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APRIL 1 to 15, 2021

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I have to apologize for putting the forecast up so late. Alan and I had our first vaccine and it hit me a little, tired and sore, just wanted to sleep. Alan had no reaction. Second vaccine in 16 weeks.

If you have not had your vaccine yet, please register and get it. Vaccines will help get this damn virus under control.

Arlene, the web mistress


You begin the last cycle of this stage of the time we have to clear up old business with the limitation for you to move forward and finally have enough accomplished. For this time period we are looking at personal connections and personal activities blessed by your actions with the ability to sort out what is positive. With numerous examples of good solid accomplishments showing up in the recent past, you have enough good success that can be counted on if you act on your own behalf.


You will find lots of success coming to you that will cause much in the way of the need for action on your part. The tide is turning where the strong positive flow of healing energy manifests like a wave. What you are experiencing is the completion of a healing cycle in what is known as a bowl where a great deal of healing energy is being poured upon you, especially in the situations where other people are involved such as relationships that are now complete. With the healing you are now free to move to the next step on the path where even more healing will occur.


You will find that as you look at connections to the earth, you will be drawn to energies that are particularly strong and where the hidden energies are located. It is a good time to interact with those that you can exchange ideas with, to see how many people who can get you in touch with all those connections you have on this level, and to help you see how much has been accomplished. Clearing on the higher levels will give you much expanded energy needed for the work that is coming in this cycle. You have set your primary function to work on the lower levels for clearing, which in turn will lead you to more success.


This is a good time for you, particularly in the area of relationships. You should find it much easier at this time to sort out problems and long term difficulties, and to move ahead. In keeping with the number of people that will be passing thru your life, you are likely to experience connections with more people but with less intensity. In other areas where making quick but necessary connections, you will find yourself dwelling on the past and forming ties with several various groups where you will be wearing various hats. It is also a good time for seeking questions especially around where to proceed from here.


This is an especially good time for taking some short term trips, whether they be counted as vacation or as work. In any event, you can count on them for a break from routine and a chance to enjoy yourself, to go somewhere you would like to go. It seems there might be some gains in the future with details which will be filled in later. You will also see the end of the protracted time where responsibilities kept you from doing some things that you really wanted to do. This has now passed away and things will be much better for you.


This is a good time for pushing for decisions on things that have benefitted you and to give you much more credibility. In spite of climatic conditions, your life is moving faster and you will find much joy and success is coming your way. One area that seems to be an issue is relationships of the friendship type, for there is much work to be done with you feeling rather over whelmed. One question that may arise is asking about relocating. If this is an issue it will not be in the current year. It is still a question where answers will become clearer around the spring of 2022.


You are looking for a balance in all ways that release the stress between various components and allows you to make progress so much faster. You are connected to the outer levels thru such things as in ways in which where you can establish relationships with various people, or as in ways that you can deal with multiple relationships. From there you can spread out refining and establishing all relationships in your life. Here lies the solution on how to work one on one with people.


This is a time when there can be strong questions about the future because as much as it seems to be that nothing is as it was, there still are areas that need to be cleared up before you can do the things you want to do. There are some issues where you are obligated to those who came thru for you in the past. These matters have to be dealt with before you can proceed. You need to find the ways and means to deal with the imbalance.


It seems that there are lots of new places where some good opportunities are lurking on the edge between your inner and your outer realms. This is the transference between where you can make the connection, make it viable, where you can connect on all levels, to where you have the strength to feel the emergence of being loved. It is also where you feel the answers to the questions you have been struggling with. You find you can accept direction without a strong foundation to hold you up but begin to rely more and more on yourself.


You hve many possible directions to go in but it is a good time to put your best foot forward and take some actions in the areas of business and relationships. You can make headway by taking advantage of some internal conflict which needs on one side your acting as an individual, but on the other side you working in a group. As an individual, you can work to make strongly worded actions, and as part of a group you can tap into that what is established and functioning in order to see your plans come to fruition. It is also true that individuals have more ability to function to their abilities.


You can find yourself part of a group of individuals whose function is to band together to take whatever actions are needed to improve the project being worked on. Such groups tend to awaken the true nature of the leadership abilities in people and at least initially tend to serve the masses. Where this breaks down is the whole multitude of people going from acting on what is good for all the people, to acting for their own behalf. The virus is a result of the universal evil called greed, for this situation is truly able to function when people work for themselves to make money instead of working together for the benefit of all to eradicate the virus.


This is really a fine time for you to look at opportunities outside of where you have looked before, look for new roads that you have not been before. Those who seek career or job opportunities particularly beyond your home could find this to your advantage. You can see what this would bring to you, unexplored areas, and bring some recycling of old connections that can bring back a successful result this time. Soon the pursuing of new courses or new directions at this time can actually bring you some success happening both near and far, and help you build the next stage of your path.


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