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JUNE 16 - 30, 2018

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This is the time of the beginning of Summer, when the Sun enters Cancer and we have the longest day. This is the time when everything grows to fruition and then ripens to maturity in the Fall. This is the time of greatest growth and self-awareness.

You will find your place on the Tree and make the major decisions as they come up. It is for you to decide the choices you need to make and it is how you grow. It is the nature of relationships that you grow together or grow apart. It matters not in the great scheme of things as long as you grow.

There is a Full Moon of the 28th.

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The Sun here indicates the coming of massive change whether you believe it or not. You will see weather patterns that have never been seen. You will continue to get strange insights and be able to feel that time as we knew it no longer exists as nothing will seem familiar. The full moon on June 28 adds tremendously to the situation and has the past colliding with the future which defines the present.


Your main direction is to look for change in the world around you. It is in your physical reality that the footprints of change occur. In that instance it will be sudden and dramatic like volcanoes in Hawaii, floods, fires, draughts, etc. with no one knowing what or when it is going to happen. You are advised to look into places that are more stable. For the next little while there may not be long-term living as the earth shifts us around and moves us about.


You have your connection to the world around you coincidental with the full moon and will feel that connection through this. The past and the present shine brightly and the unresolved issues of the past are very brightly embedded in your emotions. You will however have a good sense of purpose and choices as the moon helps to balance things and guide you down the right path.


You have the opportunity to interact in a unique way during this time frame while the full moon energizes the situation. While connecting the past and present to the inner sector, the sun/moon flow allows you to move with less effort into all of the inner selves, to examine the information contained there, and without filters enables you to screen out the blocks and fear based deep levels of self that trigger a release with quite violent results.


You are the balance to the moon energies and allow the dark untapped so called fears to rise to the surface and be dissipated in the light. The interface is between the sector of endings and your inner self. Learning to connect with and release into the realm where these nightmares do not affect you is the most productive thing you can do and will produce the most results and help you to move ahead in this life.


You will find your focus on perfection to be a hold back at this time and you should try to find a way to move on with your life. It is possible to encounter some issues with things happening in your business or career sector, where your insistence on highest standards for everyone including you will serve to hold you back with no real gains is part of you learning to what the world really is, not what you want or need it to be.


We are now connecting to the seat of relationships and partnership issues, and our basic need for someone else in our lives. The search can be a long one, taking up most or possibly all of our lives and time. You find that the full moon is situated to enable you to get help and assistance from even those at a distance. Once you remember why something is needed you will find it and see a major gain in all things in your life.


You are an interesting view from the outside and have the unique opportunity to present your right face to the world and appear to be all things that people want at this time, the full moon enhances your power, and assists in producing the ability to have people drawn to you as with a magnetic personality. You at last will understand why time and distance are not relevant in the broader scheme of things.


The full moon shines through your sector of gains through your connections in a legal manner to other people. Because you know so many people and draw so many to you find great inroads being made into blocking bad karma lying like a mountain range across your path. This is also a good time to see how joining with others can bring safety to ones person. Yours is the sector through which your soul yearns to be free and break off the binding clinging limitations of life.


The soul set free now recognizes the necessity to break the bonds of all of the things that bind and connect you to the earth and hurl itself sunward into the light and become all that it can. It is only when you question this belief that you falter and fall pack into the abyss. Those who believed in themselves, or could use the belief to help others never got trapped in the pit. Instead they became the light bringers.


It is a good time to look within your inner self and to work with those elements of your self, operating through this sector, have ascended to the heights in times past and will be open to doing it again. On the hidden path you will find what you are looking for but instead of rising into the higher places but are still earthbound, you can find your way into the light of spirit.


There is something special about this time, and you can feel it deeply. You are becoming more aware of what is really going on as your feelings and intuitive senses are becoming more heightened all the time. Look at the links between your inner and outer selves and you will see how this is all coming to be. The full moon aids your decisiveness as the big changes you perceive bring new questions and directions. So the world that your children inherit will be unrecognizable to the present you.


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