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SEPTEMBER 16 to 30, 2020

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What we are seeing now is an aftermath of one of these major shifts into the New Age. It is a complex and mighty shift of all the questions coming to the surface, and hopefully they carry the required answers.

It is time to move forward, know that there is a great deal of karma still caught up and unrealized over many, many thousands of years.

You should see the results of the balancing very soon now for the road up is much quicker than the one down.


You will be very busy at this time working with what amounts to double bowls manifesting in two directions in the chart. Both meet at a pivot point, one lending itself pouring forth knowledge to the self sustaining portion, the other to the opposite, interacting with people and generally enjoying life. There is a possibility of hearing the outcome of a job offer, but with the current job situations that will definitely be delayed.


There is a lot of motion in this time period so be prepared. This could mean travel for business or pleasure. Now is the time to implement all of the plans you have been harbouring over the years and put these plans into action. The main changes come thru reconfiguring your home life. It is a good time and you will find much pleasure in making the necessary changes. At the same time, you will be finding your taste in many things, turning corners where things are different.


It is a good time to take any one of the numerous extended day or night courses relevant to carpentry or more to the point DIY courses. You will find many new contacts with relevant information and this will help in achieving your goals. Once you tap into the vast world of electronic searches, you will find no end of good ideas. You will probably end up with many more courses once you have gotten experience in what you are interested in doing.


You signify the other end of the physical and emotional extremes. You will find it useful at this time to take some actions around the time of the full moon. Do not worry, it will come to you when the time is right to make decisions. Here would be a good time to seek out what is upper most in your mind for this will be the time you will be able to get a clear decision in your mind, and by acting accordingly to the messages and direction, you may seek and find some useful information.


There is a popular adage that says the deeper you go, the higher you will achieve. This is a good time to test this theory and see what you can come up with. For a brief time, you are the commander of your own forces, and you can make of that your own will. Take it to where you can, where various factors all seem to fall into place, and where you draw on the best people to assist you. You can work thru the most difficult sectors or your chart and gain a good grip on where you can get the most help.


First of all we need to strike some order from this chaos. So we need to establish what we have gained and we find that you need to work on the most difficult ones being the closest, the most intense, and the largest. At that point you will be able to make some major advances by looking within your own self and solve any external difficulties you have experienced. You can then solve any external differences and use this to formulate a plan to move forward.


Now you will experience a few days of balance, where once again you can choose to act. You have a very strong sense of empowerment possibly giving answers to you at this time. Since what is coming to you is from your inner self, you will see that this is like a new start, a birth, and that the universe is working to restart harmony. The balance you are seeking is as if you are being turned inside out, with information from the deepest part of you now surfacing bringing much pertinent energy to you.


There is apparently a rarity within your inner self that has you riding out a wave of luck and opportunity, for what was thought to be lost now returns. You decide which you want to take on. You, for example, are now seeing a positive finality to seeing changes you set out affect your good potential here. There is also much forward movement now in what you would see as in relationships. In looking at where things had ended, it could be a solid rebirth.


By now you should begin to feel the first appearances of the New Age. The freedom you have experienced recently is because the pioneering spirit is very much in your hands and you welcome the opportunity to do for yourself. It is also an excellent time for delving deep into the inner self, looking for new horizons for yourself, taking you forward. If you decide to act in any significant way, you will find the pathways to the inner self opening up.


One thing that you notice is that you have the often mentioned bowl shape in its pouring out mode but its orientation is backward so be prepared for a great deal of insight and appreciably good luck coming your way, be prepared for it as the bowl is now filled and will pour forth a great deal that you have not seen before. You will see connections in ways you have not seen before and this will speed up the progress.


Your sign looks somewhat like that of infinity. It connects relationship issues in your chart and it reminds you that relationships and family are external. It seems that Aquarius has been give a time out in this time period and also reminds you to tell people that having relaxation in life is as important as the dark energy. You will be able to work out problems, especially in relationships as it seems some significant amount of this darkness is open and available to you. It is to your advantage to meet this straight up instead of avoiding it.


You are connecting thru your inner self to the world around you that gives you an advantage when dealing with the multitude of questions that you require in order to make decisions. Look at what you want to know, where you want to go, and you will see doors opening. This time period brings lots of success that urges you onwards. You need not be hampered by lack of results for the moment it is not affecting you.


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