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OCTOBER 16 to 31, 2020

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Each passage over the year by the Sun thru the twelve signs brings us a little deeper, a little further along in the renewing of the age. There is the opportunity to deal with unresolved issues, so take advantage of inside gains and profit more in looking forward.

Where there is change, there can be gain, and this is especially true when looking at where issues can be resolved, with good luck as an additional factor.

Now for the preachy part. COVID-19 is world wide, not just in your part of the world. Some countries are doing better than other countries but we all have to listen to the doctors and scientists. Wear a mask (which can look cool), social distance, do not go out if you do not feel well. You are doing these things for others plus for yourself. Do not be selfish or as we say in Canada, do not be a trump.


You experienced a shift in the centre of the chart concerning job or career where so many changes have happened requiring many decisions. It will be difficult to create a strong connection. Amongst those questions lies tension between your ability to process change and your connection to the world around you. The tension created between these two areas is called a square that represents inner battles with yourself.


Your chart at this time takes on the bowl shape indicating a time of great increase of information, understanding, and general good fortune. By facing uprising questions and answers, as well as opening your mind to universal truths, then you will prime the pump as they say, which encourages a continuous flow of those universal truths. This works best when directing a flow with your mind thru your connection the deepest levels.


Your sign represents connections that you have created by your location. You will, if you work at it, feel a general connection to your immediate neighbourhood. Use your inner mind and move thru the various levels till you find the one that matches what you are looking for both in being closest or furthest away. If you allow yourself to simply let go, to float like a cork on the river, then it will be your higher self that guides you.


At this point you speak for those who are involved with working thru the interactions of relationships. If you speak up, you can negotiate the direction of the problems you face, thus you will achieve much progress. The shape of the bowl at this stage of your life is represented by a reverse in which the information and the direction you supply is processed into the questions and decisions that you will have made. Remember that Cancer with its strong emotional content is ruled by fear, do not be afraid, move on up.


In your chart of this period you are showing most of your available processing energy has been tied up in the outer world. Your true nature serves you well as in dealing with your ability to manage and direct. It is here that you shine for you are not afraid and seek only the truth. You will find with investigation why there is no movement in areas connected to career or job, but we will leave that for another day. There may be difficulties in making decisions at this time and so you should put off making big decisions.


You are dealing with many people and it is your background in efficiency, fairness, and connecting to those who are the best. In seeking to clear debts you need to ascertain the best step it would be desirable to take. In doing so, you release some of the knowledge gained in reaching this part of the road. Look carefully, seek your inner guidance, and you will make real headway. You should be able to reach deeper in your inner section that will allow you to take all you can from your inner self.


If you will continue to your true nature, then you will seek to achieve balance, especially amongst those areas where you feel you can work a little luck and opportunity in your daily life. You will find some difficulty in knowing which of a number of pathways to take that are leading off into the distance. You will experience some inner conflicts. This usually occurs when experiencing inner and outer struggles. You may find a lot of conflicts being resolved but that comes from some of the positive energy reacting with partnership conflicts. But again, if you persevere, help will arrive.


Most people would be positive and appreciative with the happy go lucky side of themselves. You will be able to inject some positive energy here as one of your connections to the great whole is planetary influenced in releasing energy. You have been holding on to negative energy for a long time, and you will find that it will be already have been dealt with, but apparently you were not ready to move on. You will find that this brings a great elevation of the self, and basically are uplifted by your presence.


Here in Sagittarius we have another example of a bowl shaped chart, again indicating the pouring forth or gathering of knowledge or wisdom. You should be prepared to act on this at this time. The forces of taking action are coming to the surface and should be dealt with in a decisive way. From this, long held accumulations will release a lot of energy from where people can seek wisdom and it may surprise you that this is far more than you have ever accomplished in the past.


As you now may find the world is filled with opportunities and direction. You may feel inclined to follow up to where your talents lie, to put some more emphasis on the courses in management and business communication. This is something you have wanted to try. It may seem like a coincidence where these various things came to you but it was what you had created yourself in your inner mind. Allow yourself to investigate further and act on any ideas that come to you.


You will be in the first group to go thru multiple changes that come up. As you investigate, you will see a change of which you are only a small part. Much of what you routinely see comes to you because of your reputation and although there exists the multi level approach where one person talks and all the others listen, it is in reality many people talking and some listening. At this time it will be considered that every person can add their experiences to the rest of the sum total of other peoples experiences.


You are part of the whole that has amended or updated the experience to date in any particular field. As new information comes to light, it is dispensed to all those working in that area and everyone has the opportunity to work with it. Wherever there are things that are not finished or completed, then questions will be answered and things will be done. It is the time not to put anything away but to trust in the whole experience to guide you.


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