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YEAR OF 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Happy New Year! Better late than never. Let us hope and pray that 2017 is everything that 2016 was not. 2017 is a '1' year, (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1), which means that it is all about beginnings, launching new projects, activating the self, initiating differences, and so on. It has a bowl shape oriented to be pouring forth much in the way of knowledge and understanding, so it is a learning year.

2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology. It is the sign of the dawn and awakening. Look back to 2005 to see what happened to you and your life the last time we had a Rooster year.

Rooster years are a blend of righteousness and justice, in fact any job with aspects of duty such as police or military are favoured.

Be grateful for what you have (blessings). Be grateful for what you do not have. Be grateful.

May 2017 be all you could wish for and all that you can handle.

Grey Wolf is an Awakener, combining the aspects of a shaman, life consultant and coach, metaphysical trainer, and spiritual advisor. Through a multidimensional approach, you can realize your true Power, Potential and Path, and awaken to the full richness of the life you deserve, the life that is your right. Decide today to be all you can be. You have nothing to lose but your limitations and needless restrictions. Contact Alan Grey Wolf for more information on how you can stop just existing and start living

Feature: Astrology teaches that we are all different, all individuals, all equal and important. Astrology does not show gender, race, skin colour, religion, ethnic or cultural background. Astrology does show your strengths and weaknesses, potential and direction, what you have to deal with and overcome, and how you can do this. Information on your Sun Sign is quite useful but having your individual chart done is like reading the operating manual you brought into this life. If you really want to know what is going on in your life, I can help you with this. Visit ASTROLOGY CHARTS

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This year begins with a very busy and intensive time that does not let up until early April. From all of this activity you will be setting up new approaches to your life that will carry you all the way into the Fall. Look for a very anxious time as we go into February, especially around the 17th with a lot of things happening as relationships hit changes in intensity.

April 17 is an especially strong day that will present challenges not resolved until October 15. At that time a great deal of luck and opportunities will manifest making much worthwhile.

As we approach the next new year we will see much activity crowded into a short time. Early December brings delays and missed connections setting you up for big changes in 2018.


In January you may be involved with long distance communication, or perhaps getting something you have always wanted that has always seemed far away. In mid February you can be quite anxious about what you are doing as far as work and career are going. The end of the month and you may feel as if a rather plutonic relationship may be going through changes with mid April bringing some understanding and changes by the Fall.

Mid October has you interacting with partners involving opportunities that have come up suddenly and are linked to events of mid April. There are definite elements of luck or fortune as work here.

As the year comes to a close, you may experience some delays and foot dragging that will slow down the shift to next year.


Relationship issues once again are uppermost in your mind, and strong enough to cause you some sleepless nights as you get into February. You will see some resolution to this by the end of the month, and see some real change coming in April and then you will see a rather quiet summer. That will be your time for growth and expansion, and learning how to balance your energy.

Mid October is a very positive time for you as there is a lot coming to you that is the culmination of what was begun last Spring. You will find much luck and opportunity will come your way and this will be enough to bring about major changes in your life.

By the onset of Winter you will again feel the delays and hold ups that are a part of your life now. You will be happy to know that this is not a permanent feature.


You are quite busy as the year starts and you find yourself delving into the depths of knowledge that your partner has, or that you have gained through others. Transition into February brings short term worry or anxiety, but this soon passes. March brings a build up of relationship issues that seem like a return to the past, and that, if you let it, will continue to cycle around until it is fixed.

April launches you into a time of dealing with past events with the intention of dealing with them and once and for all turning a corner and being rid of what has been weighing down your life for so long. This culminates in a major shift in mid October.

Look to mid December for good information about where you are going next as there are still things to clear and these will slow down your progress.


The new year begins with worry and anxiety all around you rising to a lot of fear as you reach the beginning of February. The issues seem to be a shift in status concerning a relationship. There are a lot of issues here that have you looking at some different possibilities and cause you to look inside for direction and what action to take.

April brings hints of big changes especially where resources are managed in concert such as shared money. If utilized, there could be results enhancing your finances by mid October of the year. Beyond that you will see things slowing up by the end of the year and more delays going into the following year.


Powerful healings with family members can be ongoing throughout the winter, especially in early January. Look for some deep issues and wounds to be reopened and dealt with mid February. Some same old issues around responsibilities can be worked on, and trying once again to work out the imbalance you have in your relationships.

April brings the promise of big changes coming later in the year. These would involve money or shared resources, those handled in concert with another. Much good can come through this, especially in mid October.

December brings delays and slowdowns as if the year does not want to end. Finally changes do begin and happen and you move forward once again.


Since Jupiter is in your sign for almost the entire year, you will reap the benefit of it including good luck and opportunities at this intensity for all of that time. Starting with New Years, and especially early March, mid April, the entire Summer, and into October, things should especially go your way. Get involved with the outer world, release what is holding you back, and do things that benefit others.

March 17th and October 17 are especially good times, but be prepared to act on what comes along in between. These are very good time for relationships and if you are in a long time connection with another, these will be rewarding times.

With so much staying up for so much of the year, you will appreciate the transition into new you as being a very welcome time and you will end this year on a good note.


The beginning of the year brings much happening right in your own locality. You could start out the year taking courses for example and expanding your understanding or just plain learning a new skill. Mid February can be a very emotional time with some endings possible and relationship issues dogging you again by the end of the month. Disputes with family can occur mid February.

Mid March and the onset of Spring, brings the increasing awareness of big changes happening later in the year. This will have more relevant meaning for us as we go into the Fall and time will have passed.

The time between April and October, essentially the Summer, will see many harbingers of change manifesting. Things will slow up in December.


The year begins with lots of activity in your financial sector that might bring some sudden changes in mid March. You might become aware of some matters that could do wonders for you involving some of the people you have in your life. February 17 can be a very emotional time, so be prepared. Conflicts possible with family members can happen in February, as might some disagreements that have you questioning your own feelings.

You will see a sudden awakening in mid April as if with the coming of Spring everything really comes alive. This connects all the way to October and a great deal of luck. You will find yourself making changes for the future and re vamping what you thought you would be doing.

The summer is quite fulfilling with many good but slow times followed by a real slow down in December.


This continues to be a powerful time for you starting with the change of year. Be careful mid February as things can get emotional especially where money is concerned. You can get a very tight focus on some matters that are right in your own backyard and you should get some clarity here. You might find some conflict within your self as more possibilities of change start to manifest.

Mid March brings the Spring and a sense of just how much the world has changed and how much more to expect. There is a direct link with October and how many shifts in direction you have met before.

As Winter approaches, things will slow down in order to enter carefully into the next year. You could reap some benefits of past successes at this time.


The year begins quietly with you reflecting on the way the world has become and you looking deeply within yourself to see where you might be going next. What you see in the world around you might cause you much distress, but try to get past it and do what is the best thing you can do and that is to move on down the road. Mid February has the possibility of worries about money. with some turmoil by months end but know that change comes in with March, so no worries.

March has you going around till you get a handle on some relationship issues that ultimately deal with getting a focus and dealing with past stuff.

Between April and October there is a protracted period of changes happening right in your area that will eventually look at over hauling your life path. December brings a slow down time that will recharge your batteries for the next year.


There will be a significant change happening in your plans for the future. You will be in contact with many people that you have a casual relationship with. There is a lot happening for you from the depth of Winter onward that will redefine your job or business. The first of February can be an emotional time with a month later having you delving into relationship issues once again, this acting out on the inner levels.

Mid April sees you very popular with a great deal going on that involves you personally. There is the possibility of big changes open to you if you are so inclined. This tends to resolve itself by October with a great deal of luck and opportunity.

December can be sluggish with lots of delays.

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