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AUGUST 16 - 31, 2018

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This time we are looking at the movement in a chart, looking for clues as to why we are here and what we need to do to maximize our efforts to not only get a better life but also see if it is possible to get the best life possible while we are here. In that regard we enter life with the answers pertaining to the moon (sign, aspects, issues), and work our way towards our sun sign (same).

If you want to go a little deeper you can learn your Sun and Moon signs and understand the meanings coming with both and see them as what is moon, what you can let go of, and the sun as what you are becoming, learning to be, but is not what you are. Sun signs are what you are learning, Moon signs are what you should leave in a past time.

Relationships are better understood by you or your astrologist looking at Mars and Venus this way. The attributes of Mars are what you give to the other person, and the attributes of Venus are what you take from the other. Two people with one born in an odd year and the other in an even year get along better with each other than if they are both in odd years or both in even years. If all of that is too difficult at least you know what to ask.

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You may get help in your push to get ahead in your work at this time and find that the load is spread out quite favourably. You have a nice balance of long term friends in your life as well those who have recently joined your group. With the current world and local situation the word is trust for all and it is vital to be able to have those who can act in concert and as a group to maintain a focus and attain an end.


Since the Moon is in a trailing position and ramps up the feelings, the negativity, the past, the memories and so on you are being forced to attend to these issues. The positive energy makes this the perfect time for the massive changes that are coming up later in the year. I can share this with you since you represent the earth and the direct connection to the purification system and so will be on the front line in the war against those who are ruining the Planet for our children.


You will possibly feel a heightened sense of duty at this time and feel that the fun part of life has now gone away. In the future you will leave all of the things you did for pleasure and instead will take on obligation, responsibility, working with groups and crowds of people all with a common goal or aim.

This picture of the Moon to the Sun is the literal expression of the time that has now arrived. You must be a part of the population that makes a commitment and recognizes their civic duty. It is indeed a time of moving forward in life and expressing what may become what is satisfaction in life.


It seems that even though it is a time of change that is rapidly becoming the prevailing energy here on the earth there is still a need for money and finances, and all of the support structure that goes with it. The main difference is that there is a lot more help available on the personal level rather than the group as if where we are going people help each other and now the essence of change is happening throughout the earth as well.


It is time to take up the challenge and show some leadership. It is not good enough to let others carry the day and put their doubts aside. If you have the talent and ability, and are not satisfied to let someone else do the work, then it is time to do what you do best and lead. What is the part that you can play, and then see yourself in that position and prepared to make the sacrifice. If this continues you will have nothing anyway.


It is time to shift the center of your value system and look at what it is that you truly feel is worthwhile. While you are enthusiastic about what is important, you cannot do it all yourself and so you need to have others pick up the slack and do what has to be done while you look into your inner self and get the vision in real time as to what has to be done and then to find the next level of organization.


You carry a lot of the past with you in this time. It colours the way that you express yourself, what you value, and what take with you on your path. You are aware of the danger of getting lost, but you do it anyway and so will be able to carry the good times when they are done.

You are able to do what most people find very difficult and that is be with a partner on a very long life together and still manage to survive by working together on what you have in common and respect each others space when you are not.


This is a good time to look at what you are doing in the world and try to see what you are accomplishing. If you are able to understand the difference and that they make it more meaningful, then you are on your way to starting to really live, not just walking around.

It is important to move around, to see what is actually happening and what is looking like the end result and then, only then, can you begin to see what is there for you.


You have lots of time left on your journey to find the opportunities and rewards you have accrued for all that you accomplished over the past two years. That was your reward to yourself for not shirking your duty, the work with the things that are presented to you, so that you can earn the opportunity to go on to more difficult challenges. You will be working on this for another year or so before you get results. It is good when they happen.


This is where you really start to come into your own. You may experience the parting of company when severing ties with people and companies while letting go and dealing with a lot of the past and unanswered issues from the same. Your power direction favours partnerships and joining at least for the short term with another person or with people and this would work out and be a good direction for you.


Overthink and underact, not the kind of motto you want to have covering your heart. You have good personal energy, good group energy, and a lot of action with those people and things at a distance. A great deal of change might happen in your neighbourhood later this year with big shifts in the works. The world is in upheaval and it is better to go with the plan than to get buried under a landslide.


We have now reached the time of an ending whether it is the level of a yearly one or the magnitude of a shift in galactic age. It does not matter since it is all movement and will happen sooner of later. Meditate on the concept of change and see what comes to you. You will see the former one and definitely not the latter at least in this human form.


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