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AUGUST 1 to 15, 2020

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What ever happens in reaching out to the universe, in essence expressing that you are ready to move on, you will know when the time is right.

It has been said that the universe gave each of us our own way, knowing that we will find that part of the whole for us and begin the next phase of the journey.

To use as a key in unlocking, so to speak, that is ours alone. You will step onwards and upwards, letting go of everything that is darkness.


Energy patterns would indicate that the connection with the world around would bring benefits where actions are taken. You will find that activity taken today will bring additional connections to the earth around you, and therefore more things will happen. Relationships as well will be more dependent on actions, both active and passive. For example Mars is the energy you give out in a relationship, where Venus is the energy taken in.


You show major possibilities especially in where you are connected to the first house of environment. A further connection linking more possibilities brings a very real opportunity in your sector of career. Approaching the sectors that govern that which lies deeper in where your values are established and where decisions made on changes, we will see a lot of activity that urges actions.


You benefit from striking a balance and therefore are likely to find numerous opportunities that can be characterized as good fortune and good luck. We see this happening especially in the sectors closest to that of the self. Reaching inward you might find that there are good potentials available and if desired could manifest such things as partnerships, or where you are going to look for partnerships.


What happens for you now depends a great deal on what you have done in the past. The emotional strengths can take full advantage of this question of existing partners and to answer the question of taking on partners. These are life altering decisions. When the additional possibilities manifest in an either/or scenario for example, you can use the answers that come to you thru your psychic sector, or you can use the information coming to your from your practical sector.


This is a very profound time since it appears that all of the actions, intuition, and connections take place on the outer levels. For instance you may be asked to meet new people or to take on responsibilities that would have you acting as spokesperson for example. You will see that you will do well in this field and will attract many people to you.


Here you should look at a new vision of that which keeps coming up for you, especially where you have worked with groups of people in the past. If you let go of your natural tendency to want to run things, try turning things around. You do very well also at delegating work for other people. You may also look at places where you are owed favours from the past, as you might be pleasantly surprised that there are so many willing to help you.


You are looking for balance at this time but unfortunately with the passive energy of Venus taking up the active energy of Mars the balance is hard to strike. During this period look for opportunities to see where the balance lies, and work towards repairing it. In looking for places where balance needs to be struck, look for resolution in your work or career. But balance can be struck in any area.


It is still a time in your development when you simply have to put as much effort as you can where you have established a need for balance. You will find much in the way of success coming that may surprise you, for you have worked long and hard with little success. Now it starts to flow, and you need to believe that it can happen. It is certain that success is coming to you and that you are attracting the people you need to make this work.


Decisions are difficult but you find that so much of the seeking direction and by working deeper within it will begin to open doors. Get use to building upon your own inner strength. You will find the answers that you need come from within, and the answers are already there and coming to you. Remember when it comes to answers you need to build from within, and these are closest to the outer, and those that come to you intuitively are deepest within.


You are having some clear moments and it is suggested that you should put maximum effort into connecting to the world around you. There are two possibilities that involve decision making mode. If you use your inner vision, then you can move on to a specific direction. If you use an either/or approach, then you will find this to be the best approach. If you tap into some previous attempts at finding the best way, then you will see that you have a third option now that we are into what we consider to be a delayed outcome.


If we look at where you are, your passage around the sun, then we see that the pattern that you generate is that of a bowl shape. A bowl shape suggests that it is time to pass on your knowledge and wisdom to others and then to look at where you can replace this by seeking new directions for yourself, to begin the journey of replenishing wisdom where ever you find it. At this time, it seems that the most effect with minimum efforts comes thru seeking answers, and then applying them.


And here Pisces once again completes the circle and readies themselves to usher in the beginning of a new cycle. This time the new era begins in conflict that lies within ourselves and must be dealt with that way. Keep telling yourself that there is not alternative solution. What ever you start, you will move forward alone, and seek your own path. This might be a good time to look into seeking companionship, recognizing that Pisces rules small animals.


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