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SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2018

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These times may well be known as the turbulent times for the entire disturbance experienced by those alive at these times. It just may seem that people politicians for example made it up as they went along. The reason that we can get so much information is that each of us is an individual and when we are put together the pieces form a wonderfully complex whole and we truly are the sum of our parts. Take relationships for example, each of us is two, a male and a female, and the male half is from Mars and the female is from Venus.

Another way of using simple readily available information to help us to get more out of our lives is using positive and negative ratings, that is the understanding that those born in odd years are compatible as are those born in even years. All this and more is available on the internet and so much more if you are willing to look.

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This forecast period begins under the direct influence of a very powerful new moon giving the opportunity for both decisions and new starts to be made. You have come through the unprecedented upheaval of the past couple of years into somewhat calmer water, and are hoping that this period is the beginning of something good. You see the problem in that you, like the rest of us, have given away all of your power. Time to take it back.


Start your new design by creating a fresh approach to a new world. Just kidding, that would be too easy. You are in a situation where you are connected to the outer world in such a way as to have it pulling you in an attractive force and this is how you find those that you need. It is this that will give you what you need in terms of connections and you will find life much better for what is coming up for you.


You are an air sign whose methods are communication and connection. Renew and review your connections and see what is there now. Do not let anything pull you down or back, attempting to pull you off your course. Keep moving forward and ever upward in seeking to be free, to follow your own path. Do not change not for the sake of change but change should be taking you somewhere.


You will do very well in spite of what is happening in the world, for you connect to this time and what is happening now. Some key elements for initiating and developing change are to determine a course of action to make and make the necessary decisions, decisions used to embark on the path. See what has developed in your immediate neighbourhood in recent times, look around for signs. < BR>


Is it possible to shape your reality using the power of your mind? It would be worth testing such a hypothesis. This could be a good idea. Your power is in your hands. Try at this time to accept responsibility for your life by affirming that even by giving your path away to others ahead of your own is putting them ahead of you and that by doing so you have learned a huge lesson in how you value yourself.


You have a strong binding connection between the Sun and the moon showing you to be decisive and pro active at this time. Now let us apply this. You may have heard people talking about how these are such times of powerful change, and that there may be no going back and so it seems that we have been pushed to the edge and belong. If you read carefully you will see that this is probably true. Follow that thought and move foreword.


With your current energy pattern you can make great strides in your relationship sector. There are many things in the past and from the past that have not been resolved, now would be a good time to clear them. In this light you will find many unresolved issues wasting your current time and space, where it is possible to use as much of this energy for positive things in the short time that we are here. Many that apply are current problems and as close to this part of your life as you can manage. You might also go to the beginning as you can remember.


One way of looking at your pattern is by merging your sun/moon connections, recognizing that yours is a conception manifestation pattern. That is you can bring something into existence and utilize it all in one go which is so cool. You can find many issues to keep you occupied as you have some powerful paths to walk. It is through this energy that you can make the most progress as this is the most intense energy there is.


You may use your current energy to gain more freedom for your self. With each positive result comes a stronger sense of belief in yourself and takes you on to greater wins. Each of us has particular strengths and weaknesses. Yours in part is your powerful drive to be free and not to give in or give up. This is the time to take your battle outside of yourself and as far away from familiar sights, sounds, and people as possible especially family who are too familiar with you.


It is through other people that you hear of good opportunities and do well in a short time. This is only one example where working with others benefits you at this time. You are in a position to make good progress now if you take advantage of what is available and learn to follow through. You have a natural instinct for taking the right path and of climbing up. There is a great deal for you to go for.


It is a good time to develop a boarder range of the feelings and expression of love through all of the types of relationships, in all of their complexities and expressions of love. Look for connections to those who are seemingly quite difficult, or remote in time and space for the results to be of the either/or mode so there is something significant to gain or lose. You will either gain big or lose big.


If you think of a situation where all of the power is outside of yourself and where you have to accomplish what you need to do by the cooperative efforts of others then you should do so now. It is a great time for you to gain through your connection to others with so much in a powerful focused force. See it as if you are writing your diary and write down who you are and what you see.


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