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MARCH 16 - 31, 2019

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It is almost Spring, for which I am most grateful. It is the essence of ours, mine and yours, competition to see who can let go of the most karmic anchors and sending ourselves upwards and outwards, into the next go around.

Astrology shows the cycle of the seasons and the map of your journey following them. First we look at Spring as noted above. Spring is represented by birth of all kinds, followed by Summer and all things that grow to maturity, then Fall and things that ripen, and then Winter and all that dies away only to come in the Spring once again.

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Spring arrives and the Earth awakens. Aries is the beginning of the new cycle and the child is born. It is filled with opportunity. Here you have opportunity to see how powerful you are in action. Think of powerful action you can take and imagine you making the change happen. Visualize the change in your life. Now see yourself putting a hold or a save in the change and see the change cast in stone.


You are an earth sign and maintain the physical structure of reality as well as the integrity of what is cast in stone. This time is a special connection between the sun and the moon that allows a much greater than normal processing especially where answers and decisions are required. You will definitely find things going smoother, with results easier, and you might try scheduling major decisions for times like this.


Seek answers and direction with the help of those far away and allow the images that form to help you. Allow the flow to come from outside to end up within. It seems that those people seem to know many, many of the old ways on at least in the short term and you could do well to listen, to be prepared to act swiftly and with intent or follow through.


This is a very emotional time for you especially where you interact with the world around you. Try to work more with the energy instead of possibly against it, allow the results to show you what happens when you are in conflict with the energy. It will help you see more and more broader afield until you change totally with what you would prefer in order to have good possible success.


Partner and others with legal attachments can be very argumentative at this time and the issues may be common assets or resources. It is not wise to bring up mistakes of the past in these situations. It is likely that these factors are what brought you together in the first place. Relationships are difficult at this time and misunderstandings are common and likely.


It is not necessary to be practical and right, and being both may be difficult in the future. You can allow yourself to be less than perfect, try hard to allow others to see your humanity. Try to accept your imperfect self. You can do well as this time to put former outlooks just where you left them, in the past. It is perfectly clear that the past is the past and they may not meet, and that is all right.


It is so good when you make the right external connections and are able to utilize more than you have in the past. We all are greater than the sum of our parts and are able to do more than we show. You could do more than you are able to imagine. The good relationship energy that is rare but so wonderful when they do connect are at full blossom and allows you to experience more than before.


Your bowl shaped energy is becoming more and more common. In this life time and along with others you will soon be able to help those close to you, to release energy and insights to pick up spirit as a second language. It all starts simple, wise and with several in a friends basement and changing what they learned in a more formal setting such as night school classes and within some limitations this can be so effective. What is to be is coming and learning will the next stage you will see results.


This is the time to let go and move forward, to be open to all of the new reality. Your energy map assumes the by now familiar bowl shape and now you will see many examples of people seeking to be part of the new order. Since the new age is about equality and chances for everyone to add his or her talent and experiences to the talent pool, you do not need large amounts of infrastructure. Some of you might see otherwise but most of you will eventually see the new order.


You will find much growth has taken place within the self and the there is to be much more to come in the very near future. You more or less understand the ramifications for the connections and how it all works together. If we are sitting at the top of a ski jump it is only that we have to jump sometime and it might as well be now so that we will not have to be the last one down at the bottom of the hill.


In order for this massive shift to work we all have to agree that we all have an equal share in the proceedings. No one person gets more or less than anyone else. This is the time to build your foundation on this premise and see that everyone keeps to it. It is a difficult transition for you but less so if you approach it with a positive attitude. Resistance comes from those who set up the original reality, the one that kept us all trapped for so long.


This is the time to look at what constitutes personal freedom in this age. The relationship between the sun and moon for example shows how you make choices. You will find it quite easy to do in this time as you have quite a few supportive factors available to you an terms of both people and factors. It is time to put yourself first and believe in what you want is right. No one can take your inner guidance away, not even you.


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