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SEPTEMBER 1 - 15, 2019

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This is another in the series of simple Astrology that can help you to answer questions, to get some additional viewpoints, and to help you to get your life just a little more in order. Hope it helps

Most people know their sun sign. When starting a journey it is best to know where you are going. Note that your sun sign is what you are becoming, not necessarily what you are. Some people know their moon sign and are conversant with their past, what they have to deal with in this life. Some can have their chart weighed against another persons chart and so have somewhat of a head start in relationships.

In this forecast you can see how energy patterns react to the ever moving, and you will look for mars venus connections for example for romance or sun moon links for growth and so on. It is simple yet complex. In the end this is the make up of the yellow brick road. Enjoy the journey.

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It is vital in this most strange of times that you are who you have always been and leave the pretenders to others. In trusting to the guidance available to you by and through others, you will take the way that leads you to a positive connection to others, to the right alternative, the path which leads to the right way into the light, not the way which leads back down into the darkness. Some of the changes are permanent for the change is forward only, and some are not. Choose wisely. Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness.


Being an earth sign, your part in the greater plan is to change the really dense destroyed ground and work with coming up with more fertile regions, getting rid of the polluted earth. In this way the worst of the contamination may be dealt with but the worst of it will take a long time to clear land, most of it will be with us forever, or until the next ice age. Become more involved with your environment and work with those doing the work.


There is new information coming, new ways of seeing and understanding. You can be very effective and useful in communication and teaching those who wish to learn; to spread the word to those far and wide so that everyone who wants to can be part of the program. It is now necessary to involve as many of the general population as possible so that the momentum can be carried forward so it gets as much coverage as possible.


Somewhere in most of us lays some dark and dense energy, and now is your chance to get rid of as much as you can. This is the ultra darkness containing what is left of the past, where you are truly blocked and unable to move. There are strengths, powers that you brought with you to finally eliminate any residual that causes you so much difficulty and pain. Now you can release what is the key difficulty.


Here you have a chance to get a feel for where you are going. The sun represents what you came here to become so it is mostly where you are going, and what you might be. You might find yourself making sure everything is proper, in its place, clean and dry before you will allow yourself to do much in the light, so finish up and put everything away where it goes. Loosen up a bit and see if you can get better results.


It is your chance to get a solid grounding and to run the highroad in terms of looking at the quality rather than the quantity. You know when something is right and can relate when something is not right. Experience the highest form of right but do not drive yourself nuts, you can experience a feeling of perfection and especially working with the earth and what it is like to be connected but give yourself the option to have a few flaws.


Here the wonderful balance of Libra working to help relationships stay steady and being positive. You will find things much smoother and pleasant as time passes, as life gets better. In the communications mode the concept of balance will show you what it is like to have equality, and not an all or nothing state. This is the highest point you can reach and still be on this level.


You have worked long and hard to reach this level but you still have more to go. The keynote here is extreme levels of emotions and pointing out that it would be wiser to work with slower forms of emotional energy. Do not cause problems because of your tendency to fight with yourself. Try to relax to more and not get pulled down into the midst of it all.


You will now find the ways and means of moving forward and to no longer be restricted to one level or one path but be open to be free. When you look at what it means to be free, which is the concept of Sag, and blend this with the terms of letting the past go then you will find the ways to work with the energy that will be freeing and not tied to another situation, and move forward in joy.


You become more and more aware that the old world is passing away leaving us with a brand new start, and a brand new planet to deal with. If only it would be that easy and the results guaranteed. The results that are guaranteed will go out to everyone involved suggesting that the more you utilize your strengths and focus on your power, the more that will open up to you and open the door to making things happen.


Here is where things are weighted on your side and you can get some breaks. With some of the more powerful energy allowing you to move on, release the problem so you can make progress at a satisfactory rate, remember there is nothing wrong with progress. The only thing that you have to worry about is finding the right people to accomplish your short term goals and have fun doing it.


It is with the groups that are far from you in terms of space that you make the next breakthrough to find a way out of the stuck position of the past few decades, to make some real progress. Once you can move on, you can use the ability that you have to attract the people that you need and build up your power to really start to have it happen. Bringing in a part of the end result is very satisfying and it will mean so much in the future.


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