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MAY 16 - 31, 2019

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The one thing that you will see happening constantly as we transition through this change of ages is just that, change. By the time we are well into the introductory phase of the journey you will not recognize yourself or where you are. Just take a moment to revisit the past month or so and you will begin to realize the extent of change to come.

The extent of changes happening now and increasing with time is quite extraordinary. Astrology, used in the manner cited in this column, can provide masses of easily read information. Things such as relationships can be treated like a person and you can see how a life being lived by a couple goes through the same ups and downs.

Each period moves us further and further into the Age of Aquarius and all of the changes that come with the shift plus the protracted trip through the male energy we have been experiencing.

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You will find so many ways in which your connections to the outer world, the world around you is shifting and altering, with so much to do, to try to keep up. If you are in a proactive mode and looking for change, this will be an ideal time in your life, for nothing stifles you as does every day being the same, with the lack of stimulation.


Like you will see in so many parts of your life, you are being deluged by change. It is not a simple matter where one has a direct path and obvious direction. You will find yourself up to your neck in very familiar situations with lots of times you end up doing the same old same old. Do your best to not get drawn into the familiar but try to find the key to where the familiar has become recognizable.


You will find a balance of sorts and work with this to find the solution to some of your problems. Take matters into your own hands and use your own inner guidance to deal with some long term problems that have spiraled out of control. You can also look at this as it will turn out to be an excellent chance to look at communication problems where the solution has eluded you for a while. You may expect a different outcome.


You have a very nice balance of energy at this time, one that should allow you to make some real progress. If you work with your own sense of self to strike a balance with the world around you it is possible to make some headway or at least to move forward. Hopefully you can let go of some long held issues in order to shift things to a different connection to your location.


This is a time to see things clearly and be able to make some much needed and deserved progress. You are in a position to do some real change in your relationships and your interactions with those who are nearest and dearest to you. You will find yourself at odds with the people and situations around you and having to make concessions. You can try making the choices that suit you the most and you will find life picks up and feels better.


This is a very emotional time especially where finances are concerned. If you decide to explore your options in this and other opportunities you will see that there is more out there for you than you were aware of and this will give you something to work with. It is a powerful tool to realize that you are part of a greater whole, and that what you are is part of the grand scheme of creation. Beware of the power of negativity blocking your progress.


Try to find common ground when communicating with others especially those at a distance whose beliefs and views of life are much different than yours. This may seem a given but most of us look at life where everyone thinks like us. In this way you will attract people who are understanding and life will be so much easier. You will be surprised once you are are able to sort out your feelings that you are attracted to others because you see life like they do.


Investigate financial matters of all kinds at this time and put things out there that may come to fruition in the future. You might find some long term success and be the belated winner in what has been a distinct failure so far. Also, when someone goes out of his or her way to make you aware of an opportunity, then you should move on it and follow through. The energy maps of this time for you promises many things coming your way and much success coming to you.


This is a time when relationships are the theme and dealing with issues that are too long undone. There is a quantity of freedom that shows some of the positive direction that you crave, and there is definitely a need to through many of the irksome limitations that are holding you back. It is time to examine the reasons that you feel obligated to put anothers needs ahead of your own. This can only come when you gain an understanding of what is meant by truly leveling the field and seeing everyone sharing equally.


It is a time to move forward and to look for new challenges and to pool your efforts with others in such a way as to spread yours and others efforts in a broader and broader base. This is not only a good time for partnerships but it might seem like the only time, for opportunities like this do not come along very often. It is one of those times where it all comes together and you can enjoy it while it lasts and actually feel good about life, success and looking out for each other.


You have a strong sense of direction especially where matters of the past are concerned. It is as if you can close your eyes and connect with the bigger picture and then know what is to be done in order to get any reward not already taken up by you along the way. You will be amazed at the quality and quantity of the changes that are taking place deep with in yourself and how much your feelings and total emotional picture has changed in such a short time. Be open to all the change you can handle.


There is a great opportunity coming up for you with a decent level of fortune attached to it, possibly suggesting that you will not miss out on the changes that are happening no matter how hard that you try. You have the chance to travel and to expand out of your neighbourhood and to connect with the greater whole and more of a worldwide basis. The pattern or energy formed suggests that that this is a time for inner work where still required and that family might be highlighted.


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