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YEAR OF 2021

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Everyone will face the opportunity in 2021 to do some real progressive things that will see strong positive results helping more and more people.

There will be much success in overcoming the virus, with everyone playing a larger role in doing what is necessary. There is now hope in 2021 that more measures of control will be found.

2021 has everyone going into the inner and outer levels to clear issues affecting them. In the clearing cycle, health is freedom. When looking at the energy we are dealing with, we must have a healthy mind and body.

2021 is a 5 year (2+0+2+1=5) which signifies core energy. It is a progressive time using 5 energy to go forward for impactful change is at the core of this energy. We must create a healthy mind and body.

Five is the number of the freedom lover, with key words being adaptable, witty, freedom, and general energy.

In Chinese astrology, 2021 is the year of the white metal ox, starting on February 12. It is a secure, positive, hard working time, comparable to Taurus.

Working with ox energy has us dealing head on with problems and issues that will be steadily overcome.

Mercury will be retrograde from the later part of February for about five weeks. All instances where there are connections, we have to be aware of the great danger of miscommunication, missed appointments, messed up plans. There will be a second Mercury retrograde most of September and part of October, with a third happening in December going into 2022.

During the Mercury retrogrades, check and recheck details and information.


You need to give thanks for being born in this time, not the least is the amount of change that is happening.

BALANCE is the key word for you for 2021. From this point on, you should strive for balance in which you find the energy and insight flowing thru you.

There are some things to overcome and things to let go of, beginning with to see opportunities and to begin to maintain the energy to keep moving forward, accepting change and to continue to grow upward into the Light.

Aries, you are the first of the new cycle and lucky in the term that you get to walk ahead, to be the first to enjoy the first steps.

Do not spend too much time sitting and enjoying how nice it is. For the amount of change to come, it might be a little daunting.

It will not all be hard work for with the right approach you will be able to see the changes happening, with old unresolved issues clearing, so you will feel renewed and optimistic.

Do not worry, these times will not go on forever, neither the good nor the bad struggles. You will begin to see the pattern forming as to what the future holds.

You have a lot to take on, a lot to work with. Even though you may not be able to see the end of the road, there is still a lot to accomplish in 2021.


Taurus, your connection to the earth has never been stronger.

In 2021 what lies ahead until the early Spring is the steadily increasing awareness that the future of the human race lies in the hands of Mother Earth.

Your following year will be filled with the changes that have to do with what constitutes as living in this time of the pandemic. There will be no future in the cities; the virus has shown us that.

Taurus, there will a gathering of awareness as more and more people want to find success in living and working outside the cities. Your part in this is in being a role model for future generations. Many of the changes to you will be ahead of the times and deemed to be very accurate in regards to other people.

By the time of the Spring we find more and more people actively looking for help to live with Mother Earth. You need to step forward to help. With your earth knowledge, you can share how to do this.

You need to reach past your own fears and step out into the light to allow everything to flow. Help one person, which can lead to helping another, then another. Share your earth wisdom and knowledge.

The move towards the green life will not happen overnight but 2021 will be your first step in helping to make it happen for our children, grandchildren, etc. You are the most gifted with the inner wisdom.


Gemini, you are in for a rather chaotic year coming from a year that saw so much change.

2021 finds you by midyear moving ahead by leaps and bounds in accepting that the changes are permanent.

Moving into the Autumn will give you a much more balanced success and a connection to a way of thinking on how your life is moving. The question is how to be responsible for yourself and those who you call family.

It is your sense of enthusiasm that shows up remarkably in the Fall of the year, bringing about a very strong balance when those around you are losing theirs. If you can motivate those around you, for you indeed have something to give, then you can make a significant impact in the direction of where the world needs to go.

You will find out what it means to accept responsibility, for this is the nature of the future of the world. If you recognize that and accept it, you will make significant progress in 2021.

You do your best when communicating with others and you need to keep moving your thoughts to focus them on others. You can shift back and forth, maybe never knowing a home base, and it will be interesting to see what happens when the virus is controlled.

If you recognize that life has become a series of steps then you can switch back and forth easily, and maximize your efforts to have so much more energy to draw upon.

The greatest present you can give to yourself is to learn to appreciate others.


Cancer is one of the three emotional signs that takes you from the time of the greatest dark to the time of the greatest light.

Your function in 2021 is to free yourself from the debilitating grip of emotional turmoil.

The path that takes us from the time of the Spring thru to the end of the year, you must learn to disconnect from what has been stirred up from the depths, one step at a time. Your expansion comes by understanding that you are going thru such a fortunate time with the Light ever increasing.

You must learn to act promptly when the opportunity presents itself by going deeper into the darkness and carrying the light with you.

What you have to work with is the ability to act promptly and decisively, not getting caught up in all the side streets but maintaining a straight path.

Learn to trust yourself for others, for the emotions are the source of actions to deal with. It is useful to learn how to recognize when fear is starting to emerge from the depths, how to take charge of the situation, not to cave in to it.

You must walk to the end of the path, making the last steps on your own behalf. Honour yourself, for it takes courage to walk into the greatest darkness, trusting that you can break the cycle.


Where we now have access to extremes, equal day and night, the longest day and the longest night, you are lucky to be here in this very dynamic changing world. There is a lot of power based on the movement of the Sun utilizing the extremities of the day and night.

When we look at the extreme points we find that your sun and moon form a new moon in the early part of the New Year and information flows into the inner self, and then back out again. It will continue to do this thru out the early part of 2021.

Around the early part of June ends a high point which brings you into an alignment to a time when light and dark are approximately equivalent, where the sun goes down deeper and deeper into the darkness.

You reach points of dynamic equilibrium and feel the lessening of the Light, basically moving on, providing a turning point by December 20. Using this as a point of return, mark it as the actual turning point for the year.

Those of you who are in a relationship will note that in the second half of the year some key issues surface that need to be cleared.

At times the Sun, for a few short moments usually brings some positive moments where it frees you from the grip of unresolved issues and allows you to move rapidly to clear up past problems. Take advantage of those times, do not ignore what you are given.

You are fortunate to have your sign drawing power into the sector of your chart having to do with the positive side of life, where you can have happiness, excitement, and just plain old fashioned fun.


Virgo is the source of Mercury retrograde that occurs usually three times a year. 2021 happens in early June, next in mid September, and the last in December. They occur bringing with them the usual mish mash of delays, misunderstandings, missed appointments, and all other time sensitive activities. As usual at those times of year we ask you to check and recheck details in order to avoid problems.

2021 brings emphasis on relationships, so it is a good time to deal with unresolved issues at a time when you are due for some positive interactions, some happiness around any desired positive results.

Remember Virgo to be more understanding of others, as not everyone is as perfect as you are.

Partnerships in both work and personal relationships are strongly emphasized in the second half of 2021. Your main difficulty is in how you spend your time between your job and your personal life. If you allow relationships to leave some room to grow, then you will find balance with calamities transforming into clear headedness.

Remember that the best results occur when the issue under advisement is solved by discussion so both of you over time get your half.

What comes to you in the year is going into the Darkness as deeply as you can to clear the path for the Light. Your connection to the world around you has you much more introspective than usual for you. It is likely to be a year of quiet contemplation without any strenuous dealings.

Find the time and the place to actively develop your meditative side, utilizing prayer and ceremony.


You are very fortunate in 2021 in that you are working with basically a dynamic balance in which most of the energy within the chart is all activated.

Your function is to act on what is offered, to connect to the appropriate forces, and to connect to the various groups to win the battles that were brought to light in 2020.

Concerning relationships or partnerships, you have elements of luck, fortune, and opportunity that are bringing about some positive motion, dealing with unresolved issues that have caused problems for you for a long time.

Also, what might fall under the same heading, are variations on a theme where some problems which could be construed to be similar where partnerships are concerned but that some long held issues seem to be resolved out of thin air.

The opportunity to achieve a lot seemingly spontaneously and precariously occur in 2021.

With the current conditions in the state of the world at this time, there are certain things which have been put on hold, to which I would say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that things will turn up if you pursue in work or business matters.

Think of what is going to be the shape of things as what might be happening in the future and realize that what is going to be built upon what is left, and recognize that you have come to a fork in the road. These changes have been predicted many times, that this would occur, so your course is to decide whether you see what shape the world could be in, or what might be occurring, and then help to create a whole new world.

It is a very powerful time that is given to us to make the right moves to avoid contaminating the earth. You need to make the choice of which path to follow, upwards into the Light, or downwards to return to the Darkness.


You, next to Cancer and Pisces are the emotional signs. Where Cancer is like the ocean, and Pisces is the depth of the seas, and Scorpio is the swamp, intense.

Connected as it is in your chart directly, then all that intensity is readily apparent and your connection to people, so it allows you to take on whatever you wish to be.

You are going thru a time of great change so use your powers for good.

2021 is the year of great difficulty with you feeling the need to go off into the Darkness to work thru what you have build up over 2020. The darkening of 2021 brings a combination of good luck with the intensity of Jupiter and the masking of Saturn which draws you into the Darkness to help you purge what has been there for so long.

The last month of 2020 brought around preparation for the shift into 2021 that will be quite different from the previous year, bringing about a sense of urgency which seems to be based in a combination of desire and perceptions linked to relationships.

Scorpio, you will find in 2021 much change where the steps are broadening out. You will be asked to do a lot more in the interactions of those not moving on as change comes.

In regard to your chart, it is as if what has come to be familiar, it is bowl shaped, poised at the very moment to pour forth what you have to offer.

You may find conflict with the world around you, particularly at the high point of 2021. The conflict is centered around location and can be job related for it conflicts with those closest to you, for example family.

You may find that you are outside your comfort zone at times, you may feel others challenging you to come out of your shell and to be more decisive. It is a good year to do positive things with other people so the decisions are yours to make.


You do very well at this particular time because your nature is in alignment with what is happening in the world at this time.

You are much easier in freeing yourself from the grip of negative forces and able to maintain a changeable situation. This is backed up by your urge to be free of entanglements, fueled by life long dedication to honesty in all dealings.

You must act decisively in periods such as June and September. There will be opportunities to free yourself from the grip of the past, and you will find dealing with the inner self much more open ended that has been the usual.

Sagittarius, you are also responsible for luck and good fortune. 2021 is indeed possibly a good year, and it could be wise to invest some money in the good luck machines such as lotteries.

Your 2020 birthday was the start of your own personal year which is what makes that time special to you, along with a quiet merging of Jupiter and Saturn in alignment, and with the proximity to the Winter Solstice, can make 2021 a very productive year indeed.

The time period of late February should bring a lot of opportunities activating the ongoing search for more and more restrictive influences being dealt with which is giving you the chances to do some major clearing since it is the inner self that is activated and freed up to do some strong, strong clearing. You will find more chances as we go thru 2021.

Act decisively to do your best, to do your part. Hopefully enough people will work hard to maintain positive attitudes so that we will see results quicker.

Sagittarius, by maintaining your positive view in life, you will help yourself and others in life. By looking within, things should become far clearer than they have been in the past. The key is to see where opportunities lie in the changing world and not be caught up in the past, repeating the same old same old.


You will find a great deal of opportunity, and a number of different approaches, to dealing with and resolving most of the sectors in your chart. You will find a lot of cleansing and decision making taking place starting with your inner self, where we find the intuitive part of the self and its connection to various parts of your nature.

Your chart for 2021 has reached the point of emptying into the world around you all the knowledge you have gained in 2020. Share this knowledge with others, one or two at a time.

Along with the various components, you have a balance for activating the inner levels allowing them to flood out into the world around you.

You are unblocking at the highest points of your chart, with influences from your Sun, Mercury, and Venus, issues that have been with you for a long time in the areas of communications and partnerships, and beginning in new directions.

You will achieve reaching new heights that you have not been able to reach before, reaching a state of dynamic balance that is supposed to be your goal in life, connecting you to new and different ways for relationships.

New directions, answers to questions, freeing of the self are yours to achieve in 2021.

The first part of 2021 elevates the self, returning you to your path in life, to previous conditions. When this has been achieved, some measures will have cleared more than others but the net result will be the ability to move forward, and another step will be completed.

At one time Capricorn was a spiritual oriented sign, but gradually over eons it became more goal oriented and materialistic. You now need to return to your spiritual roots.

Out of all the clearing that is taking place, the spiritual is the most significant. Find the time and place to meditate, to reach your inner self for help.


You are the sign of the age so you are admirably linked to the ways, means, and understanding which carries the steps into the New Age with dynamic balance.

You are uniquely placed one step from the emergence into where clearance can be had.

Beginning and end are the watchwords for Aquarius in a remarkably systematic approach to the New Age and finalizing the curing of what can be dealt with on each level as it comes along.

If you look at the structure as it relate to Aquarius then you will see the beginning of the changes that will emerge in the near future, with a very different world. Such things as everyone being equal and dealing in possibilities of everyone working as they should be, and all being compensated equally.

The time when you can work outside the framework and find the people who do what they are good at and love to do the work, is still to come down the road.

You need to go within to the inner self and allow the Universe to fill you with all you can imagine, so this will be your contribution with the whole society.

You will find many sign posts along the way, viewing them with a new and different understanding that will make sense in how you can help others.

In the mean time, you are to be open and accepting, allowing the Light to flow inwards.

Consider yourself adequately prepared to face each challenge so you will see steps emerging from the past and realizing that you are well prepared to step into the future.


You are the link between various components such as yearly, century, and ages, so the smallest link is the connection between the inner and the outer sectors. Allow the energy to flow between the inner and outer, so that we can quietly contemplate the events and potentials of the next one hundred years.

You are taking on a significant amount of effort, achievement, and success in 2021. It is possible because you take on an extreme amount of energy that is almost like your mandate to do so.

It is your purpose to immerse yourself in the coming times and to be able to explain to others, and to teach where it is necessary on how to live in the New Age.

You are now linked between ages and you can thru contemplation and meditation locate any residual negative forces and any unresolved issues.

You can be a leader by example but it will be a fact that once the electronic communication and devices have taken complete hold there will be no need to dwell in crushing masses, as individual connections, peace, and quiet become the order of the day.

Over the next several years the operative words are ACT and SHARE. You will allow your deep inner mind to give you direction to help all people to become their highest in their universe.


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