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May 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

There is a continuing trend now towards positive aspects which might be a trend ending the masses of negative aspects we have been enduring over the past several years. Multiple trines (positive) are a lot better than what we have had to deal with. As it is the bowl shape it is dispensing knowledge where needed or taking away negativity.

It most certainly appears that each of us is the holder of individually gathered wisdom that we can give to or share with others. It is appropriate that the ability to create ones own books comes about at just the right time.

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Feature: Astrology teaches that we are all different, all individuals, all equal and important. Astrology does not show gender, race, skin colour, religion, ethnic or cultural background. Astrology does show your strengths and weaknesses, potential and direction, what you have to deal with and overcome, and how you can do this. Information on your Sun Sign is quite useful but having your individual chart done is like reading the operating manual you brought into this life. If you really want to know what is going on in your life, I can help you with this. Visit ASTROLOGY CHARTS

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As is usual at this time of the year there is the possibility of reconnecting with the world around you in new and startling ways. What do you value and how hard would you fight to keep it? Emotions run high especially where job or career is concerned, and where there is the reality of a possible loss, as those who cannot hold down a real job make decisions for others. It is said quite realistically that those who have little or no talent are the ones put in charge.


This is your power time and to make the most of it now would be a very good idea. With so many trines available to you, decisions concerning relationships and partnerships are especially good right now. You are likely to come across information and ideas that you would not easily find. The same holds true for your surroundings and now is the time to seriously reclaim what there is within walking distance.


It is time to act on your own behalf and decide to clear away a lot of memories of the past and to stop being angry with another or others. Realize that it takes two to strongly disagree and if one of you decides to let go of a piece of information then the other has no choice but to follow suit. There is a lot of hidden power within you benefiting the ability to act decisively in your own interest and that would be the best course.


There is something amiss this month in your energy map. Your emotional expression is usually centered within you as you are an emotional being, but the moon currently hangs in your opposite sign. In that way it tends to negate your emotional way of dealing with things and creates problems accessing much deeper information and understanding. It is like you have two levels of your view of the world at this time leaving you feeling rather frustrated, with no wins in the view of life.


Your power still resides in your ability to create life out of your view of things and therefore you will always look upon the world in your image. But it can be misused and that is a problem, when the world around you creates reality rather than reality creating the world. It is still for you to act in concert with the sun and have your decisions flow; this should always make knowing what to do much easier.


A good time to act on your own behalf as far as money is concerned. There are elements of fortune and luck now, and timing is everything. On a more mundane front there is some good information coming up regarding work and career. Do not overlook the smaller less flashy things and they can all add up over time.


You might not agree that the past year or so has been a good one. Intense you might agree with, but not so good. In fact I believe that history might support the many gains made under this time. In any event as with the rest of us this is an interesting time. The connection between sun and moon has supported decision making, and the emotional blocks that are coming down will make for some really positive gains over the coming time.


With the power of the sun in your sign of partnerships and connections, this is the time to let of only you having control over the events of your life, and experience a time of being a part of something greater than the self. With the collection of trines supporting your decisions, you can find out how much easier it is to make progress in the world with others than to try and do it all alone. You have a well of information within and now is the time to utilize it.


The time is coming soon when you will have the results of all of the hard work that you have put in over the past couple of years. You can expect a lot of freedom as well as tangible results. Expect a significant change in your quality of life as things start to untangle and you will have the means to change whatever is hampering you and live life for the betterment of the self. Think big as you are about to go big.


The moon pours light into your sign, but the energy is far too rigid and structured, and that will be a problem. Between the emotions on the surface of you, to the hidden power emanating from deep within you, this is the time to take a hold of the real you and not to be blocked by the things that limit you. This is your time and it is part of your role to take a leadership part in what is going to happen. Basically we are about to shift a tiny bit into the future and leave this mess behind us.


Yours is the sign of the equality, and understand that we all have a part to play in the world in where we are going and what we are doing. Release all of those who cannot let go or will not let go. You would not believe how many times we have gone past this fork in the road without doing anything about it. It is now time because this may be the last time for many of us. This is true in as much as each time we go around more people have got on so some have to be let go.


You have made it to the separation of the roads, one leading up into the light and the other leading down into the darkness. The darkness is an easy habit, but the light is awakening and is harder. Do you think that there is a choice? It is only about moving forward, and know that we all came here to this and now we have come to participate in the ascension of man and the end of our childhood. It is time to move on, to adult.

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