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FEBRUARY 16 - 29, 2020

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Alan is much improved but still weak, but getting better a little everyday.

This period represents part of what will ultimately be the onset of the new millennium. What we are accessing is the experience with what it is like to operate in the new millennium and its energy.

Our individual charts are working on the personal level and represents how we will respond on the day to day levels of our lives. For a while both the millennium and each of us will walk along together.

This will be the end of times but take notice that we do not get to simply drop our undealt with issues. We still have to cover that ground.


Your connection to the earth lies thru your own sign, which leads us to your reality based on always being on the leading edge of the changing year. At this time the sun is about to enter this part of your journey. Expect quite an emphasis on your inner self and intuition. You can expect a turbulent year with many struggles with much in the way of dealing with the outer world, where action is the key. There are some passages you need to be aware of with the connection that you have between the sun and the moon. You will find that decisions will be easier.


At this stage of the year, it is a time that opportunities merge with the patterns of change. We do not always get extraordinary success on high activity charts but we do get what we need. If we look at your chart from the perspective of being a beginning, then for you this year represents a bowl about to pour forth the accumulation of gathered knowledge. This year you will be much more active in the outer world, but far more effective in the inner world.


This time frame generally coincides with the markers for the new year, and so here we have the sign connected to all the close connections you have with other people. You will find many opportunities to associate with others to work with and opportunities to communicate and be in on the many decisions that have to be made to meet the changing times and all that will happen.


During this time, you will find the emotional foundation of your sign becoming more and more focused on your own life. This will have you facing unresolved issues from the past and also opening up blocked emotional pathways. This will take some getting use to but if you are willing, you will be provided with the opportunities that you will need. You will find family members being a major part in this.


Most of your strength this year lies in your ability to attract people and opportunities that almost must seem like luck and openings thru a very strong connection to the outer world. You will make much progress in what you learn and benefit from gains thru personal relationships which will go very well this year. Some problem areas come from where you would expect to have enjoyment in life. Watch out for echoes of the past.


Your strong point at this time lies in your ability to see thru the misinformation coming from the outer world. This may give others cause to think that they have power over you, but you are able to distinguish between fact and fiction. You will find much activity that will bring some real prospects what can come to those people and opportunities at a distance, while seeking growth in your own neighbourhood can have been misread in the past.


This time slot has you doing more than usual with strong emphasis on responsibilities and fulfilling what you agreed to do. From this comes an actual feeling of accomplishment and well being although it is possible that some of the outcome will end up not being all that positive. You will find that the outer world and your connections in it will rather in most cases move on to the new scenarios but enough things will work and you will feel justified. This is an important time because in the midst of everything going on, news from the past will have you winning out on some delayed successes.


At this time your focus will be mainly on relationship issues and getting more out of your existing relationships for that is one part of what you are working on in this life. It is your ability to be attracted and attractive to others, which is your strength. Though the past several years have brought limited times where you have felt that you have not accomplished what you have set out to do, there was a time of adjustment and in actual fact you will see later on in this life that this was a time of winning which only looked like a loss.


This is an especially difficult time, for you must face not only the full brunt of the past but also the necessity to act in a decisive fashion in order to maintain your need to live your life expressed in your need for freedom. Think carefully when you experience some level of confrontation, especially that which contains some expression of elevated emotions. Try to be objective and talk things over.


The thrust of this time has you gaining the benefit and satisfaction of hearing that things you set in motion in the recent past, or perhaps further back, have worked out better that expected. This will cause definitely a shift in your values and have you see things differently. Also you will look at new ways and means of acquiring what was recently unavailable. When you think about making some big moves, then you can set your sights somewhat larger than anticipated. You can consider this to be at the least the beginning of a new dozen years cycle period.


The times we are in reflect the patterns of energy in your connection to the world around you. True progress and success comes thru taking the course and the actions that have the most benefits for the most people. Always remember everyone is equal and should be treated that way. This time for you has outcomes both fortunate and deliberate. Also remember to trust everyone the same, then everything will eventually work out. Continue to examine what you consider important and you can only succeed.


You typify the expression of the main feature of your chart at this time which is Neptune symbolizing the intuition and intuitive living will be going thru Pisces forever. This gives you ample time to learn to live with no solid means but learning thru trust and with minimum support how to bring the answers you need into your awareness with seeming ease. Others, such as partners, may be critical of putting a great deal on what seems to be a win but do not forget the prayer part.


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