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JUNE 1 to 15, 2020

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Change is with us all the time. The twelve houses and ages lead us inevitably to the great age, which is a complementation of all twelve. Currently we are in the interface between two such ages which are Pisces and Aquarius.

It seems we are always in a state of change, some times more so than others. Astrology has always been the best tool for showing change.

The old world is certainly dying, but the shape of the new world struggling to be born is not yet determined.

Chaos does not have to destroy us. The leaders creating it are doing so precisely because they know they are not in control and the same uncertainty they are trying to leverage can easily be used by their opponents.

Dr. Heather Cox Richardson, May 29, 2020 Professor of History at Boston College


As the year professes, you will find a powerful energy of the spring time partially made up of Aries energy. We are now finding an interesting phenomenon in that the year is progressing with one part of the year that is new connecting with the old part, with each day bringing more and more of the new, and less of the old. What is interesting is the way in which this is happening, and will continue to happen in the coming months. Try to be aware of the on going cyclical special effects that are happening with each passing sign giving its own special mixture.


Your connection to the world gets a little easier each day as you become stronger and more adept at deciphering the on going changes. You have the time to work with energies before they take over completely. You will have the experience of working with ever changing energies you work with everyday and use this to create a world in the shape you want. You will find a lot of the things require more and more of going within and using your inner self, and from this you will find yourself becoming more and more decisive, trusting yourself on big decisions.


You will find some interesting new people coming into your world. Quite different from the usual and bringing with them what seems to be just what you need at the moment. It seems your life has settled and you need a little shaking up. Try to get a well rounded understanding of these opportunities where you have been presenting your sides and they have been presenting theirs, to form a stronger and deeper understanding of the whole.


It is here and now that you are experiencing some deep seeded levels of fear that you have been trying to overcome. Go forward and all will become light. From this you will see your direction and be able to make good progress. You are facing some difficult choices in the coming month or so. They are especially difficult because they do not allow much in the way of getting in touch with your inner self for guidance. You will find that your choices will be limited in various ways with your dealing with several things of the either/or variety. Some of these are of the life altering variety and requires great strength of will for you.


One thing that is becoming obvious in the picture of the signs is that the range of activity is quite limited at this time. It would be beneficial to take advantage of this factor at this moment. This would be useful not only in your own development but also in sharing with others. Your leadership qualities and past history of being exposed to management qualities would put you in good standing.


It is not time to get tangles up in small details and to look at covering all bases. Your connection to the earth at this time is to not worry about whether your actions are practical or responsible but just to keep them moving. Reasonable power and not listening to others will get you where you need to go. The changes that will come up are going to happen anyway. You can fill in the details later and if there is no floor to support you, then take the stairs.


You continue to work diligently, clearing out some unfulfilled pockets of relationship issues. From your perspective, it appears that all of the power lies outside of you. This is not true as in all things there is balance. Seek and you will find. It might be said that you have extraordinary power from many years of hard work. You are entering a time where you will gain more and more success and results. Trust your inner guidance.


Your biggest decisions coming up you will find will involve things close to home, although you may not realize it at the time. This will require some rapid footwork down the road. You will find some surprising developments backed by much success. One area of rapid change involves numerous connections to groups of people at some distance from your current locality. It is a fact that you will do well from such groups but reality is you will do better working alone.


You will find areas to enjoy in the outdoors as your work takes you on numerous trips to both the mountains and the seashore. Luck seems to be travelling on your shoulders this summer, providing you with numerous opportunities. You may see your way thru to being less practical and finding what you really enjoy to do. People will enjoy your company as your affable demeanor makes you a good person to be around.


You find yourself struggling from deep seated issues. Your continued struggle is in reality your inability to face certain past issues. Look further at what has been given to you so far in this time together. Change is coming and with that comes significant shifts in your moods. The much needed success that you have been seeking is already here, just believe and put your mind to rest.


It is time to think about tomorrow, where there is so much essential to you. Under the old ways this could not happen as powerfully as is now possible. Be assured that you have good luck going for you that is being carried like a fast flowing river, sweeping you along, with good things coming. Write your thoughts down, showing your belief that all people are equal and give this simple information to others.


One of your strongest attributes is to work without a net. Where others need back ups and nets, you can draw from the cosmos the information you need. Your ability to sue all of your inner and outer powers for good makes you stand out in this time. Use this information to its fullest when answering questions and making decisions, and also to bring some light into this world.


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