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Greetings, and Peace and Light:

Welcome to the End of the Beginning. It is the end of a year, a decade, a century, a millennium, . . . and an age. Not big news to anyone, I am sure.

First of all, heartfelt thanks and blessings to all of you who wrote to me over the past year expressing how much my writings meant to you and helped you. Much appreciated. And a warm welcome to all those who joined the circle by subscribing to the Newsletter.

It has been a ride. A roller-coaster of a year. Sort of like a bull rider trying to stay on the bull for 8 seconds at a rodeo. That 8 seconds can seem like a very long time. As for the eclipses of late July and early August! Just when you thought you had it all together, someone jabbed the bull!

The second half of this year became so intense that I started to tell those calling me for help to relax, that they where just suffering from PMS . . . Pre-Millennium Syndrome.

For those of you who might not be familiar with out allusion of the bull rider, let me explain. It is considered sport, and challenging, to find the biggest, meanest bull you can, standard equipment large horns and attitude, who definitely doesn't want you sitting on it, cram it into a space where it can't move, climb on it's back, and turn it loose.

Those who survive the required 8 seconds intact and still on board are judged on style.

So here you are clinging to the back of two thousands pounds of heavily armed, enraged bull. You have its complete attention. Its sole purpose is to throw you off, rip you with it's horns and stomp you into the ground. Your sole purpose is to stay on for 8 seconds.

Suppose you solve that problem. You then face your second problem.

Getting off.

Sort off like life.

Just when you get to where you can hang on, it is time to get off.

If you choose to hang on, how long can you manage that?

If you choose to get off, how do you manage that?

Sounds like just about everyone I spoke to this year was stuck on the bull.

No matter how many times I tried to reassure them that the answer was to let go, that somehow didn't seem like a viable option.

I have noticed a very significant change this year. In previous years you had to wait until almost Christmas Day for any specials or for the classic movies to be aired.

This year they started in November! Specials galore and the classics and even obscure Christmas movies being played at all hours of the day and night.

And lights!!!!! Our neighbors had them up and lit also in November, and our street looks like the main drag in Las Vegas.

Our house, I am sure, can be seen from space :)


In previous issues I talked about letting go. In fact, this newsletter was begun with the mandate to follow the path to Change, through its various steps. What came out of that journey was the fact that our greatest failing, and our prime purpose, is to let go of the Past, and discover and honor who we truly are.

What was given to me was the concept:

"It is not what you have done, but what you have become, that matters."

Put another way, you could say that "What has happened is meaningless, what did not happen, or has not happened, is irrelevant".

It is who you are in this moment that matters.

Which brings us to PMS, the Pre-Millennium Syndrome.

Getting back to our greatest failing, we are all clinging blindly to the Past, to Life as we have known it. We are traumatized, angry and guilt ridden, and afraid to let go of it to face ourselves and the future.

We are trying to ride the bull, and our 8 seconds are up. Life is trying to throw us off, to get us to let go.

That is what this time, this year, the eclipses, and what each of us is going through, is all about.

PMS is all about Change, accepting and letting go. It is caused by the next concept that was given to me:

"Everyone wants change, no one wants anything to happen."

The bull rider wants change, he just doesn't want anything to happen.

Let go, and trust.

The time of the Winter Solstice is coming up. It occurs before we get to the millennium, and in itself is so important this year that the two are indistinguishable.

The Winter Solstice is the Fourth Direction, the fourth step on the path of the cycle of life. It's manifestations are Winter, Old Age, and Midnight, and it's power is in learning from experience, and in letting go (there's that pesky letting go stuff again!).

It is the time of learning and gaining wisdom from what has been faced and accomplished. It is the time of releasing the self from the means by which that wisdom was acquired, and freeing the self to begin the next cycle unencumbered by baggage from the previous ones.

It is the time to acknowledge what you can do for others, for the whole, for everyone. It is the time to recognize what your part in the grand scheme of thing is, and to honor that responsibility. It is the time to let go of petty ego needs or gratification. Your part is your part, whatever that is, and it is not for you to deny it or to question it.

It does not make you any better or worse than anyone else.

It is your part to honor yourself, and to do.

This Winter Solstice (2:44 am EST December 22, coincides with the Full Moon. At this time, the Earth is closest to the Sun, and the Moon is closest to the Earth. This has not occurred in the past 133 years. The Moon of this Solstice will be the biggest and brightest we have ever seen. It will seem like daylight during the night time hours.

The Full Moon is also about completions, about letting go. this year it will illuminate our path for us, let us see what we have to let go of.

The five days from December 20 to December 24 are especially important. These days represent the Portal, the doorway into the new time. Five is the number of change. These days provide the opportunity to expand your awareness beyond the narrow confines of your beliefs and acceptances.

It is up to you, up to each of us, to use this time wisely, for it will not come again for a very long time.

December 20 (with Jupiter on that day going direct or forward again in Aries, the sign of new beginnings), and the 21st provide a window ofopportunity for releasing and letting go of the past, totally and completely. If you are willing . . .

December 22 is the Full moon, and the Winter Solstice.

It will be an opportunity to make breakthroughs and achieve greater insights and understanding than you have ever previously known.

If you are willing . . .

If you have let go of the blocks and the baggage that kept the knowledge of your true self locked out, you can regain the memories and understanding of who you truly are and why you are here.

It is the time and the opportunity to open up completely to who you are and acknowledging you as you are without judgement.

It is the time to push aside the ego and to fully accept and embrace you and all you are and all that you have come here to do.

No greater time in history has been provided for such an awakening of Mind, Emotions, and Spirit, and to Memory, and the fusing of your physical self with your soul.

Open yourself to the change. You will know what to do.

December 23 & 24 will provide a window of full acceptance, regaining full awareness and taking the time to assimilate the impact of the information that you have received.

The five days fo the Full Moon and the Solstice.

It is truly the doorway into the New Time.

It is the time to let go of the bull.

Your 8 seconds are up.

You have won.

Bless you

For those who are interested, I will be doing the Winter Solstice/Full Moon/Candlelighting celebrations at:

Seven Rays center in Syracuse, NY - December 18th. Call 315-424-9137 for details.


My center in Toronto, Canada, December 19, 20, 21, and 22. Call 416-783-0394, or e-mail, for details.

We gather again this year, as we have for so many, to celebrate the time of the completion of the year.

For thousands of years our ancestors celebrated this time. The Romans with the Saturnalia, the Druids with bonfires, evergreens, holly, and mistletoe.

The early church converted these celebrations into Christmas, which we still mark with evergreens, holly, mistletoe, and lights.

Come and Celebrate with us. Meditate, light candles, feel the true joy of Christmas, the joy of giving and receiving, the joy of giving of yourself to the world and doing your part for the Whole.

That is the true meaning of Christmas, the Winter Solstice, The North Direction, and the true meaning of Life.

In all this discussion about the solstice, let us not forget about New Year's Eve. This is the true beginning of the millennium (no matter what the anal type purists tell you). I join with many others in urging you to forgo the usual noisy parties for this year, and to quietly meditate by yourself or with others on a universal vision for the new time.

Let us get as many as possible coming together with the vision of the new millennium and a kinder, gently, more tolerant world of peace and serenity, and equality for all.

This was just sent to me:


Wherever you happen to be as the new millennium arrives, we invite you to join in a world-wide effort to begin this historic period of history linked in prayer with millions of others around the world.

We know you believe that prayer works, that it can make a difference in how the new millennium begins and unfolds, and that it can help to energize those who have the solutions to many world problems.

The Vision:

A minute before midnight wherever you are, as everyone around you focuses on the countdown to the new millennium, intentionally join together with everyone else who is committed to holding this sacred moment.

Thus united in intent, each person can spend as long as they want praying in their own way for a common vision of peace, freedom, and the spiritual uplifting of the human race. Imagine if we get hundreds of thousands, or millions of people joining together in this effort.

How You Can Help:

We must inform as many people as possible. If everyone will duplicate this flyer and e-mail or fax it to just ten people or more, we can literally reach millions by January 1, 2000.

Please visit the Information Page for ONE MOMENT OF PRAYER FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM at and give us an estimate of the number of people who are committed to unite in this moment.

Our plan would be to record the number of participants as it grows, so we will know how large the prayer effort is becoming and can issue press statements. Would it not be amazing if we could reach so many people that this effort becomes the largest prayer vigil ever?

We might record thousands, perhaps millions, pausing for a moment in hope and love as the new millennium arrives.

Thank you, With love,

James Redfield & Marianne Williamson."

Sounds like a plan, to me.

However you do it, whatever you do, please join with all of us at this most significant time in our history.

An Aside: Memo to all those purists who can't count. Someone arbitrarily designated one particular year as the year 1 AD (Anno domini, or, in the year of our Lord). This is the first year after the designated time of the Birth.

The year before that must be the mystical zero year that none can find. The fact that some genius called it 1 BC, or the year before the birth, is irrelevant. Somehow they want us to accept that we went from one year before the Birth to one year after the Birth . . . in one year!

How can you compress two years into one?

That is truly a miracle.

That zero year was 2000 years ago, so this coming year is the anniversary of that time, and is the true millennium.

This is the time of endings . . . and beginnings. I don't know (yet) what is in store for any of us on the other side of the times coming up. The Millennium, the New Age, the New Time, that we have been talking about.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have been a part of the Journey, and the Circle, and to wish you all the best for the coming times.

May you be all you can be, have all you deserve, do all you can, and have a life filled with Light and love, Peace and Harmony, Growth and Accomplishment.

May you see yourself as you truly are reflected in the mirror, and may you be dazzled by your Radiance and Light.

Let us all come together and heal ourselves and our world, for all of us.

Mi Takuye Oyasin, for us all.

I love you.

See you on the other side in the New Time.

Alan Grey Wolf
December, 1999

345 Whitmore Avenue
Toronto M6E 2N5
Ontario, Canada

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