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December 1 - 15, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We entered into a new age with the coming of the year 2000 and we are now seeing this more strongly. This millennium is feminine energy and this is and will become more and more apparent as we get further into the first hundred years. This is the time of the emergence of the power of women. Look around and see what is going on where women are treated so badly. The changes are coming. Up to now women have suffered mainly in silence but no more. Think of all the women now standing up and telling the world how they have been sexually exploited in all times and in all aspects of life. Now we are truly entering the age of the powerful woman and wonder how long till this reaches a balance of equal male and female energies on this plane.

You will begin to see these happenings wherever men have taken the power from women for example the role of healers (doctors). Not all women want to be doctors but up until the 1900 there was little that they were allowed to do. This is the time that will make women powerful again.

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It is vital that you take action every time the opportunity comes up now and in the coming time. I cannot put it any stronger. The time for letting others be delegated to act on vote or run for office anywhere in the world is over. It is still time to undo some damages of the past. Once something is extinct it is gone forever. You will feel a sense of the past and may feel helpless. Who will stand up for the creatures of the earth if not us?


Let the knowledge and ancient wisdom of the ages come from deep within you. There lies the small voice that allows you to create this world, where you know why we must save the elephants. Work with the understanding that every expression of life here is necessary, vital, and part of the whole. Your sign is the earth as others are fire or air or water. See how the elements are out of balance now and this is due to those who have no sense outside of themselves and their wants have caused it.


This is another good period for partnerships and working with others. You might as well make that a part of your daily routine because we are into this time of change and your participation is needed. Until we are through this time, your communication skills are what is going to be needed. Look to develop the way to listen that will have others agree with you and not feel challenged. First of all you need to establish that there is a need to come together and let go of the fears of the past and change.


In our time of change you are water and you will recognize the over abundance of emotions and fears that are also needed to be released. Look to release a lot of the past where your contribution to the whole is concerned. You will see what is being done by the few and think about what so many more of those like you are concerned and how much more can be done on week ends at first, and then larger groups. Think what can be accomplished and let go of empty promises.


This time has you looking at changes in your life and life style. It is important that you honour yourself and embrace freedom where you are tied to people or things that occupy space but are no longer needed on the voyage. This is also time for you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and learn to be a team player not a leader if you so have the ability. Where you will see change happening very soon will be in the area of legal ties and shared resources. This is the change from male to female energy, like it or not.


One thing that you will come to realize in the times that we are heading towards is that we are far more than we think we are and we use only a fraction of our potential. When, not if, we use more of ourselves then we will become more. You will find a lot of extremes popping up at this time and some of these will be labeled fear and some will be from the past, but all will be occurring so that you will becoming whole again and part of the whole.


With the power of good luck and good fortune as well as that of opportunity flowing through your sector of money and values, you will find much starting to happen and speed up. Where for some time your personal money seemed to be flowing outwards, this will now reverse and flow inwards and you will see prosperity once again. Once again you will unite with a partner or partners and work together to see what that means.


This will be a busy time for you and you will have so much on the go. Finances and financial matters will occupy your time as will dealing with recurring fear coming through your partner or partnership sectors. You may experience some massive changes that will have you overwhelmed. Remember that the idea is to make life so much more livable and less of a struggle. You have power, now is the time to use it.


When you have the power, use it. This is your personal new year, and it is up to you to spend some time looking into your life to see what is missing, what is blocked, and what is able to move forward. This is the time and it is not the time to miss opportunities or simply accept things the way they are. You will find that there are many who think like you and many of these will be in the circle of acquaintances that you have put together over the past few years.


Yours is the energy of hidden power and begins the connection to spirit with the onset of Christmas with its bringing of the light, giving of Christmas presents, experiencing the longest night, and the Winter Solstice; this is the beginning of Winter. All of the Christmas mythology is here. You have a lot to do with the using of your personal and hidden power as noted before and you will be amazed at the results you get.


You can very easily become one with what is happening in this time and you are at one and at peace with this age. This is the Age of Aquarius after all and you are what an Aquarian is supposed to be. Be one with this energy, celebrate the change, and look with joy at all the sweeping changes that are now happening. The power is now in your hands with its female energy and equality of all.


One way to look at yourself is that you are truly one of a kind, there never has been and never will be another you. No one else can make this claim. Think of what that means in what you have to give, what you know, what you have done, or what you have experienced. That means you are a treasure, but before you go out and bury yourself, look at what you have to offer. This is the best time to get your own personal message out and conserve what you are.

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