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Greetings, Peace, and Light:

It has been a while since I last wrote those words. It is good to talk to all of you again; welcome to all those who recently joined our circle.

I want to share with you my understanding of what has been happening, and where things are going from here. I feel very optimistic about the latter half of this year. My vision is of a time of high positive energy, with the road ahead, straight, level, and very bright.

That would make a change.

Here's hoping . . .

This newsletter was begun on Earth Day (April 22). Until then I felt that Winter would never end. On that day the Earth exploded into new life; trees were in bud where the day before the branches were bare. Overnight the grass turned green and new shoots seemed to leap out of the earth.

The energy patterns were extraordinary. The Sun had just gone into Taurus (the sign of the Earth); there was a New Moon later that day, symbol of new beginnings. Saturn had just changed sign, moving from Taurus into Gemini. There was so much happening.

For more information on these events, and what they mean to you, refer to my twice monthly Astrology forecast posted on my web site. Listed you will find the significance of Saturn moving into Gemini for each sign.

Pertaining to that, here is one of a number of changes that I referred to. My web site is now at:

and will have a number of new features and regular updates and changes. More on those later.

In attempting to understand the past few months, and where we are now, it is necessary to look at the context of this time. The year 2000 now can be definitely seen as the transitional year between the two millennia. I think that we can now all agree that the new millennium is now here regardless of which New Years you felt ushered it in.

What does that mean to us?

I talked about this in previous issues of the Newsletter. It is my feeling that the onset of the millennium means we have truly entered the new Age, the much talked about Age of Aquarius.

That being so, it would serve to compound the situation with the values of the Age of Pisces changing to those of the Age of Aquarius virtually overnight when the values of the old millennium changed to those of the new. (See previous issues for information on the differences between the millennia.)

Here is the situation. The year 1999 was the last year of the old ways. The year 2000 was the pivotal or transitional year into the new ways of the new millennium (and Age). The year we are in, 2001, is the first year of the new ways.

What those new ways are we have yet to determine or fully experience, and that brings us to an understanding of what has been happening recently.

And how it was all laid out long ago.

In the past six months, many people have experienced confusion, various levels of fear and anxiety, a sense of loss, doubt and a feeling of slipping back into old issues or times.

People from the past reappeared. Memories of things long forgotten surfaced. Old issues resurfaced and problems thought dealt with or overcome were there again.

They seemed to get further and further back into their lives; deeper and deeper into those problems that have haunted them.

Many judged and found themselves wanting, feeling that they had somehow regressed.

What they were actually experiencing was opportunity.


Long ago Man discovered the Universe had provided a road map to Life.

Reflected in the heavens was the Path to Change, what we call Astrology.

Saturn represents both lessons and rewards, but mainly lessons.

Across these crucial three years of 1999 to 2001 lies another link or bridge.


Saturn entered Taurus, the sign of materiality, money, values, possessions, personal fortune and success, in late 1998, and stayed there until April, 2001, except for a two month stint in Gemini in the Fall of 2000.

Having retrograded back into Taurus (the old ways and values) in October, 2000, it stayed there until finally entering Gemini to stay on April 20, 2001.

Saturn went back into materialistic Taurus and the energy of the old ways for that entire six month period that we have been talking about.

That is why we all felt like we slipped backwards.

We had!

Saturn, under whose influence resistance is quite futile, made us (gave us the opportunity to) clear up any unresolved problems within us.

Isn't that thoughtful?

That brings us back to why the past six months have been so stressful and difficult. Those unresolved conflicts or issues within us. They were part of the old ways and old energies. They still had the values of the old millennium.

These were much out of sync with the energy of the new millennium, hence the feelings of sickness and confusion

They literally made us feel sick. We had to deal with them so we could move on.

Saturn gave us the opportunity.

Or the lesson.

We all had to get in tune.

You will find many answers in your search for the true meaning of Life.

Making money is not one of them.

We don't yet know what this new time is all about . . . yet.

Although we are times that have changed, we still see with the "eyes" and act with the beliefs of the old, past time.

This is not the first time that collectively we have been at this point. There are records of such changes throughout history. One that comes to mind is the story of the exodus in the Bible. This is either a literal account, or a way of preserving information for us in the guise of a story.

If we put the story into our terms, we see it as follows. The Israelites took back their power from those who held them in slavery (bondage, servitude), and forced the Egyptians (enforcers of the old ways) to let them go (their own way).

Those in authority soon regretted the loss of power and control, and tried to reestablish this by force. The Israelites managed to use their newly regained power to prevent this from happening giving us the message that good triumphs over evil.

Or perhaps that it is all right to drown your oppressors.

Soon the realities of being responsible for yourself set in and about half of the newly freed Israelites yearned for the security and safety of the old ways, and fell back into them. they wanted everyone to return to Egypt, even though it meant being slaves once again.

Here we are told that they wandered for forty years in the wilderness, or until all those who had been born into slavery and the old ways died out. Till those who carried the old beliefs and knowledge were gone.

Then those born into freedom and their own power could enter the "promised land".

Can we be free of the old Age and the old Millennium while so many want to ignore change and maintain the old ways?

I hope we can and that it won't take forty years.

Ego is a small hill from whose top you can see, if you would only look, the vastness and extent of the mountain that is truly you. - Grey Wolf

In the early nineties I had a vision of these times. I saw the population of the world pulling apart into two groups, a polarization of the people. Those who craved the old gods of money, power and privilege gathered on the lft in the darkness. Those who sought the new ways and yearned for a better world based on caring, equality and respect, gathered on the right, in the light.

And so it is happening. Look around and you will see.

As more and more of us struggle to break free and move into the light, so we will feel the pull of those who don't want change and seek to drag us back into darkness.

The Egyptians are still at it. We must break these ties, these bonds, let go of the past, part the sea and be forever beyond the grasp and influence of those who would use us for their ends.

Now that the time of the vision is upon us, it is even more vital to stand up and say no.

The Earth belongs to all of us. We all have a right to a share of the resources and perks of being here. We can no longer let a few make all the decisions.

They have not made the right ones.

They convinced us that they could do that.

They were wrong.

If the New Age is about each of us celebrating our uniqueness and individuality, then we don't need rules.

Rules only work for groups of the same mind and ideas.

Does that mean we don't need the rule-makers either?

Native people will tell you that the Creator made enough ways that we could each have our own.

It is time we listened.

If I knew what was happening, I would make plans.

The results of a very interesting survey were recently released. It seems that by far the overwhelming majority of people out there are incompetent.

This by the way is not judgmental, and is not a joke.

Most people, they found, are totally out of their depth in dealing with life, making good decisions, performing everyday functions like driving a car, doing their job etc. It shows that the stress, complexity and pace of life these days places most people beyond their ability to cope.

The main attribute of these people is that they tend to overvalue and over-rate themselves.

Seems to me most of them are running the country.

The others? Those who are truly termed competent?

Their main characteristic is that they tend to undervalue, under-rate themselves.

Now we can see why the world is in such a mess.

The next time someone does something really stupid, don't get angry, just remember . . . they are incompetent.


Here is a visualization or meditation that I have found to be very powerful. What it is based on was ancient when the Druids walked in Europe.

Visualize or imagine a flat plain. In front of you is a Trilithon like the ones at Stonehenge. A Trilithon is comprised of two large upright stones with a third large stone across the top forming a doorway or portal.

Standing before the portal, unload from your knapsack Resentment, Disappointment, Guilt, Anger, Doubt, Fear, and any other negative emotion or concept.

When you are free of those, see yourself walking through the stone doorway and continuing to walk some distance beyond it.

You may also visualize some being of power there to answer your questions, or give you what you need.

This will connect you to a very different level of yourself and to the new energies as it is outside of this plane.

Every time I do this meditation, when I walk through the archway I feel like I have been hit by several thousand volts.

It is very powerful.

Good luck.


Starting in June, I plan to up-date my web site each month with introductory lessons in Shamanism, Astrology, and Tarot

A new lesson will be available each month, and will be of interest to those who want a basic understanding of the subjects. By the Fall, full in-depth courses will be available for those who desire them.

A short meditation suitable for your own use will also be posted each month.

These will complement my twice monthly Astrology forecasts.

Keep checking my web site for more details, and for the beginning of the series.


For those of you in the Northeastern United States, I will be making personal appearances in May, June and August doing workshops and promoting my Guided Meditation Cds.

My schedule at present is as follows:

May 17, 18, and 19
All That Matters
Wakeford, RI

May 20
Beyond Words
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Readings, Cds

May 25, 26 and 27
White Light Books
Cranston, RI
Workshops, Cds

June 9
Cedar Mtn Mission
Orwell, NY

August 23 and 24
Lily Dale
Lily Dale, NY
Workshops, Cds

Let us join together in this circle and pray for the healing of the Earth and all of our brothers and sisters who are in need.

We are all in this together and we must all get out of it together.

Mi Takuye Oyasin, for all my relations everywhere.

Alan Grey Wolf
April 2001

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