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AUGUST 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

There is a hole in the place where he slept. On August 10th while preparing this forecast we lost Rocket Man, one of our special orange and white cats. This issue is dedicated to his memory. Thank you for eleven plus wonderful years my friend. You will live in our hearts forever.

Astrology teaches us that everything is circular having a beginning, a middle ground, and an ending. Birth, living here on this planet, and ultimately death is as natural as breathing. It is the loss for those who are left that is so hard to take.

There is an eclipse on August 21, the completion of the one on August 7. These are especially powerful and difficult to live through let alone interpret. I am reminded of the adage that suggests resistance is futile and wish us all luck.

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Feature: Astrology teaches that we are all different, all individuals, all equal and important. Astrology does not show gender, race, skin colour, religion, ethnic or cultural background. Astrology does show your strengths and weaknesses, potential and direction, what you have to deal with and overcome, and how you can do this. Information on your Sun Sign is quite useful but having your individual chart done is like reading the operating manual you brought into this life. If you really want to know what is going on in your life, I can help you with this. Visit ASTROLOGY CHARTS

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If you feel as if you have the desire for a change in your life structure yet not the means to decide and follow through, you should wait a few days until there is a change in the inner makeup of your decision making energy. Currently this is located within and it is difficult to access. You have an inner dialogue going on and it is all working on that level. You need input from the world around you to deal with your own inner self that is the past you are trying to leave behind.


You want most strongly to make some major changes in your life, to bring it in alignment with what resonates most strongly. This can be a location, some place that you have lived or visited for various reasons; perhaps it is a person or some endeavors that pulls. It is time to bring your life into alignment and be true to yourself. The only thing holding you back is fear, and more specifically fear of financial devastation. Believe in yourself and let go of the fear and let the rest happen.


There is a lot of fear surrounding you at this time and you are locked into this by your own inability to shake loose and move on. You see the power needed in the hands of others, and wonder where your drive and ability to act disappeared when you needed it the most. The problem being that you placed this critical knowledge in the hands of others and waited for them to take over and make it work for you. They made it work for themselves.


It is possible that things are working out for you for a change, or they might be heading in that direction. You are aware of some hidden power that your partner or partnership sector holds for you and through that connection, on and into you in-laws sector. There is money and resources available if you know the right question to ask or the right person to approach. Do not get mired in previous situations or problems, obligations or responsibilities, but let things flow as you want them to.


You may be one of the first to feel the power flow back into the earth, and be able to act on that insight. Although there is strength in numbers, there is also a balance in the people you are surrounded by in terms of those who are afraid and those who are possessing luck and opportunity, and therefore are strong in supporting the cause and are an asset to help with the change that is coming.


You will continue to live your life in degrees of conflict as long as you refuse to accept the way things are, not the way you would like them to be. You limit yourself by believing in what you are told, or can verify, literally touch and prove to be factual. This puts you in opposition to everyone and everything around you. Work more with your inner self once you admit that it exists and you will find what you need; that it is the path to the outer world and your ability to shape it to your liking lies through the inner being. You will achieve more at this time.


This is a time of being tested for many of us. You may have been through a difficult time, but that will soon be over. You will have learned that it is all right to have high goals and expect high achievements. Partners will find that holding onto something that takes a long time to finalize and then know when to let go and let the changes happen, will be advantageous as will allowing yourself to not only be more but also have more.


This is the time that you can focus all of your efforts into what you are doing in the world, of perhaps what you would like to be doing, that would make more sense. Put together everything that would be fulfilling if done, and see yourself making it happen. Yes, it is that easy, or hard, but it can be done. Take charge of your life and do the things that really fill each day with light.


You seem to be surrounded by worry emanating from partners, partnership concerns. This combines with the changes you fear, to bring about some major feelings of doom and gloom. What is feeding this is the lack of results or success that has been your life for the past while. This of course is moving on and you will once again be your happy go lucky self. In the meantime look up and try to send out positive energy to those around you and try to smile.


You are about as stable as anyone gets with your long term quiet energy and especially the hidden side. As this is a strange time with so many direct connections, that maintaining your contacts and connections will guarantee a degree of stability as mentioned; for you can do exceptionally well in groups or partnerships. It is you ability to keep doing the same thing in the same way and still keep it fresh, that is your strength.


This could be construed as a relatively quiet time with all the action going on around you. Pay particular attention to joint ventures or to opportunities with shared resources, but only if you believe in and trust the people involved. Low energy gives you time to reflect and look within to try and find the best path with the most to offer in terms of future. Fortune comes to those at a distance. It is a good time to break new ground, old habits and a rigid way of thingking and go for it.


You are adept at both beginnings and endings as well as working without a net and having no support or foundation. This however generates a degree of fear with emphasis on having no foundation. You will find things, especially pertaining to work, will begin to go easier and some long lost success will begin to materialize, and reappear in your world and thie mayi br the tilme that they work.

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