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JULY 16 - 31, 2018

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This proves to be a time of great stress and distress. Instead of trusting in ourselves to give us the answers that we need, we entrust everything we have to fools, magicians, and charlatans.

Look within to find the answers, to find your path, and the positive energy to help yourself. Do not give away your power.

Do not let others guide you, to lead you unless they are on the same path as you; find the like minded people to walk with you.

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You have entered the initial phases of a new cycle and not to worry, pretty soon everybody will be tagging along. For the first time in a long time there are indications of a steadying in the energy patterns. Look to financial areas to bring you opportunities and you should not be disappointed.

The energy pattern indicates looking within and taking an inward passage on this voyage and most of the chart indicates the same with looking out for yourself being a good course. Good areas to work with are your inner connection sectors with heightened abilities to seek out others of like mind. It is fine to look into new things but always remember your mandate is to be one of many.


There seems to be lots of opportunity to make gains this time of the year and lots of good choices to make to start with. There will be the chance of strong emotions originating in some dealings with people or good opportunities at a distance and so there is a potential for some travel even at a distance.

You will feel the impending changes emanating though they are still some distance away, and there will good chance encounters that will put this in motion and sort out the lessons that are available. It is good to remember that gains are optional and can be karmic or material in nature.


This part of your chart allows you to explore or work with those areas where freedom resides, where you need to be free, and where you are able to make your own decisions, where there is no one to tell you what to do, what you can or cannot do.

How extensive is this concept of freedom? What do you want to do with it? The choices you make at this time will influence your career in times to come and so you will help yourself immensely by thinking in that direction.


You will begin to feel the stirrings of the changes that are coming later in the year. Emotional based releases are some of the time the hardest to deal with but bring the best in gains over time. You are going to be dealing with the past in more ways than you can imagine and understand.

In a small way that it forms your past, because your soul could not handle the dilemma the first time and so you went round and round, and still you are dealing with a relationship or whatever.


Your path is beginning to straighten out and with good effort by you over the next few months you will see good results. There is a thought concerning creating your world in your own image and this is always possible but there are easier ways.

First of all look to those whose words are the same as yours, then look at their groups, and work from there. The secret is that there is no secret but hunt out like minded groups who will put the country ahead of themselves. Look for the path and you will find it, and if you look backwards you will see those who are following you.


There is a lot to be said for branching out in new ways and if it helps to take you to a better place then that is good, when we are in a better place then so be it. You will become all too aware of the short fallings of this level and will be all the happier to be able to reach a higher level.

This point we are at now is to look at what we owe to others in terms of duty or responsibility and how this affects your plans, in other words how do you honour your debts and what priority you put on those debts. So you put the repayment ahead of your wants and needs.


You have now reached your own sign where all of your issues concerning the various aspects of relationships are found and played out, and where you will find them. You need another person or people in your life for various things like companionship, and are perhaps the bravest of all in taking on getting the life you want while looking out for others.

The moon position puts all emotions in the hands of others while experiencing getting growth in life while facing old issues and feelings.


This is where you work out some of the more intense of the karmic debts that you have taken on. This is a time where letting go has some degree of difficulty due to the amount of your ability, the intensity, and so on.

You can tie this directly to all the problems that you have and all of the difficulties in working through emotions particularly love. It takes you off your path and down old patterns to very familiar endings, and keeps taking you away from your desired path.


It is a difficult time and hopefully you will find it getting easier as time passes. There is some positive news regarding future developments either in business or at work.

In any event there will be enough positive things going on to bring about some good thoughts about the future or even that there will actually be a future. The way this is oriented you will be able to clear away a great deal of what is holding you back.


You have a time going for you that is filled with positive energy and new beginnings. This is leading you into some exciting happenings coming up. Join with others of like mind to speak with what it is and to deal with what has to be done on the pathway.

Be sure that you can trust those who you decide to connect with on the path, and for the immediate future tap into your intuition continuously so as not to get caught in other peoples lies. When in doubt listen to your inner self.


Meditate on the moon during the next two weeks covered by this forecast and much more will be revealed to you that will make sense later. Moon phases are especially powerful and information is able to be punched through to a higher degree. Then normal things will benefit in ways not yet seen.

You will also benefit from a very high level of change that will make more sense in later times. The Sun punches tides of energy through where there are blocks that are hindering clearing away where the past has you stumped.


If you have done it right then so much will change for you, and life will take on a new level of excitement, and lots of good stuff will happen. The Moon favours luck and opportunity by default, by not allowing the old energy to stop the rewards from taking place.

Wherever you find old energy put it down, and look for the new to come through. If you see the new energy by means of different outcomes then you know where to go.

Believe in yourself.


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