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OCTOBER 16 - 31, 2019

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This is the cycle of life, of moving on which can be seen in the intro here. Let go of the negative inhibitions and try to break free of the ties and the fears, lift yourself to a higher level of expression and you will find where you have not been before.

It is also useful to make as effort to understand just the signs and how the other signs relate to yours. Every one has a unique pattern that relates to yours and you will soon understand how your family, kids, love interests, those at work, every one affecting you and will then know how to react according to that premise.

Here is the most exciting news of all. It is surely been part of our past. When you change your status with another the relationship changes accordingly. That knowledge has a lot of life saving potential.


This is the real entry of you into the New Age and the events will begin to support you in an ever increasing basis from now on. When ever and where ever this occurs, it is vital that you follow up and deal with those steps that will get you moving forward in a positive fashion. If you feel the need, you will benefit from working directly with a partner and they would benefit as well, showing you the dynamics possible.


If you look carefully you will see the pattern of events that is developing in the creation in the world as you are envisioning it. It takes a certain level of energy to get things moving permanently in a new direction. In any event it can be done. If you need to be convinced you only have to look at history. Many times in the past have been violent and have, for example, caused world wide suffering.


You can see a great deal changing in areas of audio, video, books, and the written word as you move forward using intellect as your means for evolving. You may find some satisfaction in joining discussion groups and end up leading groups or teaching classes using things that you know or have come to your attention. Learn to look within and how to develop your intuitive side via your inner self and you will accomplish so much more and feel good about what you are doing.


You are able to pass on what you know and will find the memories that you have in your inner self not only useful, but also energizing. It is a strong message. You can see that progress is being made in the conversion of the function of the basic structure of this planet to women and feminine energy. In making preparation for this now that it is already happening, things should go well, although not necessarily smooth all the time.


Now you see the effect of working with the energy that is what you are becoming, which gives you here another dimension into your true self. You can feel the power that flows and how it is now beginning to move forward at an ever increasing rate. On the deeper levels it draws those that you need to you and each step becomes important and part of the foundation of the whole.


You will find your connection to the earth and see the logical deductions that you could make. As many people are required, many with extraordinary skill set, you will have plenty to do as your abilities take on the new approach of making others aware of you. You take your lead from a point you can call your connection to the earth. It is this connection made to the earth itself that will enable your success.


Because of your development on the inner plane you will be much in demand with your very powerful creative side. If you look, you with find a multitude of things underdeveloped where you can see others depending on you for help. In this time of massive shifts and changes it is difficult to not get lost or left behind. You will find it easier to adopt a role of listener with so many people having difficulties and seeking advice. Try to work with one person at a time.


Call in all the intensity you can muster and look at the emotions with which you can use as a means to adding substance to how you can shape your world and how to maintain it. You have so much power to bring to the table that you cannot fail. Bring all that energy to help in a completion in the reshaping of this plane. You are especially good at remodeling things in a feminine mode.


You will better understand the concept of the age, especially the age of woman and having that as a power base. It will be apparent in the way you are working through the contacts that you have made and help all these people to become part of what you are putting together. There are many ways of connecting with others, freeing others from the trap called fear, and then they in turn are freeing others. Good one.


This represents the ability to lead and inspire others, and to rise to the top in whatever role you take on using leadership abilities. In todays world organizations favour those who band together to present a united front. You will find changes coming up with family issues where your function is as an elder and you take on the position of arbitrator to help the younger members through some of the more sticky parts of for instance relationships.


You will find many examples of the coming times and age, the interesting times are shifting those on planet earth into more democracy and equality. The first thing you may notice is that many of the emotional factors are changing and then later the physical changes, which will have us all live better. As we lose the fear and the many negative features, we will overcome and the world will no longer be as they were.


This is the beginning and the end, tethered in the cycle of relationships. You will find numerous opportunities to interact with people, but to also seek there is an ideal place where the energies are giving you a choice, where you can go up into the light or the other way down into the darkness and back into the cycle to work on what is holding you back. It also allows you to find deep suited problems so you can make things better now.


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