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JUNE 16 - 30, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

During this period the Sun (power), Moon (emotions), and Saturn (fear) are in an extremely unbalanced relationship to each other. This all manifests extreme fear. Those who would have power and control in this life do so using fear to get their own way.

Thanks to Mr. Trump, the entire world is getting a course in how the American political system works, or does not work. It seems that our man Trump, without an inkling of how to go about the process of making laws and moving ahead would rather beat the past to death in the endless pursuit of being right. It seems that everything ground to a halt when Obama left and Trump took over, and things are not recovering.

Trump manifests fear and chaos in all those around him.

Now, if we can get past self-interest and get onto the needs of the whole instead of the few.

Editor's Note: Grey Wolf and partner are Canadian and live in Canada. All comments on American politics are from a Canadian viewpoint, from Canadian and world news, not from U.S. media. For any Americans who feel our comments are biased by false news, please be aware that these are world thoughts.

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You are poised on the brink of great change. You have come through the worst of what you needed to experience. Now you can ease along into the more positive side of things and go about finding more of a balance in your future. Look within for the direction to dealing with any levels of fear and pay special attention to the root cause of these, as it is the long-term problems that cause the greatest harm. You are also connecting to some new responsibilities in your career.


With Venus in your sign expect many pleasant encounters and other opportunities to emerge. You will draw a crowd and meet many new and interesting people. The interesting thing is that many of those whom you run into, you have met before and they are just now working into your life. Others you will find frustrating and this is more to do with those you consider to be family. Those that will have the most impact on your life will be those who have a long-term relationship to you.


It is the time of your birthday when the power you feel is you expressing yourself. The world around you is filled with luck and opportunities that you pull to you like the moon in its orbit. In your financial affairs you need to act decisively and take advantage of what the universe has in store for you. It will be most pleasant I am sure. If you are able to act then you will be able to make the most of what is available to you.


This is a little more spread out than the energy maps that we have been dealing with lately. It seems you have stopped believing in your inner self. This means that there are lots of opportunities to be examined, and that you might see them producing something, the more things that come to you. The energy maps have special attributes and send you clear messages if you go within and believe in yourself.


When you are working with some of the higher energies it lets you have contact with someone really empowered. If you dig deep you will find you have contact with truly high energies. Thus the more you go looking for an acceptable explanation of the Universe the more you are going to discover, and the higher the version of the truth you will find. We are inclined to seek the truth while the truth seeks us.


There is fear everywhere and those in charge of the asylum are not doing much to alleviate all of this fear. Now you know that fear is not real, it just seems that way and know there is nothing to fear really. It seems that this is the product of disbelieve and needs, bringing down fear to some manageable size. Do that and this will leave and not concern you again.


Know there is something working for you with greater fortune in your grasp. With all of the opportunities and luck going for you it is only a matter of time till all this starts finding you again and bringing you some of the rewards that you have been working to, and it is scarcely going to pass you by.


You seem to have a good handle on your life and an even better one on the quality that you have manifested for yourself. You have come to realize that life in the long term has to have meaning as well as goodness to make being here for a long time, and then you can build on it for the future. A positive attitude takes away the raging affects of the devastation that fear brings on and allows new light to shine in.


This is the time of the year that has the sun in your opposite sign, your sector of partnerships where you generally do well working with others. You will find that where there is brightness there is also darkness and worry. Check this out in the outer world where you will find that being too conservative with your use of money can cause problems, as well as being too lax in the use without understanding the risk involved.


Once again your long term planning has helped your life goals, and brought results worthy of your efforts. Being aware of your inner as well as outer power can bring you a balanced approach to life that obviously pays off. You will find that the energy responsible for the fulfillment of those desires will have your dreams fulfilled and your desires met much more often than you anticipate.


You are able to connect to those positive energies that draw you and partner together and strengthen your connections to gather others closer together. This is good for you especially as there is some strong negative energy stopping you from taking on a very strong connection. There is some positive influence helping you as that has a sudden shift in expanding the protection all over.


As a Pisces you live with the dread of the depth and the formlessness of life and the future that has you digging in your fingernails and holding on tight in the present and the past. Looking at what is supporting you seems to be as thin as a spider’s web and half as strong but believe me it is far stronger than it looks.

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