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OCTOBER 16 - 31, 2018

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We are entering the Age of Aquarius and leaving the Age of Pisces with its gift of religion. The time that we are in is but one step along the way. Those of you who are able to think back to say 1950 and look at all of the changes that have been made in that time slot. It is a completely different world in an age that will have power in the hands of women, for the first time in many thousands of years. Now that is something to tell your grandchildren.

Astrology is the oldest science known to mankind, with recognizable charts dating to some 5o,ooo years ago or so. In all of that time used as directed the information remains valid. In all there are more than thirty independent schools of Astrology and it seems every civilization had one.

If we take relationships for an example, then in every case Mars stands for what you give to a relationship while Venus is what you get from it. Therefore your search for a mate is the search fore your other half literally.

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This period has the by-now familiar bowl shape indicative of an exchange of energy either flowing to or away from you. Since the world around you has a great deal of power, I suggest that you follow rather than try to lead. There are indications of many changes coming up for you starting in the Spring of the coming year and you can feel the groundswell building for a really big wave. Do not try to hold back, but flow with the changes.


It is a good time to delve into your inner self and see what you can come up with that might open up your intuitive side and clear the channels to move forward. In any event it is critical that you become part of a group and bring your special talents to the fore. Be a part that goes together to form a significant greater whole that is much more effective than an individual working by themselves.


The bowl shape that leads us to opportunities to connect with and bring about change is now showing that you have the opportunity to change well in hand and the feeling of freedom from certain obligations real or imagined that you felt that you had taken on. It will be time soon to begin to refill the bowl and to take that to the limit and pour forth more knowledge and so on until it is all done.


Yours is an emotional sign and you interact with the world in various degrees of feelings. Try to alter your conditioned responses at this time and tell yourself that it takes two to argue. There are many ways to win a fight and many ways to lose. There appear to be some good opportunities for a change in job or career so keep your eyes open for good changes especially with those things you looked at in the past.


Your bowl looks like it is on its way to being refilled and so there many good paths to follow with things to learn or express that you can pass onto others. This expression of the self is the leader, think of Moses and the promised land and you will get the inspiration and the knowledge. Love is the fuel that moves mountains and what could be more inspiring for you than love generated path.


Here your metaphorical bowl moves towards being full. You will be amazed at the number of things that are going on in your own backyard, and how much you can accomplish in a relatively short time. Meditation is an easy exercise to do and can be done in a short time and space. All of this is looking into the way that astrology identifies and recognizes us. Since we are all alone in time and space there has only ever been or will be one of you, and you should use that in your meditation.


When you take on life here when the Sun is in the sign of Libra yours is a path with added complexities. Living life through another person is a special journey. At this time you can look for both opportunities and good luck to come to pass as well as the feeling the something or big changes are about to happen. It is a good time to work with associations or groups of people with a common goal.


Yours is the sign of the ages in that it covers your main purpose in coming here, essentially to be complete, find the other side, to become whole. Given enough time and the right circumstances, we are like two mirrors facing each other reflecting infinite aspects of our selves going over and over the patterns that help us to grow and to learn perfection At this time we are working through our inner selves.


Are we more than the sum of our parts and, and can we become more by growing into the light and going over and over our weaknesses until they are no longer an issue or a problem. With each gain we become greater than the sum of our parts until eventually we are the whole and are all one. Taking the opportunity to work through these problems till they are no longer an issue that limits our growth.


You have the chance to do something extraordinary that can influence many people and make a difference in their lives. Look for something that has you feeling excited and follow it up on what comes to you. The orientation of the bowl representing the giving and receiving of knowledge is at its point of fullness; time to pass on the message.


You have entered an event renewal where it is possible to begin a major shift in your life and where you can form the plan for the next phase of your life. We are mired in the Aquarian age where we need to band together and find leaders who will take us into the new age and get us moving in the right directions, to create the kind of lives we are looking for where we focus on where we are going rather than where we have come from.


Which brings us back to the last but not least sign, that of Pisces, and the opportunity to custom create and shape our lives; to thus be able to take care of all of the things that we would choose for our selves. The bowl shape of the energy pattern indicates the outpouring of ideas and the means of getting that message across to the largest number of people.


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