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NOVEMBER 16 - 30, 2019

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The use of energy from the oncoming age is going to change the raw materials being available in the new age. It is like what we have used wood and bricks for all those centuries and now we will locate and work with new materials.

Those involved with the bringing us into the new age will do so by both by creating directly the new ways, and also working to take us out of the way of the deep drag of past negative emotions. We are going to have quite a lot to work with when we are further into the new age.

It is time to work with a whole new set of energies.


You are almost at the end of another year. Sit quietly and think about what you have done and also what you have not done. What are you going to do about this in order to look into what you are doing next year, or better, the next year of your current life? You do not have to repair what you did last year. What a splendid concept. You are free from the thought of what you have to do and just working towards what you want do.


Open yourself to the thought that you can do or be or have anything that you can visualize in your life. Why can I say this and mean it? Because I know that you are the creator of your life and so you can make it into anything that you want. It may take awhile and you may not want to make such sweeping changes immediately, but I know that you are up to the task and are going to amaze yourself.


It is time to exchange ideas with those you know to share thoughts and to encourage each other. This is not a time to think, but a time to act, to use what comes to you as a creative adventure. What you do best is think. Put your ideas out there; see what happens, see what comes back to you. That is what it is all about. Write a book, every one else is. Do what you do best and let the inspiration move through you.


You are about to shift gears so to speak and do something quite spectacular with your life. This is the time to come together to work with the most difficult of human endeavors, emotions. You are experiencing along with many people what it is like to feel, and what it is like to be apart from those you love. Once again you try to deal with the feelings of separation while feeling the separation and what it does to you.


The fast moving inner planets give you your daily activities. This is a good time to sit in the sunshine and feel the sun pass over you, to know what you feel under those conditions. You can expand this by doing the same thing what the sun does when it is opposite your sun, or at right angles to itself. Too much? Simply try the moon. All of this is to expand with little effort your ability to understand what you are feeling at any give time with the simplest of tools that you can acquire.


This is a good day to get in touch with other peoples feelings while seeking what will come to you. This will also benefit you and have you believing in your self. The moon is very powerful and your can see quite a bit in the moonlight. The power you seek comes from the moon merging with Neptune. It is something to try that only requires patience and a little effort on your part. You will also draw many people to you as you have much offer to others.


If you look for the extreme in any connection between people, you are most likely looking at romantic relationships. Even when you are in the middle of everything going wrong, you still believe that everything is going to go right and your perfect partner is just around the next corner. That and fifty years of hard work and you might have the right path. Just so you know, you might find your abilities to manifest what you want in this life greatly enhanced at this time and so let us look for what you really need.


This is the time we have all been waiting for. Try to be proactive active and not be afraid to make it clear to others exactly what you want. Now that things are moving once again you can make real headway. Think of having many connections to all of the important acquaintances in your life and the ability to change or connect them all together, and if you are serious about making and taking responsibility for your success then all you have to do is act on what you see and there you go.


Due to some long term hard work with delayed success and waiting for results, you will have some luck with finding things finally going your way now. Avoid putting too much effort into work especially where other people who delay you are involved as it can take too much emotion for too much time. Your best bet is to look where you have had successful activity in the past.


There is a great deal of activity and opportunity waiting for you. It is a good time to put in some good effort to clear up some of the long term things that you can handle. Your path in life is to rise to the top of whatever you are doing and to use your natural abilities. What you need now is to put the energy from your efforts into manifesting the material side of the plan, to learn to shift it into the psychic level, and then to teach others.


The new age and the shift in approach are now upon us. Try to see yourself working in the new, not the old. Where possible think about going out with the old and in with the new. This is the beginning of the next major shift that will put us ahead and somewhat down the road because what is now opening within us is the leveling of the field, the end of racial prejudice, the knowledge and knowing we are all equal, that nothing that pigments our skin means anything outside of what is inside us.


By looking within for the onset of change we find that the road we have been on for so many years, for so long, has been a circle. If we continue, we will find our way back to where we started. Somewhere we will open the door to eternity, to start on a new level just a little bit higher, and we will understand the concept of eternity.


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