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APRIL 1 to 15, 2020

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This is a major time of change to the world right now.

In our current time, the universe is spread out. Our path is coming to a place that resembles a doorway. The door is open and continues to allow those who have travelled the road to go thru. We are almost to a point where the door will close.

What is behind us is devoid of positivity and is bare. As we go thru the door, we are given many things to take with us as we go down the new road. At some point, there is nothing left and the door closes.

You see, we are at one of those times, as we shift between ages, when more people who go thru the door, more people go into the new age.

Covid 19 is pushing us into a new world, a new way of living, thru a door. There are those who will ignore the door, and not pass thru; and there are those who will go thru to embrace the new life, helping each other, placing less emphasis on material possessions, family and friends will become more important. May we all be one of those who go thru the door.

Please stay safe, self isolate, social distance, help your family and neighbours, take care of your elders. Thank you to all the health care workers, employees in stores, drugstores, gas stations, utility workers, everyone who are out there working to keep us safe.


Your sign represents much in the way of interpersonal relationships, especially of the one on one kind. This connects you to the world around you from which all your connections come. This is a very favourable time for it gives you a great deal of personal attraction so as you will have many come into your life. All of this gives you the added help of a broad field of acquaintances so you are never short of people flowing thru your life.


Your sign relates to the things that are important for here many of the earths changing decisions come to fruition and take form. It is here where you shape your world and envision where you would like to be, and here where you physically connect to what is important to you. It will show the results of your decisions and plans. This is an especially favourable time, for you have many changes to deal with.


Yours is the sign of communication and interaction with others. It is part of the time of great change and this time especially shows a very favourable and exciting change in your world. What is happening will turn out to be a renewal of small town neighbourhoods, with people beginning to spread out around the world, and each will bring an enthusiastic audience for your knowledge. Put your power and energy into what you know, and others will respond.


Yours is the emotional sign where connections to and from the past play such a powerful role in our lives. It is here where you will find some of the answers that you need to sever the ties to what has happened in life. It is an especially productive time for those who have seen negativity in their life, and it will bring answers into your life. At this time you will find family issues responsive to you, with positive interaction.


You will find a great deal going on in areas that are designated to clearing relationship issues. You will find it a time when a sudden shift in understanding, and a desire to release some of the pain, which once you start, it will continue. There is a lot of history here and work done over the years will already be releasing and renewing.


You can put a great deal of effort into job, career, or work for this is the area of your life which has a great deal of potential due to the exceptionally large changes that will continue to happen. You will find an intuitive path that will eventually pay off if you allow the universe to fill you from the world around you. You will feel the flow. The world is aligned in a bowl shape at this time, so allow it to pour forth and thru you with direction.


Since the great age is brought about by the energy of creation, we now come to the energy of relationships. This is one more stage on the path of life that is now shifting into a different paradigm. It is as if a gate opens or the earth shifts. It is now your sign of relationships that takes the lead for you. It is as if Libra is the leading edge as everything changes. The path in front of Libra is filled with a new and exciting energy.


This a very powerful time and here you can make great strides as you find yourself amid energy that will assist or allow you to move along within yourself, clearing the large part of the blocks you have. In your search, you have to understand what a relationship means. The first part of your lesson is to understand that you have to be yourself, that you can no longer hide who you truly are. This is an eye opener for you, to see yourself thru other peoples vision and you will rapidly see changes appear.


Yours is the sign of the freedom of doing your own thing and in truly being your own self. It is interesting that you are out of step with most everyone else. But it is also fire energy, so you live life with passion. It is the fire energy that changes us from the old year to the new year. It freezes the world from the need to establish and build something permanent. Your strength and power is in initiating change. You draw the best of the past and move it rapidly into the future.


Yours is the sign that accepts the new and allows it to move into the future. You are on your way to finally learn what is perhaps the most difficult lesson, that of relationships. Its flow is from the changes and pressures that trapped you, and moves you to focus on steadily clearing the issues that you found so difficult to let go of. You remain focused clearly and sharply on the changes that become the future.


Yours is the energy of the coming age. We are finally beginning to believe in ourselves. We know each of us are different, the creator made us this way. Believing that each of us is equal frees us to work with energy and feel that we are able to work with others in harmony. The first stage is learning how to interact with people outside of yourself, without jealousy or bitterness, and from there all else flows. In other words you need to learn to play well with others.


Your sign is that of the new age where ultimately everything is spirit, where there is no more solid material. The chart is that of the bowl shape and so it shows you that the universe is about to pour forth all the acquired knowledge and wisdom you have need, in order to make the form you envision, into the solid form that you want to create.


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