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DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2018

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We have been talking about the end of times change for most of the past years. What has been obvious in this exercise is that there is no simple answer as to when or where this will happen, but there will be an ending and a beginning, with a lot of things happening. It will be more of the format of letting go with people changing direction that will become the most powerful force.

Some time in the past the question of taking action was posed with which will have the strongest result and looking for what is the first place to start. The answer to what should take precedence was to go where the problem did not exist, to a place free of disease, for example, and free of all of the things that still plague mankind.

To look forward and glimpse what is coming is to find reason to go on. I am always grateful for those pictures, those images like the most primal, my vision in 1990 gave me of two roads, with one leading upwards into the light, the other returning into the darkness. Since that first time I saw the light, so to speak, the substance of that vision has only gotten stronger.

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The shape of the energy pattern emulates a bowl. At this time you are about to learn something new or find a different path for yourself. It all suggests that you are manifesting something tangible in being part of the end of the beginning, being part of the change that is increasingly affecting the whole world, separating the light and the dark until it is visible where the light is and where the dark is, then the separation will be complete.


This is the time to put more of you and your time into building more connection and creating structure in your life. The operative word is creating, for you are connected to the world by the material that every other thing stands on, and if we are making a change in the make up of the planet then you need to build us a foundation. Dwell on current weather patterns of wind, fire, and now winter and you will see we need to get to higher ground that is limited in what it needs to give to us.


You will feel more of the duality that you live with by splitting yourself and what you possess into two halves. You will be fortunate if you see clearly and understand how you can use your self to be able to do more and accomplish more, if you so desire. Anyway, the knowledge you possess is needed by many people and so this shows you that many people need you and the strengths you offer. Strength is what you have to give to others.


The magnitude of the emotional levels within the self for most people is quite high due to the reluctance most of us experience when approaching inner clearance work. Here the bowl or the energy patterns offers you the opportunity to build up sufficient energy to balance the energy long enough to pour it from the side and sweep the negativity to the side. You can do this if you so desire and have the build up sufficient to clear the path to rid the self of unneeded energy.


The path through extensive change in regards to energy shows we have the wherewithal to make it happen and to shift to a place where the disease is not and the weather patterns are not. If we look at the available energy and consider yourself to be a leader in the fight to get it right, then you will understand that what is happening is far greater than we understand it, and the part you have to play in the greater scheme of things is more rewarding than previously recognized.


You feel the Moon rising, bringing with it all of the judgments, criticism and the lack of forgiveness of the self. At the same time you are attracting a lot of new people eager to find what you know and how they can get it for themselves. One conclusion they have come to is that big changes are inevitable and are going to happen soon, this is now a sure thing. The bowl aspect is oriented to take as much energy as possible, and to have you realize that this is really happening.


In a broad sense you might say that where you find Libran energy you find relationship issues. This has been true for the seven or so million years we have been here. Instead of dealing with minor issues that have not given you lasting change, you might look at what is deeper and embodying more fundamental and lasting. If you look at using what is available, you will see that relationships are mostly confrontational, landing you in a series of conflicts and power struggles, very little to do with love, equality, and feeling that connection to your other half.


Here the creation action takes place on your inner levels and you will feel this action because it happens in the inner parts of your emotional makeup. It is as if you struggle with dealing with your feelings and manage to bring through enough to flood the issues and to get rid of the issues, but not enough of a torrent to wash it all away. Your healing takes place out of the sight of others and you to be what those others want as you do not take on these cleansings out of sight of the worlds around you.


You will find yourself feeling extremes and caring intensely about those you see around you who share in your intensity. You do not care for those who care little for others, who do not put the world ahead of themselves, those who seek only to grow for themselves in money and power and do nothing for others. Leadership brings with it caring, empathy, and looking after those who cannot look after themselves.


You will find greater strength because of how much is available to you. With all of this great strength and power you have that is yours, the thing that helps you the most is the enhanced attraction that you have for so many people. The thing that you give the most is the support, whether it is giving the support that others need for success, for that positive success that you and they need.


You will have good opportunities at this time especially in financial matters. Whether you take advantage or not, that will still have positive endings. This is an extraordinary time to gather up all of those connections and contacts from the vast quantity of people you have found over the time you have been making yourself visible and useful. In the time we are in, that of massive change you will be needed more than ever.


At last you reach the symbolic end of the line with the bowl once again is oriented to pouring forth from the time of all of the previous times that this had come due. Now you can convert all of that energy into matter and make the world in your image. The power that you are feeling as a creative force comes to you as mind energy and gives you the balance that you need to accomplish the aim of this part of the path.


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