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JULY 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Astrology gives us the tools to fine tune our lives, It does not give us more than we can handle, or less than we deserve .

Always remember that the principle of Astrology is that it is essentially a mirror, and that it reflects what is happening on Earth, it does not create it, that is our job. The problem becomes as more and more of us start to create (our own) reality, it becomes more and more common until it seems as if many people are each directing their own movie on the same stage using the same people and the same sets.

Imagine what a conflict that would be. Actually it sounds quite familiar.

Grey Wolf is an Awakener, combining the aspects of a shaman, life consultant and coach, metaphysical trainer, and spiritual advisor. Through a multidimensional approach, you can realize your true Power, Potential and Path, and awaken to the full richness of the life you deserve, the life that is your right. Decide today to be all you can be. You have nothing to lose but your limitations and needless restrictions. Contact Alan Grey Wolf for more information on how you can stop just existing and start living

Feature: Astrology teaches that we are all different, all individuals, all equal and important. Astrology does not show gender, race, skin colour, religion, ethnic or cultural background. Astrology does show your strengths and weaknesses, potential and direction, what you have to deal with and overcome, and how you can do this. Information on your Sun Sign is quite useful but having your individual chart done is like reading the operating manual you brought into this life. If you really want to know what is going on in your life, I can help you with this. Visit ASTROLOGY CHARTS

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Most radical changes historically have been slow, like glaciers. Then there is the other kind of change. This can be rapid and usually permanent. There are indications of this, suggestions, perhaps as it shows our new connection to many new people, mostly younger in age. Sudden shifts, and everything is changed forever. Think of a solar flare that knocks out all digital communication. We would be back to the stone age. I am not saying that this is going to happen, only that it could, if there were a person in power and really unstable.


Because you are an earth sign and reflect the more day to day occurrences on planet earth, what you might see as change would be on a technical basis. The change that manifests would be of the mind and belief system. If you look inside of yourself you will see how this effects you on and emotional basis and changes what you believe, in any event what is happening over the coming time is a complete shift in conscious awareness.


It is time to take action and take back the power that was taken from you. Those in power now only have it because you lent it to them. It was not your intention to give it away. This is true in every area of your life wherever interaction with other people occurs. Now you will see how lax you have become in the negotiations that constitute relationships. You will see this first in your home locality and it will spread from there.


Your world exists in a state of dynamic balance dependent on many different causes. Look within to find answers and clear direction. Trouble never seems far enough away as you feel sudden shifts and changes out there in your sector of work and what you are doing now. Disruption comes when the energy map is unbalanced. You can make progress now.


You are in the time and space leading up to your personal new cycle for your self. Look to those peoples and opportunities that come up at a distance. As there might be good prospects out there for you. Whether you seek change, or change is thrust upon you, it is coming. Since you create the final result it makes it imperative that you make it the best for you in all respects.


If you experience change or impending change this forecast period, it will be the result of long delayed success. You have been feeling this delay in so many of your sectors, but now things are starting to move and this motion will continue to happen. The long held sadness over bad endings with partners is also moving on and you will find more positive relationships coming up.


Our theme this forecast period looks at balanced energies. These occur when pushes and pulls occur in opposing sectors and tend to cancel each other out. Relationships are difficult at this time with you quite excited with what is new, opportunities, and good luck. It is enough so partner feels a sense of loss and sadness. Here change is felt by each in energy that cannot handle change. Both push but only succeed in creating standstill.


Look into the possibility of favourable conditions or the manifestation of good luck with partners. Best bet, look within for direction. This is essentially a good time so make the most of it. Restrictions or limitations around money will lift and you will see the results of past efforts. This overall sense of movement will finally work out and create a healing where conflict has been the way for sometime.


A lot of time has been spent doing for others over the past several years. Now things are starting to shift and you will come to see that balance exists in a vertical sense. What you have done for family and out of obligation to your self and the world in general way will now let go of all limitations and restrictions. This will leave you free to follow your heart and face down the ones who do only for them selves and now need to see that there are others here.


You are about to experience a time of slow success and seemingly poor results money-wise, and it is best to remember that this is only a short time over all. It is a readjustment leading to bigger and better things. It is the outer world that seems to have the power at this time so it might be a good idea to look for partnership opportunities, and/or to look for other opportunities and ideas.


Look for opportunities, luck, and good fortune, but not in your usual and familiar haunts. There is a great deal going on, but not necessarily in your cognition or in any way that is meant for you. A need for change is formulating and is being brought on by a heightening sense of sadness that is both wearisome and wearing you down. You will start this new cycle of luck and opportunity by over hauling your living conditions and moving it on down the road.


You are sensitive to not having a solid foundation for your life and may feel some worry or anxiety with the past flooding over into the present, and the possibility of sudden change leaving you without an anchor. Partners can provide some good advice and revive your shared vision of how your life should be unfolding, so seek them out and your spirits will lift. In general you will find this true for any contact you manage.

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