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October 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers after the loss of first Rocketman in August and recently Snowman. We have many in door kitties and a feral colony which we take care of, but Rock and Snow were two of our oldest kitties and held special places in our hearts.

But some good news, our first GREAT grandchild was born into our family on October 4 (Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces, and Virgo rising), Arya Rose Williams. She is a joy to behold, and of course the most beautiful baby in the world.

Little known fact is that Astrology is the oldest science, and that early astronomers were all Astrologers. Early crude charts have been dated back 50,000 years. One of man's earliest needs was to know where he came from and where he was going.

Our first path is from the Moon to the Sun. We come into this life at our Moon and immediately start the process of change and growth. We leave this life at whatever point we have achieved. Our second path is from our need for a mate and our other half, is from Venus to Mars. What this means is that we begin life expressing the attributes of the Moon and Venus, and end it hopefully expressing those of the Sun and Mars.

The focus of this time is on relationship issues where the key is on the changes that will happen when we make a life altering decision as in ending a long-term connection. The issue is that this time has the action devoid of emotion, just an intellectual decision. The changes in this time occur in the responsibilities that kept you in a relationship.

We have now entered the end times part of our program. The Earth no longer considers us to be good long-term tenants. In North America the east coast is drowning and the west is burning up. Yet there is still hope. There are favorable aspects between the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Virgo. We need to get beyond this and begin moving up into the light.

This specific time period has the energy map appearing as bowl shaped with the Libra Sun positively aspecting Jupiter bringing fortune and opportunity.

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Luck can come through many different guises as can opportunity. There is much manifesting in the immediate world around you, especially where resources are held in common. Be careful. There are many paths demanding decisions that make change with no way to undo what you have done. That is what we used to call either/or actions where you were forced into changing your life where the end result was life altering.


Partner is holding all of the decisive energy and what is being used to decide what you are going to do. To others it will seem to be quitting certain responsibilities and an evaluation of the relationship at this point. Have you truly grown irreparably apart and is there no hope for mending your differences and a willingness to try and make it work? In the past there is much fear and especially where things will go bad again. Yours is the sign what creates the shape of your life here.


There seems to be some remnant of the past as far as relationships are concerned, and you may feel as if you are going round the same old bush for the same old reasons. Although this may be so, things have changed in a number of sectors of your life and there are things in place to prevent you from not moving forward. Focus on getting ahead in the world and recognize that most of us will find where we are going to be a very desirable place.


It seems as if the very heavens have opened up quite a life, like the recent storms and that you are being showered with insight and lucky breaks. It is up to you to take advantage of this and to make the necessary changes. Be prepared to move on. That may be a definitive place in your whole attitude towards partner's loss of freedom, giving up too much a not getting enough for yourself. Compromise is the name of the game.


The Moon indicates that you can be too much of a perfectionist without allowing for the imperfections in others. Look at your value system and see if you do not look for too much for yourself and too little for others. Tied into this are the expectations you place on others, and are not able to compromise and have everyone sharing in the success of all. Where you must put in the most effort is in learning to work with another, share in everything and be all right with that.


You must take in the accumulated collected knowledge from others and take it where you are going. You will carry some degree of pain and fear with you coming to you from the past. It is the future that must concern you now and the benefits to others from what you have learned especially those close to home. Your bowl is full and now you must pass it on. This can come in many ways and forms. Senior centers are good. They are good to work with the past as they used to live there.


You have the potential and the opportunity to directly interact with world around you and make some significant alterations in your life. For example you can gain a great deal of insight by looking within and working out some of the problems that you still have in the area of relationships, specifically your long term connections. Your power is at a high point at this time and information flows again through your interface with the world bringing new information that is quite startling.


The moon is quite high in the sky at this time and thereby heightens the emotions and reaction and amplifies your reactions and responses. It is in your sector of acquaintances and casual connections to others. This is quite ironic being yours is such an intense energy. Working with your energy now will give you a feeling of flow and ease, and bring the right person at the right time to fill your needs. Decisions will be more obvious now, as you will not have to go alone.


This is a time of the celebration of the mind, the intellect with the suppression of compassion and putting the needs and feelings of others ahead of you. Those in charge, or put in charge will not be able to move forward from a position of rigidity. You must try to see this and overcome this as you have the power; all you need is the will. You will come to realize that you are not stuck or a failure but only going through a delayed success time and will be free to accelerate down the road soon.


There will be lots of opportunities to make advances in your job or career situation, as this is the sector you will find the most results for efforts put in. You have almost given up but it is possible to find the opportunities you have been waiting patiently for. You can find direction to where results from effort over years will finally happen for you. It is up to you what you choose to do but the effort has finally paid off.


Look at how much you can find to do, then decide what you want to do, and do it. With the amount of power and energy you put out into the outer world you cannot see the potential for being part of those who bring change about. You function very well as part of a group dedicated to bringing about change and making things happen. You can easily see the problems. You have always sought to align with leaders, strong motivated people. Continue to do so.


Be careful at this time not to let fear interfere with you action. It has the possibility of manifesting in your outer world sectors in what is immediately surrounding you. Try to develop the ability to over ride this problem, which is the most important of the life altering things that you can take on. You will find that there has been changes in the things you have worked on in the past and more are coming up to be dealt with by you.

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