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These readings are more subjective, connected to your current situation and your destination.

Readings usually examine the next twelve months and can cover all aspects of your life, including those people in it.

I utilize many sources, including clairvoyance, Tarot cards, past lives, and other means of insite.

What comes through in the reading is what you need to know now about the changes and opportunities that are coming up for you.

The object is to help you maximize opportunities and work through obstacles. In this way you can make the most of your life at this time and in the future.

Canadian $95.00 plus $5.00 S/H
US $105.00 plus $6.00 S/H

Questions and issues of concern to you as well as your date and place of birth.


Readings are available on either a CD or a tape. Please advise which you would like.

We accept personal cheques, International Money Orders, or PAYPAL.

If you wish to pay thru PAYPAL, go to their website at, pay to, and then send an e-mail to us with your order.

  1. Mail a personal cheque or an International money order plus the necessary information to:

    Alan Grey Wolf
    345 Whitmore Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6E 2N5 Canada

  2. Send us an e-mail to advise that the cheque/money order is coming. Please advise us if you would like a tape or a CD.

  3. We will notify you when the cheque/money order has arrived.

  4. We will let you know when your reading is in the mail.

For a phone reading plus a mailed tape or CD, follow steps #1 to #3, and then place a phone call at a mutually agreed time to receive your reading "live" via the telephone.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for cheque clearance.

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