usefulness.

Have Faith that you can have a Relationship without Need, have Faith in your Truth, your Work, and your Part in the whole.

And you will spiral upwards into the Light, . . . and we will all be free.

There is much more to be learned, or unlearned, and much more to be uncovered.

This will wait for the next part of our Journey, as only that which we need is revealed, and at the time it is needed.

Bless you all.

An interesting observation: this is the year of the Rabbit in Chinese Astrology. The Chinese system is a twelve year cycle, so every twelfth year is that of the Rabbit. Jupiter also has a twelve year cycle. Jupiter brings opportunity, fortune and gains.

I have found that every time we go through a Rabbit year, significant changes have occurred for me, Arlene, and many others. Synchronistically, these are also the years that Jupiter goes through Aries, the sign of the self, and new beginnings.

These years are 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, and so on.

How many of you have experienced really big changes in these years?


Let me know and I will report the results in a future issue.

By the way, if you have felt big changes in these years in the past, what about this year then?


Book Review:

As reported last issue, I am in the process of reviewing three books published by members of the Circle created by this newsletter. I believe in us supporting and encouraging the talents and accomplishments of one another. For all those been there for me over these many years, I am happy to give something back.

by I AM I AM, written through Charbern.

I like this book. It is written about who we are and our connection to Spirit in a simple and elegant style. The short, concise chapters enable it to be used for a daily affirmation or meditation. The information is clear and understandable by those of all walks and ages. Children would have no trouble understanding this message.

I found the ideas presented very timely and contemporary, not a rehash of 70's philosophy. There is the theme that we are and have all we need, we just have to unlearn the things that deny us. I heartily agree with that.

Char uses stories, imagery and metaphor to explain the life experience from the very beginning to the changes we are going through now. He does it very well. Good job!


Charbern Publishing
PO Box 24192
Tempe, Arizona 85285-4192

or the web site at:

Next month:

"Hope Is In The Garden: Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love"
by C.L. Talmadge and J.L. Simons.

Thanks Candace. Love the cover art!

Web Site:

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In our healing circle this month, please join with me in placing all of those in need within the centre, and send our prayers and blessings to them. Let us not forget the Earth, our Mother, and remember to give thanks for our lives this day.

A special healing and prayers goes out to Rosebud.

Let us also place ourselves within the centre for healing in our own lives.


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Blessing and abundance to all of you, and may you find your Path illuminated in the Spring and throughout the year.

May you always walk in Beauty.

Mi Takuye Oyasin - for all my relations

Alan Grey Wolf
February, 1999

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