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NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2018

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This is the time of great change when the reality you have been creating all these years that now connects you to the new age, to one that has at the core the essence of feminine energy and has waited some good many cycles of the old sun.

This is not some weird byproduct of the hippie era, but the telling of things that have happened many times. Climate change is only one small part of this but look at the fires, floods, storms, and so on that have become part of the ongoing killing spree of the last thirty years.

You will find if you chose to look, that you are the sum total of all of your parts and are connected to everyone. You may question why so much of these days involves change in all of its forms. It is because this is a time of shifts to new directions.

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Here is the time and place where you identify with your connection to the universe, the changes begin to take a solid hold in the real world, and a long slow shift begins. See yourself establishing a new balance. This could be in details with family involved or how you feel about yourself, what has ended in this time, and what it feels like what you are establishing in drawing from your inner creative world into the new world you are creating.


You are about to get deluged with a flood of knowledge, understanding, and ultimately opportunity to make a difference in this world, to be a big part in the implementation of the changes that are taking place all over the world that will be approximately two hundred and fifty years it will take to complete, while those of us are here working on the changeover.


One of the things that opens doors for you presently and for this time is your time to shine and to use the power of the creator to bring what the power and creative force to bear on what ever is needed to bring about the end of times. The world around you is filled with those yearning for freedom and the opportunity to work with those like you who see the future and like it instead of fearing it.


You feel the great rush of emotion and relief swirling through you and lifting you out of the funk and depression that has been bothering you for a while. Emotions can be deadly if left unchecked for a while and you know yourself well enough. You will find a lot of time available to you to sort through this emotional baggage that has been holding you back for a very long time. It is vital to you for do this which is why you have taken on such a challenge.


The full power that you have is now flowing after being frozen for a long time. You will be able to do much more in the coming time. It will seem that all the power to deal with life is located in the real world outside of you, with you having to wait to take actions but if you believe in yourself and that you have the power within yourself, you will see the energy is actually looping through you and back out into the world around you.


It is in your ability to make contact with the higher levels of your inner path that your circle becomes meaningful and your are able to use all that you have gathered. Your inner self pours forth what you have learned to the benefit of all and you are able to help many others. This is definitely a productive time and what an opportunity you see to get ahead rapidly. What you get you have earned.


The power of your core self will become more and more apparent in your outer world, and each day will seem more and more like a sunrise as you begin to emerge quickly into the light. This is the age of womanpower and the more you look the more you will see the truth, there fore you will grow into it. At the deepest of your levels you will begin to become stronger and begin to be able to be you.


This is the time that will mean the most to you in later years and you will tell your children that you were there when the big shifts began to happen, when the people rose up and the misuse of power ended. That is later, we have to get there, but it is coming. There is financial news and opportunities that you can use. If you want to enjoy life then have fun. You are lucky, for most people have to work.


You have additional support these days because you draw the people you need to you so you always have success and movement. There is what we call lesser luck in your chart giving you some breaks but not the full blown kind. Use this opportunity wisely and act with restraint, and you will get answers to those difficult questions and feel confident in the answers that come. The connection that you have to the world around you puts you in connection with many people.


You may feel a sense of internal connection as well as external within self at this time. That is actually what is happening and it is real. You are feeling the other links that are connection and are expanding your self outwards in three dimensions. This is a result of the shift into the new age and is now well on its way. We are now feeling the effects more strongly of the feminine energy of the age we are now in.


Your emotional state is quite calm and under control now and this tells you that you have made some real progress and should see some results very soon now. There is a secondary role here with the presence of a T-square, another major aspect relating to areas where you can move ahead and get some reasonable balance. Once you have the T-square in balance you can be open to greater levels of working on what is really important, your spiritual development.


The end of a cycle has been reached and the last drop of knowledge has been sent out into the world. It is what you have learned and applied that is so important to the whole and to hold back from even one of us is to deny us all and diminish us a little bit at a time. It is important that you deal with the change as you are the changing part. Sit quietly when possible and feel the joy well up inside of you and the change happen. Let yourself be calm and to literally heal yourself. Go where the problem does not exist.


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