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Do You Want More Out Of Life?

Do you want to have more, be more, do more, find that elusive path to fulfilment?

Do you want to change some aspects of yourself, or your life, of where you find yourself?

Meditation is a powerful tool to help bring about these changes.

It is not however the whole, or even the only, answer to these needs. Meditation is not for everyone, and neither can everyone get results. It requires dedication, commitment, and the courage to "let go". It is also worth all of the effort put into it. Changing the (inner) self is the only way to achieve real change.

Meditation means going within. It is an altered state of consciousness. Everyone has experienced this as "daydreaming" in which you are off somewhere doing something that is completely unconnected to where you actually are and what you are really doing. This happens a lot when you are a kid in school, and sometimes when you are driving a car on a long trip.

In both cases you suddenly became aware of your surroundings, with no memory of what was happening while you were "away". The fact that you drove a car for some time with no conscious awareness should not encourage you to do this (do NOT listen to meditation or relaxation recordings while driving). It does however suggest that this state is safe (under proper conditions) and that you are protected from harm, if not from your teacher's attention.

Why Go Into An Altered State?

As you found as a kid in school, "daydreaming" took you out of an undesirable situation (boredom) and allowed you to experience something you really wanted to do. Meditation can do this for you. This time out can bring relaxation, a release of the stress built up in your everyday life, and create a peaceful and serene feeling as well as being energizing and motivating. You are far more able to deal with your life and handle difficulties when you incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

Apart from feeling rested, and being able to escape reality, why meditate?

Meditation is one of the keys that unlock the limitations and restrictions on your life. The altered state you can achieve is a doorway to an expanded view of yourself and your life. As well as reducing stress, you can find the answers to problems, overcome the obstacles that are blocking you, and ultimately create the life you truly want.

How Do I Meditate?

Meditation is the deliberate inducing of an altered state. Through relaxation, and practicing doing "nothing", you will find your awareness elsewhere, outside of the time and space in which your physical self exists. Once you are able to enter this state at will, guided meditations become a powerful tool to reshaping yourself and your life.

What Are Guided Meditations?

A Guided Meditation consists of directions for relaxing and visualizing given by an experienced facilitator. The voice is soothing and easily listened to. In the background there is soft, unobtrusive music and natural sounds such as water, the sea, birds, etc..

These are meditations in which you enter the altered state and are provided with the suggestions that create the visualized reality that enables you to accomplish a pre-determined goal. The facilitator first takes you through a relaxation that assists you to reach the altered state. Then he or she suggests a scene or a place which allows you to create your own version,. Then you are guided through the created space and actions that assist you to accomplish your end.

This might be to release stress, find answers or direction, relive a past experience, overcome a fear, or create a desirable situation. Recorded guided meditations such as my own series allow you to do this at your own convenience and re-experience it as many times as you choose. You will find that each time the experience is different, so don't feel that an investment in a guided meditation is a one time thing.

The programs currently available, and the new ones being produced, have a proven success record, and have enabled hundreds of people to experience an expanded view of themselves and their lives and have helped them to make significant changes in their lives


Meditation is the absence of effort. You cannot work hard at meditating. Success does not go to those who study the hardest, put in lots of overtime, or get others to do it for them. Control freaks will have an especially difficult time. To meditate you have to let go, you have to relax as completely as if you were asleep, and you have to be totally at ease with "doing nothing".

The state you enter is at first very fragile and sensitive to the slightest intrusion. A thought, a sound, anything, can snap you out of it. You must be prepared to be very understanding and patient with yourself. Allow for lots of practice, relax with it and try to have fun. Meditation does not respond to serious hard work. In fact, the harder you try, the more effort you put into it, the more elusive it will be. You do not consciously decide to daydream. In meditation, you must take steps to create that involuntary slide into another level of consciousness.

Step 1:

First of all, you must be totally comfortable, and able to maintain that for thirty to sixty minutes. You should be warm and not have any external factors that can intrude into your awareness. There must be no strain or cramping of any kind. As much as possible try to eliminate any intrusion. No phones, beepers, people bursting in on you, pets who are liable to jump on you, or, . . . well, you get the picture.

Step 2:

Put aside or outside of the room, all of the worries, annoyances, stress, anger, and frustrations of the day. If any of this comes to mind, do not fight it, and especially do not follow it. Allow the thought to flow into your mind and then out again. You are only the observer. If you find yourself following a thought, and the emotions pulling you back into some incident in your life, simply let it go. Focus your attention back to following the words of your guide (the facilitator).

Do not become frustrated if your leg cramps, your nose itches, you cannot let go of the outrage you feel about what so and so did. It is only your conscious mind trying to reestablish control. Normally it has full control, and it does not like to relinquish that. The act of listening to the guidance will give it something to do and allow you to let go.

With practice, your conscious mind will eventually give up trying to take back control by intruding into your awareness. This does take effort, but it can be done.

Step 3:

Now let us put it all together.

When you are relaxed, and covered so that you will be warm throughout the session, turn on the music, the sounds, the guided meditation, lie back and loose yourself in the moment. At first it is best to use a Guided Meditation, as listening to the voice of the facilitator and relaxing and following the directions will greatly assist you to obtain good results.

Let you mind go. This is essential. You conscious mind must be occupied for you to go to another level of awareness. Let your mind be occupied with following the directions, listening to the music, or being absorbed in the sounds.

In the meditative state your awareness will be focussed some place else, some place other then the room in which you are meditating. You must realize that wherever you think you are, you are always within yourself, your inner self, and are therefore perfectly safe. The worst thing that can happen is that you fall asleep. You cannot get lost or not come back. This is only a form of sleep.

Step 4:

At first, do your best to follow the voice's instructions. This will help tie up your conscious mind, and enable you to let to. After a little practice, you can let your conscious awareness follow the voice, and you can be elsewhere. You will be meditating with no effort!

When the facilitator has completed the opening relaxation, and begins to describe a place or a situation in which you are in, don't try to make the images form. Simply allow yourself to flow with the process. Relax, and let go. Just affirm or accept that what is being described is happening. With practice you can put more of your own self into the experience and learn to guide yourself.

What Can You Accomplish Through Mediation?

Meditation is more than simply Eastern mysticism useful for stress reduction. In its basic form, and when learning to meditate, feelings of peace and serenity and rest are normally experienced. This does serve to give you "time Out" from your everyday tensions and stresses, and does lower their hold on you and the resultant fatigue and loss of energy.

Learn How To Cope Much Better With Your Life:

This it the first and basic experience and use for meditation then. You can take time away from the driving urgencies, deadlines, worries and demands in your life. You can give yourself a mini vacation for a few minutes everyday and experience extraordinary positive changes in your energy, enthusiasm, and ability to cope in your life.

Learn How To Get Answers To Problems:

Once you realize these enhancements, you can go onto stage two. This involves setting out to meditate with a specific question or issue that you need an answer to. There are guided meditations that will assist you to find the place and the person who can give you the answer you need. This may not always be as simple as literally being told what you need as we have to find out in our own way. However, direction or simple acknowledgement will come and you will find the answer somewhere in your life within a few days.

Learn How To Overcome Blocks, Fears, and Experiences:

Now you are more energized and relaxed, and have some answers in your life. Now what? Well, what is it you really want you life to be? What is stopping it? Now you have the opportunity to go into Stage Three Meditation. You can go deep into your inner self and confront your deepest fears and your most difficult issues, those things that are your most powerful obstacles and blocks.

They are aspects of yourself, and can manifest as fears, addictions, obsessions, dependencies, all appearances of lack of belief and trust in yourself. They can be anything that you believe, or do, or need, that does not honour or respect you as a human being.

There are guided meditations that can take you into this darkness, but basically you have to be willing to go. All of the stories about heroes going into caves, slaying monsters or dragons, and saving the princess refer to this bravest of all personal journeys. When you slay the dragon, your fear, you set yourself free. This enables you to clear the path to a much more fulfilled life.

Learn How To Create The Life You Want:

Now you are destressed, have found your direction, and cleared away the obstacles. Now what? Now you can find the greatest truth of all, that you are the creator of your life. Yes, the life you used to have before you diligently practiced meditation, was created by you. You were exactly where you chose to be. Through meditation, you have decided to make better choices. Now all of the false beliefs are out of the way, and you can create the things that you wish for, not the things you fear or think you deserve.

Through guided meditation free from fears, false beliefs and other obstacles, you can picture life as you would truly want it to be and see that there is nothing preventing you from having it.

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