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April 1998 Newsletter

Greetings and Peace and Light:

Well, we made it to issue Number 2, and further into Spring, the time of new beginnings and (re)birth. Spring illuminates our Path and inspires us to grow. Those born in the Spring Moons find their lives filled with change.

The first step on the Path brings us to the sign Taurus, and we face our Values, our concepts of Reality, our beliefs about Money, and how we define our world through our Possessions.

The Sun enters Taurus, as it does today, and we see the Earth that we walk upon.

Personal Note: Thank you to all of you who have written and responded to the first issue of this newsletter. Your comments and encouragement are most appreciated.

A special thanks to Phantom, Isnali, Ted, and all of you who offered suggestions and names, and who passed the first issue on to others. As this publication evolves, I hope to incorporate many of these features.

Thanks to those who sent information on sites. These will be reviewed and published in future issues. Bless you all.

Our Navajo brothers (and sisters) speak of walking in Beauty, in harmony with the Earth. The Paths, defined by the Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel represent the balance necessary to a complete life, the balance of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual selves.

This means being all that we truly are, walking in our own power, and finding our own truth.

The Sacred Triangle at the heart of Shamanism is the balance between Power, Wisdom, and Love. Love is unconditional, Wisdom is knowledge put into action, and Power is that which creates our personal reality in harmony with all life.

When Love and Wisdom are missing, we know what happens to Power.

Consider what you know about your world, yourself, your place in it all, and what you can expect. For most people, everything they know is a lie, is false. The operative word here is "know."

The quest for personal fulfillment, self-empowerment, is the quest for the truth, for your truth, your personal truth. From this comes all of your beliefs about yourself and your world, and this creates your reality.

Knowledge leads to Acceptance which becomes Belief, which creates Reality. The question becomes "whose Reality?" What do we really know, and have we just accepted what we were told? Perhaps it is time to look into our values and expectations.

Do those who control knowledge create the common reality? I think so.

This common reality has most people believing that it is okay that two percent of the population controls all the wealth, makes all the decisions, and has all the perks, while the rest have little or nothing. Everything we "know" supports this.

So the question is what do we know for sure?

Question everything, but don't drink the hemlock .

The Aquarian Age is the great leveler. Since the prevailing reality is a pyramid, I have this vision of the pyramid melting and flattening out. It kind of looks like a blob of chocolate ice cream melting on a hot sidewalk.

In the last issue, we talked of legends and mythology as perhaps being "real" history. Arthur came to mind as the ideal of equality and the concept of the circle.

Much wisdom is buried in myths, legends, and stories. Consider Alice in Wonderland as dealing with reality and illusion in society, and with one person seeing through the illusions. The story takes on a whole different meaning.

In Sleeping Beauty, the wicked stepmother (assumed parental authority) kills Beauty (feminine, creative, intuitive) with a poisoned apple (false knowledge), and everything withers and dies. This is awakened by unconditional love, as in the Prince, and is the empowerment of true living.

These are children's stories, fairy stories. To quote Muldar, the truth is out there.

The Age of Aquarius embodies principles quite opposite to those of Leo, which emphasizes ego and the will. Perhaps there is wisdom (as many think) buried beneath the Sphinx, which may have been created during the age of Leo some 13,000 years ago.

If so, this might be the opportune time to bring this to Light, so to speak.

A recent program on PBS supports this dating.

As the Sun now favors finances, let's look at abundance and prosperity, Taurean concepts near and dear to our hearts.

Money is energy, and obeys the same laws as all forms of energy. Originally, what was produced was traded for what was needed. The exchange was based on the energy required to produce the items.

In times of surplus, metal tokens were given to be exchanged for goods at a later date. The value of each token was equivalent to the value of the goods, in other words, to so many sacks of grain.

Modern man-made concepts, such as the so-called "law" of supply and demand, deny this equal-based flow of energy. What do credit, credit cards, mortgages, and monetary policy do to this balance?

Abundance comes to us from the (infinite) source, as energy. Let's not believe that we have to compete for a limited amount of available money or that it comes to us only from our jobs.


Julia White has a Prosperity Circle which you subscribe to. Contact Julia White at for more information.

Sites of interest:


I am reviewing many others that have been submitted, and will post them in future issues.

Healing Circle:

We are all connected through this medium. If the many hundreds of you will take a moment to reflect on those in each of your lives that need help and to send to them healing and light and love, we are an awesome force.

I would like to put in the circle Ted, and James, and Wendy.

Newsletter Vol 1, No 1 will be archived at where you can find the current Astrological forecast for April.

Well, that is Vol 1, No 2, and thoughts on reality, values and personal power. I am compiling submissions from many of you for future issues, and I honor your suggestions.

The New Moon of the 26th is a good time to reflect on the changing times and values under early Taurus energy.

May you walk in Beauty.
Mitakuye Oyasin, for all my relations,

Alan Grey Wolf
April, 1998.

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