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FEBRUARY 16 to 28, 2021

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This is a time when we are all exhausted by the virus, isolation, politics, but know that these things will all pass and we will look at this time to appreciate the changes we are going thru.

Mankind has always walked forward into the Light, though sometimes kicking and screaming, coming out stronger and better. If not, we would still be sitting in the Darkness, wallowing in the mire and self pity.

Look to the Light, go inward, learn, help others.

The significant factor is that everyone can participate to do their part, to clean up any left overs, merge ourselves more deeply in the Aquarian Age.


You will find that you have to put more effort into getting results at this time, but the people once you have shaken them from their late winter lethargy will be clambering for direction and advice. To deal with the need to get oneself into motion, remember to keep moving. Your connection to your surroundings as you are pouring forth what you have learned with the object of bringing balance, opens up access to your inner levels.


You can gain much at this time if you put the work and effort into the letting of the outer world help you to find the right emphasis, to help clear the way. You are not going to be making any major moves, just little nudges here and there, with the object of clearing away the debris from the path. With the right connection to your surroundings, you will be able to overcome some of the unsolved issues present in your life.


You have done well in dealing with relationship issues and working at accomplishing some of the issues of the past, for example overcoming your work on cooperation with others and long term connections to other people. Now you can take the opportunity to work directly with the connection you have with the outer world to clear the pathways and pass on ideas from which you have learned.


You are directed inwards and given the chance to see where the first part of the inward journey could be undertaken. Try to be prepared for a lot of deep clearing away of issues to do with areas that need to be dealt with. These may be primarily relationship issues and involve conflicts over the latter part of clearing a lot of the fear. If it is holding you back, remember you have already worked the latter part of the journey alone.


You now have access to a very powerful balancing scenario. A powerful force is balancing emotional release and the power of a single person to influence many. This is the right time, and cannot be held back. This is where you will begin to see the breadth of the creative power being used. It is probable that this is the time for everyone to make the right decisions. With luck, you will find much more support than you anticipated.


You will soon find that this is the time for real dedication for bridging the gap between the inner and outer selves. You know you are dealing with energy that has a multitude of parts to it, and you have to be expressing preference for being a part of being able to flow in and out of various groups without dominating any of them. It is time to move on when you can feel the feminine energy building. You will find the answers to the questions what have been unanswered before.


You get to utilize your balancing energy far more in this coming time. You come to face primarily relationship issues with more that what has been usual in the recent past. You will encounter what has become the norm that is getting more and more people to participate in taking control of their own lives and their abilities. You have a bowl shaped chart which enables you to significantly alter, and also to receive, lots of energy to face your unresolved issues. It is time to more forward, to deal with those you have conflicted with, and settle the past.


You are well set up to deal with the specialized problems and issues of this rare time, so look at in terms of what you have learned, who would benefit from that insight, and what would you do or need to get that information to that person or people. Many places have facilities that can be rented by the hour. If your special skill is on the practical side, you can rent a place then you can teach others to do most anything.


You are fortunate at this time of great change because you are open to change, and do not get bogged down in details. You are quite adept to deal with facing relationship issues. The benefits from how you deal with things are built upon this ability to take issues, do what has to be done, and then move on. This is where you are, look for issues where to go from strongly focused finances and policies to switching to virtually the country life, with little or no long term problems.


What do you need or seek? Know what your life is to be. If you do not know where to find it, you can access the information you need thru computer searches, courses, workshops, and you can now act on the information to take you from where you are currently to where you want to be, along with the experience of what you already know. You have a good head start of where you want to go, or to be, you just need to find the information and the people to help you complete your journey. Your chart is bowl shaped, which helps you significantly to change and to accept change.


As usual, you seem far down the road from others in levels of understanding, seeing the longer terms of what we are all about in these times. You will find that many people have what you need, and are willing to share with you. You find it good to readily be freeing yourself of being tied into situations that no longer work or will never work. You will appreciate all the efforts being put into now what is close to making some extraordinary progress.


In the rotation of time you will find this to be a small sliver of a bigger picture. It would be advantageous to allow the energy on your inner side to build up on your path and you are then able to put the answers, as you see them, out where they will do the most good. This will now enable you to gather up the fullness of the thoughts that fill your inner levels, so that you can seek your own answers, and pass on what you have learned from your inner planes, to transfer what is now your dominate energy on relationship issues.


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