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FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2018

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This time because of the orientation of the chart we can look at a bigger picture, that of an INTERFACE. Each astrological sign is made up of 12 houses (self image, self worth/money, environment/communications, home and family, self expression/quality of life, health/work, partnerships/marriage, gains through relationships, belief systems/higher learning, career/business, friendships, inner self). That results in multiple areas affected when dealing with a situation in your life, such as family, health, and career can all be touched when there is a pregnancy. Those three houses represent the interface with each other.

In a larger picture our struggle here is with many different issues as stated. Think of it like a pie cut into 12 pieces with any number being worked on at any particular time. So we have our pie or pies with bits of them recreating many different recreations of our current lessons. How many different possibilities yields 12 (signs) times 12 (houses), and that just the first level. The power of the interface is in letting go and moving up and it is an ending and a beginning and so gives us the chance to overcome that lesson once and for all.

Alan Greywolf is currently working on the means to using the interface incorporating the information into forecasts and readings. I will keep you informed.

February 16 is the start of the Chinese year of the brown earth dog, and the most famous dog is Trump who shows none of the usual personality traits of the dog such as loyalty, honouring the family, being a good friend, honesty. Our younger son is a dog and is an excellent example with all of these traits.

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Here is a sort of resolution to what was begun last time. You have a T-square with a completely empty fourth side. Now you can see the power in the integration of all of the inner planets where the Sun and the Moon are merged in a harmonic connection, which makes decisions much easier, endings simpler to make. With all beginnings in alignment, and endings lined up, this traditional phase shift should be simple to accommodate.


See how much better and brighter things look when you begin to have your quality of life begin to fall into alignment. You determine your values, your relationship with money and other things of value, and how to implement everything that you need to make your plan work. That is right that you determine it all, for there still is the concept of someone else making your life work but for whom? It sure will not be you.


Now the inner and outer sides to yourself are perfectly in sync, and you can begin to see how all of these things merge and work with each other. Now so much of your connection to the world is through the air signs, especially the Sun and the Moon, that all you can do is communicate and keep on connecting till some resolution is made to let everyone do their own thing. Just kidding, but I think this is where we are heading over the next hundred years.


It is up to you to use the power of your mind and emotions. You can also take it all out of the present and make it a past/future exercise; make an effort to let go of anything that is the past, and work with all that is the future. Determination in doing this can make some considerable changes in your life. All those hours of meditation and finding your inner strength could not have been for nothing.


You have now reached a pinnacle in terms of having the maximum power available with the directives to carry through virtually any plan you can think of. Here is where you muster the energy to start to build on your own self and the beliefs in yourself. There are many changes yet to come and you will not be able to deal with those yet, but they are not far off. The more that you can do to prepare yourself the better off you will be.


Here the power fusion aims at the interface that shows your core beliefs about yourself. You will begin to understand how your family was one of the choices you made before coming here, and how those choices shaped you as much as they did. You will also find as you explore your core beliefs about yourself, what you believe to be true about yourself, just what you have given yourself to work with and by inference, what you have given yourself to do in this lifetime.


Your lifetime here is where so much of your life is lived, taken up, and consumed, the parts were we try to deal with our connections to others, for that is in point of order the key to being here. You are here to find your completion in another form good, bad, or ugly. And learn to honour and accept that, no matter what happens. Your need to explore your connections in all forms; your search for a partner is the search for your completion. The power of this interface is your completion.


The power of this interface governs your quality of life and how well you do at accomplishing your goals and attaining or fulfilling your wants and needs. It is how well you interact with the world around you in determining your happiness quotient. You must decide however if you are going to be open and forthright with others, or if you are going to be closed off and hidden within yourself.


The power of this interface with the world lies in being honest and truthful with another. Once you have decided to do this, you will have no problem in following through, for it is the state sought by all that come here and it will be seen that deception only exists in a closed off relationship based on lies. The adage “the truth shall set you free” is the foundation of an honest relationship and being equal with another.


Here you can work with the interface whose power is developed in raising the self to the heights while first of all determining if that is desirable or available. The choice is up to you but first of all you need to know if it is possible to do this, and then you can work through your inner self. At some point in history you will have worked with this fusion interface and should be able to go through the sector that allows you to change with the heights. It is much like entering an elevator at the sixth floor and exiting at the seventh.


It is the Age that the earth plane is in that shows you how to develop and use the power of the interface. Although things are still fragmented, you have accomplished some degree of reintegration that is allowing you to move forward. You will still have to keep working on your values sector to put more pieces of the old you back together. As you manage to get more of yourself together you will rise higher and stay higher so much longer until you go where the denser energies do not exist.


You have the best chance to grasp how it is to move through these interface levels and to end up with more and more of you reintegrated and remaining on the higher levels. Your intention is to do just this until we are all completely functioning at the highest levels and where only love exists. We will then be responsible for the cleansing and purifying of the planet and this will once again be a paradise and a place worth coming to.

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